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Started by : Sanjay Saha, Product/Brand Manager, Dr Reddy Labs   12 22 2009 12:38:04 +0000
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As one of the user had created a debate on toostep on the lines of should organ trade be legalized or not? But then Organ trade is not as simple as one talks there are many complications which will be involved, there in the debate many had suggested it will be difficult to implement in a country like India. And also there are many downsides to it, where after transplanting an organ, then later on patient will have problem with compatibility with the donated organ and faces problems.

Though in many countries Organ trade is legalized not many have found satisfactory results, though India is lobbying for leagalization in this process, I would like ask users here that, what are the potential downsides of Organ donation? Please do share your views.

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1 Balancing Need and Risk
2 chances of organised racketeering going up
3 Risk of infection

Balancing Need and Risk

idea posted by Bindu Narayan Product Development Manager, Care Biomedicals

I was the one who had created should organ trade be legalized? debate,  though Organ transplants is the need of the hour to save many lives across the world, but then as you have said there is also potential downsides to it, as there is a growing dilemma of how to balance the need for organs and tissues against the risks of contracting a potentially fatal disease or infection from the donor. Lately I had been to US for an assignment and in US itself there are close to 30,000 organ transplants that happen in the U.S. each year, and with medical advancements it is possible to transplant hands, faces and intestines. Live donors may now give portions of a lung, liver or pancreas, in addition to providing kidneys.  But then still, about 9,000 people in the U.S. die each year waiting for an organ. And with an ever-expanding waiting list of patients in need, transplant centers are more often accepting deceased donors with high-risk behavioral and social profiles, such as IV drug users also. Moreover, with difficulties to match sick patients with organs, time is often short, increasing the potential for missing a potentially transmissible disease. While organ donors are screened for certain diseases, such as hepatitis C and HIV, screening tests are costly and imperfect and don't cover every infectious disease. So, there has to be a balance between safety and availability, but right now all the emphasis is on availability and not safety, which is another downside to organ donation.  Thanks for the referral sanjay.

by Thyagarajan , QC executive  | 12 22 2009 17:50:42 +0000

Organ transplantation is otherwise  called giving a new life for the person who is going to die.It's a really great miracle in medical history even we can say they are next to god for saving a life.But at the same time due to this transplantation we should not give chances to negative side.Because there is a lot of sources which is ready to cause infections after transplantation to the recepient.Generally bacterial, fungal & viral infections may occur.
I studied in one book i.e., heart is tranplanted from baboon to 3years baby.But that baby survived for 2 days & died.Why I am saying this means, Organ transplantation is not the easiest thing to consider.If it is should be safe, then the important thing rules to be followed is, 1.Graft acceptance,2.Compatibility,3.Donor has to be test for all infectious diseases,4.Doctor should be specialised in particular transplantation.

Atlast ethics should be strictly followed.

Because nowadays poor people are ready to sell their organs for the money to survive.Even in that brokers are there to cheat the donors of poor people.See how world is travelling behind every good things.

I am not against to Organ transplantation but it should be maintained in proper manner.


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chances of organised racketeering going up

idea posted by dr ravindranath consultant , Indus associates

Organ donation, though apparently by donation, has an underbelly of criminal organised gangs operating and its a regular rackets, where even professional doctors, sell their souls, for the lucre of filthy money. Donation promoting foundations have doctor owners as trustees, so, you can imagine the gamut of end user himself promoting donation and pocketing a hefty sum in the process!! So, in Indian conditions, caution  is paramount.

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Risk of infection

idea posted by Sanjay Saha Product/Brand Manager, Dr Reddy Labs

Though many times organ donation saves lives, but then with the growing demand of organ transplants and tissues, and there were concerns about the risk of disease transmission, including deadly bacterial infections and viruses, tuberculosis, rabies, parasites and even cancers at times. Some experts are calling for better testing and tracking of organ donors in order to limit the number of infections, though others warn that this could have the effect of delaying transplants which is producing false-positive results that would eliminate safe organs and adding costs to the health-care system.

In an example recently, "Within three months of his kidney transplant last March at New York Presbyterian Hospital, Peter C. Platt was rehospitalized with serious infections that did not respond to treatment. And here the culprit was strongyloides, an intestinal parasite that had been found in the donated organ. And later he died on July 15, surrounded by his grieving family. So, many times this is the problem with Organ transplants, and there were other 2 patients who had received organs from that person and now are under the scanner of the hospital as they are facing problems now.  So this is one downside of Organ donation.  Would like to know what other downsides of Organ donation are.

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