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Started by : Hrudanand De, Area Sales Manager (Modern Trade )   08 21 2009 10:09:12 +0000
Industry : Human Resources (HR) ConsultingFunctional Area : Organizational Development(People Management)
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Management trends come and go. They are good or bad depending on many variables: industry; company culture; education level of workers; existing contracts and laws; etc. Mostly, however, they are good or bad depending on how well they are applied.

You know the names of the most recent batch. We have all been impacted, in one way or another, by downsizing, re-engineering, restructuring, delayering and so on.

Re-engineering is a solid business management tool, but applied incorrectly it can cause more harm than good. Downsizing, when done improperly, is appropriately called dumbsizing.

Similarly Brightsizing is also dangerous for an organization.

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1 The best way of down sizing is Stratagic Business Unit.
3 Don't go by seniority basis,rather go by something which is good for Organization

The best way of down sizing is Stratagic Business Unit.

idea posted by Mallaya Pandravada GM-Project , Aditya Housing and Infrastructure Development Corporation

By creating the Strategic Business unit within the organization in which these bright young people can be channalized into a productive group under the steward ship of   senior can yield productivity both to the parent department; lessen the burden on management since the SBU is independent to fend him self though using some amount of the company resources ; Increase the morale of the erstwhile the bright young staff who are just to be laid off; can bring profits to the parent organization by retaining the productive people.


by taranath joshi, DGM Operations, EOL,  | 08 23 2009 04:33:31 +0000

A fish bone diagram type of approach. Decentralization for the sake of center focus. business sub committees - in simple words - would fulfil both business strategies and nurture the branch development (Leadership development also).

Good approach Mallayaji. BPR was the mantra for the last decade, done good for those who focussed on their core businesses and got rid of the deviating businesses - like L&T hived off Ultratech, Reliance hived off 4 others etc.etc.

by Makrand Bhave, AGM - Corporate Business, E18, part of Network 18 Group  | 08 23 2009 03:46:37 +0000

An SBU is a brilliant idea. It has the basic infrastructure to cate to these recruits nd then nurture them and focus them on the target and task at hand!! Very nice idea Hrudanand..!! :)) Good suggestion Mallaya :))

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idea posted by s.baalu Consultant, XYZ LTD


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Don't go by seniority basis,rather go by something which is good for Organization

idea posted by Hrudanand De Area Sales Manager (Modern Trade )

Brightsizing, is a type of  corporate downsizing in which the brightest workers are let go. This happens when a company lays off those workers with the least seniority, but its those young workers who are often the best trained and educated.".

In my opinion organization has to provide a fairly treatment to their employees,and treat them as a group rather than being biased .

The importance should be given to the health of the organization not to an individual.

When brightsizing happens why those youngman or woman  who are well educated , updated with new technology and best trained will suffer ?????????????????

Organization has to go by an individual's adaptibility ,performance ,skills and last but not least which is What is best for organization ????


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