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Topic : Innovations in media
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Started by : Himanshu Pathak, Sr/Principal Coresspondent, Coresspondent   07 14 2009 10:55:10 +0000
Industry : Advertising/PR/MR/EventsFunctional Area : Innovation(Strategy & Execution)
Keywords : media marketers barriers
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There's a lot of discussion about media fragmentation, consumer engagement, But the reality is most marketers and their agencies place the bulk of their money into traditional formats like TV, print, and direct mail.

What barriers keep you from investing in alternative media formats like interactive(social media) experiential, or (my favorite) word-of-mouth marketing?

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1 Fear of failure
2 Execution-a way to lead an Idea
3 Right Timing & Necessity
4 Resistance to innovations
5 Limitations!
6 WHY new?..have u fully explored existing?
7 Let the right time come
8 We grow but slowly!
9 Critical mass is an issue.
10 Lack of Data measurement, Partnership, and Experience

Fear of failure

idea posted by Himanshu Pathak Sr/Principal Coresspondent, Coresspondent

Fear is the right term for this. A lot of organizations are afraid to use emerging / alternative media due to the fact that it's all still unproven. While there are some success stories out there, people are still trying to figure out how to leverage these new channels effectively. I believe though in the next 5 years, we will see a lot of changes to the way we do marketing now.

Measurability -Although you can measure the number of people who see your message in emerging media, and even intent to purchase - when advertisers run a broadcast ad they can see its effect on sales immediately. Even a traditional media like print has trouble taking dollars away from TV because its effect on sales cannot be immediately seen.

Cost- Because of the cost of more traditional media it will always take up a larger portion of the budget. Instead of focusing on percent of budget that emerging media is getting overall, look at the increases in spend year over year as marketers expand their media horizons.

by Pradeep , Senior Campaign Manager, Jivox Software Private Limited  | 07 18 2009 17:27:04 +0000

I support the point raised by shad zaman, u gotta b innocative n creative when it comes to delivering more value for each penny being spent on marketing n advtsng. how can v b sure of immediate increase of sales while using broadcasting medium. for instance, can we expect a spate of immediate phone calls on the toll free no being shown at the end of Pizza ad on TV? answer is a big "NO", Likewise all the new emerging media mediums need time to give u results. add to this measurability in emerging mediums make it even better option than the traditional medium bcoz we can easily measure the cost of sales & CPA. Moreovr in broadcasting medium like TV v can nevr b sure of the targeting, bt new medium like internet we can streamline the targeting as per the need of the product. anthr advantage wid the emerging medium is cost effectiveness.

the way TG is shifting their media exposure, marketers hv to change the mindset as well. with almost 60 m claimed and more than 45 m active internet users and more thn 400 m mobile ph users, how long can marketers ignore this medium for making a brand. I think, marketers are waiting for the right time to explore the emerging media medium bt ultimately a marketer has to reach there, where their TG is. 

by shad , Marcom Head - North India, Dish TV India Limited  | 07 15 2009 07:13:28 +0000

Dear Himanshu,

I would beg to differ here. One can never become a good MARKETING & BRAND STRATEGIST keeping fear of failure in mind.

Marketing Communication is all about creating new ideas, out of the box thinking, exploring the unexplored, doing things differently..and when you do something new, something for the first need to be cautious but never CARRY FEAR OF FAILURE...

by kasturirangan.r , INSURANCE ADVISOR, Life Insurance Corporation Of India  | 07 15 2009 06:30:19 +0000

Himanshu ji you are right the word to mouth and interactive methods are more desirable and realistic only the people's perception has to change for the better.


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Execution-a way to lead an Idea

idea posted by vanita Srinivasan Iyer Proprietor, HeadStart Inc

Hi All, This is the first time I m posting my views. Well the discussion seems to be very interesting and it triggered me to say something in this front.

I have worked in the advertising , Branding areas... I was a part of a mobile marketing based organization in Mumbai. It was based on Bluetooth Marketing.

The whole idea behind this bluetooth mktng is swtich on your bluetooth in your mobile in the places like Malls /Multiplexes and you will receive freebies. You are asked to download an application and then you can download the advts , wall papers, songs,.... etc....

