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Started by : Isha Verma, Sales/BD Manager, Larsen & Toubro   11 16 2009 09:43:49 +0000
Industry : Industrial Products/Heavy MachineryFunctional Area : Growth(Strategy & Execution)
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In a list of 1,000 publicly-traded companies in the world, which were the biggest spenders on research and development, only four Indian companies are there. Last year, there were six companies which had made in the top 1000.The top 10 global R&D spenders in 2008 are Toyota, Nokia, Roche Holding, Microsoft, General Motors, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Ford, Tata Motors, BHEL, Dr Reddy's Lab and Sun Pharma are in the top 1000 list this year.

Novartis and Sanofi-Aventis. Overall, R&D outlays for these Global 1000 companies rose by 5.7% to $532 billion, while sales were up 6.5%. The companies have been maintaining R&D expenditure because innovation is a fundamental component of strategy in the long term. Product cycles and investment cycles are linked since most commitments are made to product development investments years in advance. The recession is viewed as an opportunity to get a leg-up on competition especially as the upturn begins. In 2008, two-thirds of R&D spending was concentrated in three industries: computing and electronics (28%), health (23%), and automotive (16%). India was in the 28th position of the top 40 countries that spent the maximum on R&D whereas China was 16th. Both India and China are growing at 30% on their R&D spends which is the highest among all countries.

So, according to you guys, what can be done to bring more Indian companies in the list?

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1 India needs to create a brand image..
2 Private sector component in R&D will have to increase
3 The Regulator must perform
4 Help required by institutes

India needs to create a brand image..

idea posted by Isha Verma Sales/BD Manager, Larsen & Toubro

India's one ond the only hope of giving to the world a "brand" image could be from the house of TATA's ! Mr.Ratan Tata has often made reference, in his public address about his passion for creating an international brand. I sincerely hope Tata's NANO car becomes one and puts TATA brand in line with SONY, TOYOTA, HONDA,LG,Hyundai,Acer ! I guess China too is trying to make their Huawei (Cisco of China) brand international.

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Private sector component in R&D will have to increase

idea posted by Abhijeet Kadian Sales/BD Manager, Bharat Heavy Electricals

R & D spending in India both by public and Private sector organizations and Institutes is meagre. India lags behind China in spending on research and development work as well as number of scientific researchers. The number of core researchers in India was about 1.5 lakh as compared to China's 8-10 lakh. Private sector component in R&D will have to increase. To increase number of researchers in the country, university system will have to be strengthened by expanding and upgrading infrastructure as presently R&D quality in university is negligible.

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The Regulator must perform

idea posted by Ravindra Sharma Managing Consultant, CHEF-India

The missing factor is regulator.

Quality standards and safety getting compromised in all segments forever block the need to find better ways. Hence obsolete resources, technologies and systems of the developed world, are still well accepted and find the huge consumer base accepting with both hands. And since this can thrive the need to innovate is never felt.  

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Help required by institutes

idea posted by Navneet Gupta Software Developer, LISPL, Lucknow

Technical Institutions must boost companies to invest in R&D by nurturing and producing a force of extreme talent that can deal with the requirement to ideate and innovate and implement.

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