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Entrepreneurs: Success Stories

Started by : Isha Verma, Sales/BD Manager, Larsen & Toubro   09 16 2008 07:26:55 +0000
Industry : Industrial Products/Heavy MachineryFunctional Area : Logistics & Supply Chain(Operations)
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What are the problems which are faced commonly by small entrepreneurs while getting started.

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1 barriers to entrepreneurship
2 Attrition rate of employees.
3 Marketing
4 I think the Competiton & some Monopoly market
5 finance
6 Production problem
7 The whole and main problem is entrepreneur itself.

barriers to entrepreneurship

idea posted by onilgandhi HR Manager, IN

idea to execution. if the idea dosnt get executed then...............


no execution no entrepreneurship!!!!

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Attrition rate of employees.

idea posted by Bhuneshwar Ram Tripathi Head/VP/GM-Production/Manufacturing, Bhatia International Ltd.
 Problem faced by enterpreneurs is the attrition rate of employees.
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idea posted by Shaju George Facilities/Construction Manager, IBS Software Services (P) Ltd

Being a start up marketing of the products/services will be a big challenge for the enterpreneurs. Unless the product is presented properly to the market, the risk involved is very high.

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I think the Competiton & some Monopoly market

idea posted by Neeraj Menon Accounts Executive/Accountant, GET

I think the Competiton & some Monopoly market

by Abhijeet Kadian, Sales/BD Manager, Bharat Heavy Electricals  | 04 08 2009 13:35:55 +0000

I too agree with Neeraj on this that there is too much monoploy in the Indian Business line, where one doesn't want to see others take up their line of business, as an example you can see the business is mostly done by the Marwari's and not others, and also some of the big companies like Reliance and established companies like those want to take share in every business with such monopoly there is no space for new comers here..

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idea posted by Gargi Sinha Senior Consultant, Hewitt Associates

A sound understanding of business finance, access to capital, and relationships with lenders are integral to the success of any business. When starting a business, approximately one-third of the entrepreneurs found CASH FLOW,
SERVICES to be the most problematic.

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Production problem

idea posted by Isha Verma Sales/BD Manager, Larsen & Toubro
The major production problem includes raw material requirement and storage of the products.
by Bhuneshwar Ram Tripathi, Head/VP/GM-Production/Manufacturing, Bhatia International Ltd.  | 09 21 2008 08:06:08 +0000

The major production problem is the lack of proper marketing strategy and sourcing the raw materials.

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The whole and main problem is entrepreneur itself.

idea posted by Nitin Mehra Writer, Thinker, Technology Seekar
The person who is owing or making the decisions for the business is the main problem for business. The Problem arises with the thinking of that person if the person has the broad and planned thinking the business can be successful.
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