 This is  a new concept which really worked in US, UK.. But its failing in India... The only simple reason   people are afraid of switching on their bluetooth bcoz of the threat of virus... They are not educated properly in how to use the Bluetooth... How to determine the authentication of the receiving bluetooth connectivity.

This new media is a challenge to all the organizations as its difficult to make aware of the actual use of Bluetooth that they can make and avail the benefits...

 Organization which carried out these activities came to a halt as it didn't do a proper survery before getting in to this new venture... As it is rightly said by some body people are not ready to be the first buyers of this media its why me first attitude... Mobile media is the fantastic media to explore... This new Bluetooth mktng is not an intruding media.. Its asks first whether to download the application or not and then if the answer is yes it goes to the next screen...

But the only hitch  here is how to take the people in to confidence that its coming from an autenticated site. Posters, Banners everything is ok in the Malls and Multiplexes... but stilll how..... Do we need to use another media to promote this Radio? I m still looking for an answer...


by Sameer Joshi, Project Manager, ADP  | 08 27 2009 10:44:02 +0000

You are right Vanita, in India, people are not educated properly on how to use blootooth which is causing problems and fer among them....

by Pradeep , Senior Campaign Manager, Jivox Software Private Limited  | 08 08 2009 05:06:05 +0000

hmm.... mailer is a paid activity....a form of online advertising....u vl hv to bear some cost for this....try to contact a sales person fr moneycontrol or any other portal....they only can tell u the costing and how to go about it....

by vanita Srinivasan Iyer, Proprietor, HeadStart Inc  | 08 07 2009 12:29:27 +0000

Thanks Pradeep... Could you pls tell me how to subscribe to these news portal for database as i m not able to find the link in moneycontrol....

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Right Timing & Necessity

idea posted by Raghu Kastury Principal Consultant & Head of Strategic Business Unit - Retail & Distribution, Sundaram Infotech Solutions Limited

There is nothing like Fear that stops these things. It is always the timing that pushes people automatically into using whatever is available.

For example, Mobile telephones has caught at once and thus the SMS campaigns etc. Everything fell in place at the same time, and people found it less cumbersome and fun to use it. Less cumber some means, anytime anywhere use without too many rules.

Internet is another example. E mail is another example. Google is another example. Where as, Amazon, E-bay things like that took some time and still they are just satisfactory but not as hot and popular as internet, e mail, SMS etc

So its all the right timing of somany variables that determine the success or failure of any new technology or any new development.

by shad , Marcom Head - North India, Dish TV India Limited  | 08 11 2009 07:51:34 +0000


As far as right time for everything is concerned. i totall agree with you as this phenomenon surely holds true for everything we do in life.

But when u talk abt mobile phones being immediately taken up in india?...well..i beg to differ here... if you phones were first time launched in india arround 1993-94.... now can u recall any SMS or IVR marketing or promotions campaign even 5 years later ? or even 7 8 years later?...its almost after a decade now that we see people talking abt mobile as NEW MEDIA for advertising and promotion.

While creating a media realy has to keep few parameters in mind and then select set of media vehicles....rather than using sms, or social sites or emails just becoz its an IN-THING these days to talk abt twitter, myspace, Facebook and

Few parameters:

1- whats the product/service?

2- who is your TG?

3- whats the price point of this product/service

4- who is going to influence purchase behavior and who will actually use it. (example: johnson & johnson's baby soap AD is targeted towards mothers, but used by infants)

5- what is the geography and demographics, where this product/service will be promoted and sold.

6- Wheather product is seasonal or annual in nature.

7- What is the expectations from your promotions?.. generating leads (pls contact if interested in mahindra holidays), actual  sale (buy at shopper's stop and get 20% discount on showing this sms), increasing awareness (polio drops).

Once u have got clear answers to above questions, then u can consider and select the most appropriat media vehicles..including the new media..

