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Started by : alison rable, Accessory Designer, Aeon   09 24 2012 12:21:33 +0000
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idea posted by alison rable Accessory Designer, Aeon

Due to the presence of a crude oil, dead animals, hazardous chemicals and other similar stuffs in various skin care products have made people to move towards the natural way of skin care methods. So, you can find several people depending over the Oxygen Cosmetic or cosmétique oxygène products and consider for Oxygen treatment or soins oxygène methods. These organic or the oxy rich products contain rich and real ingredients which protects your skin to a great extent. Employing a amount of chemical based skin care products could have a number of fatal things over your skin as they are made up of a couple of effects including mineral oil, aluminum chloride, parabens, glycols and, sodium lauryl sulphate.

Therefore these chemical based skin care products are seen with quite a few number of fatal effects. These comprise allergic skin reactions, some cancerous side things, cellular structure damage, and skin irritation. And that's not all, when you apply these products over your skin in your body and stored in your organs. The pores in your skin could be clogged which could cause acne and dryness as the moisture doesn't get absorbed in your skin leading to quite a few other problems. So, the pertinent question, if there are so myriad fatal effects of these chemicals and then what is the reason of commercial skin care companies use these chemicals.

These could be termed as a very reasonable choice and are thus seen employing a amount of preservatives including parabens which could help you in prolonging the shelf life of these products. This helps the manufacturers to store these products for several years. A number of chemicals are employed used in making a product smell nice and thus create lathering and gliding textures. In this way, these products are no way beneficial to your skin or your inner skin health. On the contrary the natural or the Switzerland cosmetic care treatment methods or cosmétique Suisse just comprises the natural ingredients which are extracted from a wide range of plants and required oils.

All these have great gain for your inner fitness along with your outer beauty of your skin since the aroma of the necessary oils is generally emotionally and therapeutic rebalancing. Apart from these benefits plus rendering you the stimulating circulation, therapeutic benefits; and the high potency simply supports you in warning off the acne causing bacteria, fungi and viruses. It has quite a few anti aging attributes promoting fitness cellular regeneration; it helps to break down the cellulite causing quite a few fat cells. It is also seen with anti scarring and anti cancer properties which can support you in giving your skin a correct protection and beauty which is not often probable with some chemical based products.

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