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Leadership Styles

Started by : amit chaudhry, Senior Consultant, IML   10 30 2008 19:57:58 +0000
Industry : Management & Strategy ConsultingFunctional Area : Global Business(Strategy & Execution)
Keywords : Leader True Qualities
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idea posted by SUSHANT AWASTHI Business Operations

"Leadership is the art of getting someone to do something you want done because he wants to do it.”

The highly successful people in the world are naturally leaders in their respective fields. If you want to realize any level of success in your own life, then you need to make the commitment towards becoming a leader too. Focus on becoming great at what you love to do in life and then step up to the plate and inspire others to do the same. Leadership is about creating a strong foundation within yourself that is able to support and nurture those that are weaker than you are.


A very important distinction is that a leader is not a title or a position. Kevin Cashman, a leadership coach and the CEO of LeaderSource, says that “Too many people separate the act of leadership from the leader. They see leadership as something that they do, rather than as an expression of who they are.” The difference between someone in the position of power, such as a manager, executive, politician, etc. and a leader is that a positionally-powerful person can get people to do what they want merely because they have the power to levy punishment if their followers don’t comply.


While this can get people to do what they want, it also harbors resentment because it pushes people towards action by the threat of causing pain in their lives. A leader, on the other hand, inspires and motivates their followers to take action on their own volition without creating that negative aura of threat. True leaders possess a passionate and powerful vision of what they want to accomplish and they share that vision with as many people as they can. The title of Manager is simply a position, but that title in itself does not make the person a leader. In reality, the person at the very bottom of the organizational structure can be a leader even in absence of any authority. A leader inspires hope within their followers and it’s that vision of hope that makes a true leader more powerful than any person of authority. This article will describe the important qualities that a person needs to possess in order to be a true passionate leader.


“Before you become a leader, success is all about growing you. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”

Jack Welch

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idea posted by Raju Ramalingam Business Analyst, Rhytha Web Solutions

A true leader encourages his team to take on new responsibilities and to grow and learn because that investment in the personal growth of their team will pay off substantially in the future. Hope this makes sense

by Charles davison, Project Manager, Douglas OHI LLC  | 08 27 2009 17:29:18 +0000

 True leader is a person who can at the end of a assignment say' here is my assistant . he is now capable of taking my place and leading similar assingment.give me some other challenge,let me move on'

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Developing others with Thought Leadership

idea posted by D.S.SESHADRI consultant Quality,

A true leader constantly look out for people who can do the job he is doing at present and mentor them with the Thought leadership. While he grooms the thought leadership in others he will be learning new skills in which he can reach significantly proficient stage to take up new assigment. unfortunately in today's world its really difficult to find such leaders as most of the time present so called leaders are spending time  in protecting thier positions and harming others in thier careers, Thinking that I will be of no use once some takes my position. No one thinks about the learnig they get during the grooming a thought lerder and the new opportunities thatopenup at the end.


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Reaction to Change

idea posted by amit chaudhry Senior Consultant, IML
Command-and-control leadership is the primary style in our society. It is accepted because efficiency is created by repetitive action, teaching people to resist change. Once acquiring a skill, they do not want to learn another. The worker adapts to level three with an occasional trip to level two.

Worker responsibility is just the opposite, it motivates people to thrive on change by seeking challenges, finding ways to achieve goals. Level one is the leader of changing technology, finding ways to create efficiency.

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Creating efficiency

idea posted by Alapati Bhaskar Senior Consultant, IML

It is up to the individual or business to decide which side of change they want to be on, the leading edge or trailing edge.With today’s changing technology, an individual must be willing to abandoned old skills and learn new ones. The ability to adapt is achieved through self-development programs. Because level one thrives on change, they adapt to whatever methods gets things done with the least amount of effort. This brings us to work habits.

Managers should search for ways to solve and prevent problems. Decisions are made and alternative methods are analyzed.  Management considers the opinions or concerns of people on the front line to be trivial.A downward spiral of management implementing more control and workers resisting control develop. Under worker responsibility, management and workers unite to prevent or solve problems

by malladi madhukumar, Senior Manager- Marketing, Cement company  | 12 17 2009 12:30:32 +0000

Leaders make leaders not followers.He should be falicitator, He should bring out the potentiality in others. Getting rxtraordinary jobs from ordinary people.  

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Goal Oriented

idea posted by Sudeep Tarafdar Senior Consultant, IBM

Self-motivated people are goal motivated. Once they conquer one goal, they establish another. Every goal is a learning process that requires all the elements in level one. Companies that attract and keep this type of person stay on the leading edge of technology. The CEO is a visionary in customer service and employee leadership. The employees' goals are the same as the CEO’s. 

If the CEO desires control, then he will lead in such a way that trains subordinates to lead by control. As a result, the employees' goals are quitting time and payday.

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