The above list is not exhaustive in nature....just few basic questions which should be kept in mind before creating a communication strategy.

by HIRAL R. RANDERI, Marketing Executive, WAAMALL(Waaree Group of Industries)  | 07 15 2009 12:19:47 +0000

Thats true, it is time & place for everything, moreover i would say right activity at right peak time can create wonders and just falling for what is hotcake might not be apt for a particular brand! as for example, WOM publicity is a great idea for marketing of hospitals, hotels or spa kind of services,on the other side traditional media mix is anytime hit for FMCG.. The product in infant stage, if been marketed by unconventional media then it might atleast succeed in grabbing attention and inspiring consumers to try their hands... So therez always function of demand and supply!

by Paresh.Khanchandani , FCD Business Manager, ExxonMobil Company India Private Ltd.  | 07 15 2009 05:08:41 +0000

I agree with your comment Mr. Kastury .

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Resistance to innovations

idea posted by aditya ghare Multimedia Designer & Developer, Final Edit

Anything new, and people tread with caution, it's age old tradition. Let somebody else buy it first, then I'll try it.

by Ramdas Pawar, Sales/BD Manager, Flex  | 08 07 2009 11:22:57 +0000

Yes you are right Mr. Aditya, whenever some new product comes into the market, Indians first try to implement it on others,see reaction and then decide whether to take or not. Also, after the last recession, people are a bit concerned now. This is the reason marketers are not adapting emerging media.

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idea posted by Makrand Bhave AGM - Corporate Business, E18, part of Network 18 Group

What happens is that people know and understand that a brand can be built on the basis of communication on e media!! TV, Print, Ground are traditional. Social media is yet to be exploited to its fullest and viral in India!! So what really happens is that the top of the mind recall is for the media immediately available. 

Ememrging media is still to prove itself. WOM (which is my fav tooo Himanshu!) is still to catch on. It has to be proven beyond any emotional doubt here. India survives purely on emotion and protection of values... SO its going to be a time consuming process....


by Makrand Bhave, AGM - Corporate Business, E18, part of Network 18 Group  | 07 18 2009 17:51:34 +0000

What is surprising is that we are not aware or we are not tuned to what Social Media can do at all!!

by Jayant Vishnu, Art Director/Sr Art Director, Creative  | 07 15 2009 05:40:57 +0000

I support to the words of Makrand. Marketers do not prefer using emerging media because...
Social media takes time and investment.

What marketers don't understand is that social media is not search. It is not something you should try in lieu of a decent SEM strategy. If anything, social media should complement it.

Another problem of social media is that it may be compelling to focus on a social media site that aligns mostly with your interests, but if it isn't a heavily-trafficked site, your efforts will probably not meet your satisfaction.Social sites are way to go because you can really drill down to your wants and needs and get served (and serve) pages that fit in with your interests. And if you're an active participant, people will become your friend which makes it a lot easier to network.

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WHY new?..have u fully explored existing?

idea posted by shad Marcom Head - North India, Dish TV India Limited

WINNERS DON'T DO DIFFERENT THINGS, THEY DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY.. Probably one of the few quotes i liked by Shiv Khera and strongly believe in the same.

In a country like india, with 100s of languages, 1000s of dialects, 1000's of newspapers,  umpteen different cultures and traditions with billion+ population..why do you actually have to explore the unknown territory of new/emerging/digital media?

From my own experienced of working in india as well as abroad, i have seen onething that even in traditional media, we are still quite far away from catching up with west and even east also. Our eye for idea is excellent, but we lag behind in quality of execution.

Those who have travelled to Europe or China, or Hongkong or US and have some eye for detail, can recall how as simple as media like outdoor is used abroad. People in india including the media owners as well as media buyers just have no clue about the extent to which the outdoor media can be exploited. We keep staring at those cliche pole kiosk, unipoles, hoardings, bus shelters, gantries all over the place.  The idea is, how to used it more innovatively!

Marketeers have just stopped thinking about HOW TO USE THE EXISTING VEHICLES DIFFERENTLY. Simple thing is to propose a new media, social site, blog, sms, IVR etc..since the senior mangts itself has never used it earlier, tha agencies have also not tested the waters previously,,hence suddenly brand manager becomes a hero, because he has proposed a NEW IDEA :-)... Experiementation is surely good and marketeers job is to keep thinking of innovations, ideas, new plans, new activities...But why not think of existing stuff and take it to next level?. Same goes with Radio as well as Print and TV too.

