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Topic : Mobile Internet & You !!!
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Started by : Abhinav Garg, Sales/BD Manager, Bharti Airtel   02 09 2009 09:21:37 +0000
Industry : Telecom/ISPFunctional Area : Business Models(Strategy & Execution)
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With each new generation the technology is changing and the technology that is everybody talking now is about 3G, and following on the heals of analog and digital technology, the Third Generation (3G) will be digital mobile multimedia offering various services, so What sort of features that one wants most in their 3G mobile phones? Share your views on this..

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2 3G features
3 3G systems carry both high quality voice and data.
4 Internet Everywhere
5 Better Applications
6 Watch Cricket Match
7 Hi guys
8 faster download speed
9 Social & Professional Networking Apps - Facebook, Orkut, TooStep!


idea posted by Ankit Singh Sales/BD Manager, ADP

According to my knowledge speeds of up to 2 Megabits per second (Mbps) are achievable with Third Generation (3G). The data transmission rates will depend upon the environment the call is being made in, it is only indoors and in stationary environments that these types of data rates will be available. For high mobility, data rates of 144 kbps are expected to be available, this is only about three times the speed of today’s fixed telecoms modems...So high speed is what one require these days to stay connected.

by Japan Shah, Founder & Managing Director, JMS ADVISORY SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED  | 10 07 2009 05:09:29 +0000

there will be several services offered by 3G, most important thing is, whether the handset be able to process all the things smoothly and speedily..

by santosh kumar, Marketing Manager, AUTOMOBILE  | 09 07 2009 10:51:37 +0000

3 G is supposed to support varied services like.. MMS, internet, downloading & all this will demand more speed

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3G features

idea posted by S.K.BAGGA Material Mgmt Executive/Manager, ITI LIMITED

Why 3G, Here are the features:

  • Video Streaming that actually works.
  • Video Streaming is possible even over GPRS or EDGE but its very slow.
  • You will be able to watch a Cricket match Live on the road with live video and audio.
  • Video Calling.
  • Have you ever wondered why there is an additional camera above the display in some phones?
  • The camera is meant to be used for Video Calling. You can actually see the other person face to face and talk.
  • Faster Downloads and Browsing.

So you can do hi speed browsing on the go but one downside to all of this is that battery life is comparatively shorter for most phones on 3G networks

by ktaja , Consultant, Independent Consultant  | 12 31 2010 01:16:11 +0000

Android has done a good job of showcasing what 3G is all about. Further with its "open" app store, the best ideas always win. 3G will be driven by evolving user needs - many of which some of us cannot even imagine today. As an example, who ever thought of FaceBook and Twitter a few years ago?

by rahul gupta, 1234, mohit  | 12 23 2009 22:34:32 +0000

well i would like know your views on the business aspects of 3g like

1 .will i be able to use a my 3g enabled mobile to open a cyber cafe in my village with 3 or 4 computers.

2.can it act as a substitute for my DTH and  can i sumhow connect it to my tv ...

3.will it replace broadband networks in cities


by Anuj Rajpurohit, Business Development, Neesa Technologies P. Ltd.  | 10 07 2009 01:38:34 +0000

There are lots of new features in this technology from which mostly all have already been posted. The most interesting feature which i m amazed with is the Video Calling.  Its is an amazing feature. We could not ever think that we could see the person we are talking to while we are talking on our mobile phone, moving around here and there still the person is visible to us...3G has brought a very high degree of convinience though the person is moving very frequently from whatever place he was before.

What i think is its features are simply the best...

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3G systems carry both high quality voice and data.

idea posted by Kalyan Chakraborty Network Planning Manager, Motorola India Pvt Ltd

one use of 3G is to offer more capacity, so the operator may choose to configure the network so that it "pushes" 3G-capable phones (with suitable SIM cards) to the 3G network (when making voice calls), to make room for more calls in the congested 2G network.

All 3G cellphone systems carry both voice and data. A phone can be in either GSM or 3G mode.If 3G is enabled then it will be used for both voice and data. If the phone is in GSM mode then it cannot take advantage of 3G services or data rates.

Note that some countries, such as Japan, have ONLY 3G deployed and don't have any GSM networks at all (which is why the current GSM-only iPhone can't work in Japan).

Some advantages of 3G for voice: less power usage during standby (but more during actual communication), higher quality voice calls (full rate AMR codec vs. the half rate codec used by many GSM operators), can send and receive data packets while in the middle of a voice call, supports 2-way video calling (if the phone has the hardware to support it).

by Radhakrishna Marar, Business Analyst, Oracle  | 03 25 2009 05:34:19 +0000

3G networks should enable network operators to offer users a wider range of more advanced services while achieving greater network capacity through improved spectral efficiency. Services should include wide-area wireless voice telephony, video calls, and broadband wireless data, all in a mobile environment. Additional features should also include HSPA data transmission capabilities able to deliver speeds up to 14.4 Mbit/s on the downlink and 5.8 Mbit/s on the uplink.

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Internet Everywhere

idea posted by Abhinav Garg Sales/BD Manager, Bharti Airtel

According to me, what is more important is the access to Internet. The World Wide Web is becoming the primary communications interface, people access the Internet for entertainment and information collection, the intranet for accessing company information and connecting with colleagues and the extranet for accessing customers and suppliers. These are all derivatives of the World Wide Web aimed at connecting different communities of interest. There is a trend away from storing information locally in specific software packages on PCs to remotely on the Internet. When you want to check your schedule or contacts, instead of using a software package such as “Act”, you go onto the Internet site such as a portal. Hence, web browsing is a very important application for 3G...

by Ikhtiar Sobhan, Marketing Manager, Orascom Telecom Bangladesh Limited  | 03 03 2009 06:09:47 +0000

With Internet Anywhere, you can do anything - buy tickets, commodities, book seats in theatres etc. The possibilities are endless.


Actually, we don't even know how much can be done if Internet is available everywhere.

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Better Applications

idea posted by Shyamal Maity Sales/BD Manager, AT&T

I agree with abhinav on the internet aspect but what more important is better applications, because third generation (3G) facilitates several new applications that have not previously been readily available over mobile networks due to the limitations in data transmission speeds.

These applications range from Web Browsing to file transfer to Home Automation, where the ability to remotely access and control in house appliances and machines. Because of the bandwidth increase, these applications will be even more easily available with 3G than they were previously with the technologies such as GPRS.

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Watch Cricket Match

idea posted by Dharmena Prajapati Sales/BD Manager, Wipro

We Indians are crazy about cricket and I would love to watch live cricket match on my mobile went I travel from oneplace to another.

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Hi guys

idea posted by Debayan Ghatak Assistant Manager, BSNL

Hi guys, this is Debayan from BSNL. Am working in Core Network that supports 3G. We have both 2G and 3G radio networks working, and ever since I started using 3G personnally (of course provided by my office), I have started liking it, particularly the GPRS part. Downloads are really fast, the whole world has come into my hands. It's nice.

Though it's taking time to attract customers, but once the critical mass is attained, it will fly.

You guys can consider using 3G.

I don't use this forum too often, you can mail me at Have a nice day.


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faster download speed

idea posted by Zafar Rais Product Manager, People Interactive (I)
faster download speed
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Social & Professional Networking Apps - Facebook, Orkut, TooStep!

idea posted by Manul Agarwal Manager, Tata Communications

With constant updates from friends, colleagues & family members social networking applications are very well received by mobile phone users.

3G gives richness of experience (photo/video download & upload, rich formating etc).

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