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Started by : Pravin Kumar, MBA student, DELHI SCHOOL OF BUSINESS   07 16 2010 13:17:36 +0000
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A student in college with full time academic studies has enough on their daily plate without having to worry about the debt they are amassing due to their education.Books, dorm, classes, everything has a fee connected to it and college grants or loans don't always cover the entire cost of a students education, leaving in the back of the students head the thought of how it will all be paid.

So, how can students earn while studying??

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1 Have a digital camera? Sell stock photography online
2 Get a job
3 become an insurance advisor

Have a digital camera? Sell stock photography online

idea posted by Jenifer joncy MBA student, Christ College Institute of Management

If you’ve always enjoyed taking pictures then why not make a little money off of them? You can sell your images online to places like

You’ll make money every time someone downloads your image, and most places will even let you retain part of the copyright.

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Get a job

idea posted by Pravin Kumar MBA student, DELHI SCHOOL OF BUSINESS

There are plenty of places on, or near your campus that will hire college students. Because they regularly work with students you can expect them to be willing to adapt to your study schedule and even your time off of school.

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become an insurance advisor

idea posted by Dr. Izzat Husain Associate/Senior Associate, Belford University, on line University
With becoming an insurance advisor one may increes contacts among public wich will certainly help on achiving main target. a good incentive will provide satisfaction to meet out day today expenses.
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Resource Specialists in IT & ITES
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