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Started by : Dilip Singh Rathore, Construction-General Building, Deep Associates   07 04 2009 07:46:14 +0000
Industry : ConstructionFunctional Area : India(Markets)
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The problems and potentials of rural areas are different from urban areas. The technologies that are designed and developed for urban areas are not always suitable in rural context. Therefore there is need to evaluate and develop technologies focused on rural development. The areas like supply of safe drinking water, roads, sanitation, housing, renewable energy, natural disaster etc. require much emphasize. There is a need to emphasize not only on technology development for rural population but also tackle social issues and concerns so as to reap the complete benefits of technical innovations.

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1 Team Idea
2 Civil Engineer should work as a NGO
3 Take dayoff for rural service
4 Rural India is the bastion of the Indian economy.
5 Lot of help can be done in Rural developement...
6 rural developement
7 Should Start The Contractor & Consultancy Firm
8 fxgbfd
9 Identify rural needs first

Team Idea

idea posted by Rashmi koul Assistant Project Controller, MWH

Its not possible for an individual to do such a work without a team.So my point of view is that,a team of people should be formed which comprises of an engineer,Ngo,architect etc. .This team should have the spirit and passion to do such a noble work without getting anything.

by SB DIKSHIT, STATE QUALITY MONITOR, U.P.R.R.D.A  | 07 11 2009 16:42:05 +0000

  Now a days there is demand of civil engr in many of the COMPANIES but second choice should be NGO ,which I have seen many have started by themself,for this DRDA of the districts are appointing and alloting the works also.for this only I wrote how bharat can develope without corruption applies.

by Jitendra Singh, Director Technical, RMCL, PH, Nigeria  | 07 26 2009 09:55:24 +0000

How to build such a team ??

Are You ready for such an enterprise in Rajasthan ?



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Civil Engineer should work as a NGO

idea posted by Dilip Singh Rathore Construction-General Building, Deep Associates

Civil engineer take survey (Geographic & social) and understand the problems of rural areas and then plan as per their requirements.

by Charles davison, Project Manager, Douglas OHI LLC  | 09 02 2009 09:32:08 +0000

I agree with dilip on this matter

Civil engineers can help in improving the basic living conditions into healthier ones with inputs and help in hygenic toilets and |septic tanksconstruction as well as in using locally available materials to make dwellings green ,hygenic and comfortable.


by B.Mehernath , Marketing & Technical Head, Bondit Construction Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.  | 07 11 2009 16:20:32 +0000

Yes I fully agree with Mr. Rathod, consider engineering as medical field. As doctors are required in rural areas so the engineers too, it's same if one has proper shelter, sanitary system, drinking water then every thying is healthy. Better take time off or after graduation like medical field it should be mandetory for engineers to complete compulsary internship for minimum 6 months in rural areas. How's the idea?

by Basab Ghosh, General Manager (Operations), Saipem India Project Ltd.  | 07 10 2009 07:26:42 +0000

This will work only if the NGOs are interested in taking help from engineers. Unsolicited advice is seldom heeded.

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Take dayoff for rural service

idea posted by Vivek Singh Project Manager, L&T

I do not know whether I myself will be able to do it or not but it is possible that we take a day off and give our knowledge input to the developement works in villages. We certainly will be needing some coordinating body, for which, as suggested by Dilip, an NGO is a good idea.

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Rural India is the bastion of the Indian economy.

idea posted by Mallaya Pandravada GM-Project , Aditya Housing and Infrastructure Development Corporation

Safe Drinking water is the first need of the rural public. Many of the Agency areas in AP are affected by the epidemics due to unclean water.

Cleaner homes for better Living Hygienically are the next need.

Good Sanitation conditions.

The part time solutions are not enough for building Rural India. Consolidated efforts on war footing are imminent necessary. Civil Engineer can play major role as service provider to achieve these major goals

by Mallaya Pandravada, GM-Project , Aditya Housing and Infrastructure Development Corporation  | 07 10 2009 09:37:16 +0000

Previous Indian Budget is the true compliment in the direction of the development of Rural India.Since India's economy is Agriculture based and Agriculture thrives in rural India the Budget 2009 rightly focused.