Very recently we have just started using our grey cells a bit more and hence have seen some very good innovations on the outdoor front as well as print and TV. Brands like Vodafone, Mountain Dew, Seagrams, Ried Taylor etc have done some very nice stuff even on traditional media.

The way ZOOZOO swept the market with its IDEA is truly fascinating.It first created buzz through TV only and then it was taken to other media vehicles. Imagine if zoozoo wudve been initially promoted through blogs and portals, will it had created similar amount of buzz and in wide variety of SECs!

The selection of correct media, along with sequence and timing of launch..all these put together in right quantity and combination create a success story.

In these times when budgets are getting squeezed, bottomlines are getting thinner and earnings are severely under pressure it may not be very good idea to explore something new.

And end of the day, i would say, why to struggle so hard to target less than 20% of indian population through these internet mediums...there is 80% population waiting to be heard through more easier and cheaper modes of communication!.

So many brands including vodafone, HUL, IFFCO, and many others are vouching that next big marketing stories will come out of BHARAT (rural india)..but till that, most of them are still struggling to get in terms with that segment. And thats a real challenge! THINK THINK THINK...AND THINK HARD....thats only means to achieve success for marketeers! JAI HO!!

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Let the right time come

idea posted by Rohini Kaushal HR Executive, Etech, Inc pvt ltd


I have read views posted by my friends here. I do agree with you but my point is that let the right time come.

To adopt any new techniques one should have proper knowledge of it..And if our customers are not able to understand this hi-tech advertising stuff then how can any organization take such a big step which can lead to a great loss......

First of all we need to make our people understand about these techniques.

And more over, we know that in India still around 70% population is rural population and they need time to get familiar to these techniques.

So, we should give them time and should wait for the right time to make the move.




by sakil vhora /, Technical Recruiter  | 08 11 2009 13:08:06 +0000

you're right

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We grow but slowly!

idea posted by Shiuli Mukherji Head Strategy Plan- , Region SEA


The incubation period for new ideas in India is super duper slow.

In India, every-thing takes time to happen. Particularly any innovation, so the new media which is already prevalent in other countries will come to India when the multinationals will dictate terms and conditions.

by Himanshu Pathak, Sr/Principal Coresspondent, Coresspondent  | 07 16 2009 14:07:09 +0000

Totally agree with you here shiuli, i mean here people to accept or to get accustomed to change takes a lot of time, and if something new is there people don't go for it rather they will stick to the old ones and in this way everything is happening slow even the growth for that matter.

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Critical mass is an issue.

idea posted by Amita Srivastava Yakhmi Media Consultant, Lodestar Universal - Media division of DraftFCB Ulka

All emerging media is yet to attain critical mass.

Currently, only the traditional media - TV, Print, Radio, Outdoor (Billboards etc), Cinema, Internet is able to reach a big chunk of people. All other media (clubbing as 'emergent media') reaches small parts of the audience. They are important parts but yet when we look at our traditional advertisers - the big spenders, they need to reach MASS junta audience... which emergent media cannot do yet... and that is the reason for the low adoption rate.

A lot of advertisers earmark some money for "innovation" - agencies try and use new media but for any emergent media to reach critical mass takes time. Online advertising has only now come of age in India - infact all industry fora still discuss how to improve it!

So it will take a bit of time before other emergent media picks up too!

PS - I am assuming here that target audience fit etc is all hygiene level planning.

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Lack of Data measurement, Partnership, and Experience

idea posted by Shahnawaz Islam PR & Media Relations Manager, National Institute of Smart Governance

Speaking from experience, the following would be the reasons for marketers not adopting emerging media:


  1. Data measurement: If any media is just emerging then the data would be lacking in comparison to data for exisiting media which would be running into several years and even decades allowing one to make trend analysis and understand how reach was achieved in past, and how impact was maintained/improved
  2. Partnership: The media owners of existing media companies have relations and partnership which can be utilized to ensure that marketers and media planners keep favoring them
  3. Experience: Marketers would fall back on their experience while making plans and since they have no experience of emerging media they would be hesitant
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