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Topic : prevention of rail accidents.
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Construction Planning & Management

Started by : william lobo, Electrical Engineer-Industrial, Reliance Industries   09 12 2010 06:17:38 +0000
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1 Updating the railway with latest technology
2 Availing extra lines...
3 Use of mobile for prevention of rail accidents.

Updating the railway with latest technology

idea posted by Anjaneyula Reddy Construction-Heavy, DLF

Our railways system is one of the oldest system. And we have not yet updated. So new technology rail coaches and tracking systems need to be implemented....  :)  

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Availing extra lines...

idea posted by Rajendra Shah Head/VP/GM-Corporate Planning/Strategy, Ajayraj ConstructionsPvt. Ltd.

Availing two extra lines for up and down, that will only run shuttles joining one or two main cities, at every 3 to 5 minutes, where long distance will have a relief in commuters,also commuters of long distance who doesnt have booking can reach their destinations by availing shuttle systems connectivity.Same time corruption would also drop down. THE SHUTTLE SYSTEM CAN HAVE MAXIMUM 4 COACHES.

by swapan Roy Chowdhury, Senior Consultant, Hydro Power Consultancy service  | 09 16 2010 14:55:28 +0000

For prevension of railway accident new technology of rail coach with tracking system is the best idea, but for railway department it may take several times to implement.As such for the time being inthe NAKSHAL area one pilot engine should run with mobile after maintaing distance of 5 Km in between pilot engine and Express train.

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Use of mobile for prevention of rail accidents.

idea posted by william lobo Electrical Engineer-Industrial, Reliance Industries
I feel best way to avoid rail accidents is a simple mobile. If train drivers and guards are given mobiles and should be in touch always. Railways should create a mobile site. These mobile cos send us so many falto messages. But they railways can form a site where messages about the recent location of trains etc can be sent to drivers and guards of all trains running close to each other on same or adjoing tracks.
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