GOI is taking up many such Rural Development Project under the cap of JNNURM and iHSDP.I suggest Mr Singh should put forward his drinking water project to GOI. The Project will find its right place in doing so.

by Basab Ghosh, General Manager (Operations), Saipem India Project Ltd.  | 07 10 2009 07:24:14 +0000

I agree totally that safe drinking water is one of the primary requirements in rural India. Mr. Singh, what kind of initial investment are you talking of? Once installed, wht is the ROI? Do you have a cost vs. revenue analysis?

by Jitendra Singh, Director Technical, RMCL, PH, Nigeria  | 07 06 2009 13:11:43 +0000

I have found a method of generating clean drinking water from the arsenic laden water in Rajasthan. I need funds and suppport for propagating it back home.

Can someone form a Joint Venture with me and start this business ?

Jitendra Dubai

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Lot of help can be done in Rural developement...

idea posted by Pragya Kothari Construction-Heavy, DLF

Civil Engineers can do a lot of things to develop Rural sector. Rural sector are the source of Indian economy. If, by any means agricultural sector can be developed, it will be a great profit for India, The civil engineers should help in designing an infrastrucure so that water reaches the agricultural farms easily. They can work as NGO and can educate the villagers how they can use agriculture to make money and help them in doing that. They should indentify the rural needs like electricity,infrastructure and education and help in upbringing that....

by Charles davison, Project Manager, Douglas OHI LLC  | 09 02 2009 14:12:17 +0000

Exactly thats what is needed.If we canpool in  support in a way to  the  Occupation pursued by  70% of population  in India who are caring for 100% population's basic need of food ,then the effort can be lauded as worthly spent.

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rural developement


For urban area developement work is tken up by NHAI,CPWD,PWD and DUDA ,UPRNN,UPSBC  etc ,for rural developement developement work is being done by DRDA,RES and also by PWD,apart from this many other agencies also doing developement are UPRNN,UPSBC,and GANNA SANSTHAN,DDA,JILA PARISAD,PAXFED etc,hence anew graduate  can start his carrier by applying in these organisations ,if he is not interested to attempt the govt, job through UPSC AND STATE PSC.

by C Nijagunaradhya, Civil Engg, B'lore  | 07 26 2009 14:19:05 +0000

Just imagine if the recent LOW COST housing project launched in mumbai by a reputed firm was also launched in all the villages in india. Just think if the universities and colleges in major cities implement a rule by asking their graduates to do a FINAL YEAR project at a rural place atleast a small village survey. Inspit of the government sanctioning so many unwanted Engineering colleges why cant they implement PPP model to set up schools in villages where students dont even have the basic needs which urban city has. Why not sacrifice funds for a particular duration for infrastructure development in rural areas rather than those CONGESTED cities. 

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Should Start The Contractor & Consultancy Firm

idea posted by Hemal Doshi Asst. Manager contract, PMC (ADANI GROUP)

Hope, all know the Bottom of the pyramid Mantra...

There are huge demand and supply gap in rural India. If Civil engineer wants to help Rural public, suggested way is the best way, they can get maximum benefit and return. Huge requirement of low cost housing and energy.

by Jitendra Singh, Director Technical, RMCL, PH, Nigeria  | 07 06 2009 14:12:14 +0000

I agree PERFECTLY with your view.

Can we together do an enterprise on this ??

Jitendra Singh



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idea posted by alex thomas B.Tech/B.E. student, IIT Mumbai - Sallesh J. Mehta School Of Management, Mumbai


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Identify rural needs first

idea posted by Basab Ghosh General Manager (Operations), Saipem India Project Ltd.

In order to contribute effectively, one needs to identify the general needs in rural India first and formulate a strategy to mitigate those needs. Next comes the specific needs and specific solutions. To my mind, the following are the basic needs to focus on:

1. Access and infrastructure - Many rural areas do not have proper road access. This is a prime need to bring about any change. Many places do not have electricity or basic communication facilities. These are essential tools for development.

2. Access to health care - Affordable health care facilities must be brought near the rural population. Also basic sanitation facilities and access to safe drinking water need to be provided, which will wipe out a lot of diseases suffered by the rural population.

3. Access to education - Each village must have a functioning school, which, in addition to our normal curriculum, should also teach vocational topics for the students to become self dependent early. The vocations can vary based on the general livelihood of the local population. E.g. training in weaving for children in a weavers' community, etc. Facilities for adult education is also a must, with major emphasis on reading. writing, basic finances and training on skills that can earn a sustained livelihood.

4. Providing avenues for sustained livelihood and helping with tools, means and techniques for enhancing the efficiency and earning capability. This is fundamental for nurturing other developmental ideas, because if there is food at home, then only folks would send their children to school instead of the field to work.

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