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Started by : Amit Madhav, Senior Consultant, GKC   10 15 2008 19:32:07 +0000
Industry : Management & Strategy ConsultingFunctional Area : Valuation(Corporate Finance)
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What is the drivers for Corporate development.Please discuss in this idea contest

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1 Strategic/Tactical change
2 Transformation of the Operating Dynamic of the company.

Strategic/Tactical change

idea posted by Amit Madhav Senior Consultant, GKC
Strategic/tactical change is one good step towards corporate development. One has to keep it mind that this takes time to implement and takes time to prove - the success rate is encouraging. Sometimes it can be expensive. The ROI (if any) is measured in percents per annum.
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Transformation of the Operating Dynamic of the company.

idea posted by Jagbir Singh Senior Consultant, Ernst & Young
Improving the operating dynamic, is quick. It focuses and mobilizes the company. It shows on the bottom line immediately - systemic improvements always do. And this provides the funds for further development.

The ROI is measured in multiples. A first year ROI of 10:1 is the least to be expected.

To transform the operating dynamic of the company requires just three things:

  • The ability to identify and measure its elements;
  • The techniques of triggering change; and
  • A manager with the courage to look deep into the soul of the company - and not flinch from what is seen.
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