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Started by : Sindhu C R, MBA/PGDM student, City college   10 04 2010 04:26:27 +0000
Industry : Asset ManagementFunctional Area : Capital Management(Corporate Finance)
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1 mba with bsc is a good combination r not
2 Its immaterial whats ur background is
3 Yes, It is good...

mba with bsc is a good combination r not

idea posted by Sindhu C R MBA/PGDM student, City college

for a fresher its difficult

by Smita Sahai, Creative, J Walter Thompson  | 10 05 2010 09:55:56 +0000

No you can do. But need to have interest and put some hard work to learn.  

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Its immaterial whats ur background is

idea posted by Srinivas suravajhala Asst. Manager.

Whatever your background may be, u can do MBA.   If your B.Sc is with Maths you have advantage even.  If you are from pure sciences, accounting, costing, Operations Research and financial management papers are the quantitatives, troubles u to some extent.  But being a learner, you need to learn everything.  Everything is not taught right from the beginning.  You need to learn.  If you have guts, better you go with CA or atleast ICW rather than MBA.  If you are so obsessed with MBA, u need not worry about your science background. OK.  All the best.

by Sharad Gupta, Software Developer, CG Mumbai  | 10 05 2010 10:29:31 +0000

Yes, MBA is always good whatever your background, but if you are Math back ground then it give some advantages.if you decided to go for MBA after graduation  so BBA can be better option.

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Yes, It is good...

idea posted by Chandra shekhar Technical Writer/Quality Assurance, CMMI 3 Software Company, Hyderabad

Sindhu, please change the question to "MBA after B.Sc is good combination or not". Yes, It is a good combination - MBA is required in all most all companies, regardless of services. Every company require HR, administrative staff, recruiters, business developers, communication executives and managers, financial experts, various levels of managers, event managers, and many more. among these business development is the most challenging one. Finance and HR is also good, but its scope is limited to domestic regions, were as business developments and marketing have wide scope in domestic as well as internationals markets. Over MBA after a B.Sc is a good choice.

Best of luck Sindhu!


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