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IT Services - Healthcare

Started by : Vaibhav Saxena, PM, Infosys   12 11 2008 10:28:31 +0000
Industry : HospitalsFunctional Area : New Technologies(Technology)
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As the healthcare provider sector is the world's most advanced sector scientifically and technologically, but the industry is seeing major changes, with IT at the center of the change that is taking place, which is enabling significant information-access improvements. The industry finds itself under heavy force today, the health care providers are having complex challenges which is threatening the industry.  So what are those challenges?? Do give me your views....

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1 Clinical issues
2 ' Educating the Populations ' to prevent various Diseases is the biggest challenge of HEALTH CARE
3 Technological Challenges
4 Shortage of physicians in rural areas

Clinical issues

idea posted by Sudeep Tarafdar Senior Consultant, IBM
There is so much of lack of quality in this field, Inefficiency and lack of quality, Stakeholders seeking quality and costs reduction, Care coordination across multiple venues, Clinical capacity and labor shortage, Providers seeking efficiency through clinical automation with all these challenges with the health care industry it is difficult times and to add there is financial crisis which is affecting one and all..........
by Lalit Jaswal, Dental Surgeon, Jaswal Dental Clinic  | 03 13 2010 16:51:39 +0000

Sudeep , congrats and thanks for putting down your viewpoint briefly.

Dear Lets imagine its 20:32hrs, you working hard for a project - about to finish- suddenly something bad happens- let me know what can you do if your system (computer) breakdowns and you need to complete your project without leaving your office and that too in five minutes and you had got a new job to be  completed by the next day.

Fare Quality Health services are available and can be utilized by each and every individual of our country. Health Care Providers do need new technologies that is why emerging areas of science and technologies are working for?

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' Educating the Populations ' to prevent various Diseases is the biggest challenge of HEALTH CARE

idea posted by Lalit Jaswal Dental Surgeon, Jaswal Dental Clinic

Biggest challenge to improve the overall health of an individual is to :

1. Educate him/her about a disease .

2. Instruct him/her to :

                             * prevent it

                             * get it diagnosed early 

                             * get the treatment done ; primary , secondary, tertiary.

3. Motivating the regarding all this.

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Technological Challenges

idea posted by Vaibhav Saxena PM, Infosys
According to me this is the major challenge faced by the healthcare industry, where disparate legacy systems and outdated infrastructure inhibits business agility in reacting to the current challenges, and stringent and constantly changing regulatory compliance needs are further increasing the cost of owning these legacy systems..So this is one such factor that is affecting the health care industry...
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Shortage of physicians in rural areas

idea posted by Ratnakar Naik General Practitioner, Apollo Group

I believe that this is the important challange in delievering better healthcare to public. The country graduates about 27,000 doctors each year but most of them wants to work in major cities. Doctors are not ready to work in the rural and remote areas of the country. More than 75% of Indian doctors are based in cities, whereas about 70% of patients in thie country are in villages.

by Lalit Jaswal, Dental Surgeon, Jaswal Dental Clinic  | 03 13 2010 16:04:11 +0000

Lack of Public & private health care professionals in rural areas is a big challange for health care industry.

Condition is seriously getting worse in rural areas , they are always referred to a big hospital (miles away)

for secondary and tertiary care.

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