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Topic : MIS & Business
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Started by : Leena Pawar, Tech Architect, IT Infotech   05 22 2010 07:08:34 +0000
Industry : IT ServicesFunctional Area : Management Information Services(Others)
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A management information system (MIS) is a system or process that provides the information necessary to manage an organization effectively. MIS and the information it generates are generally considered essential components of prudent and reasonable business decisions.

MIS is viewed and used at many levels by management. It should be supportive of the institution's longer term strategic goals and objectives. To the other extreme it is also those everyday financial accounting systems that are used to ensure basic control is maintained over financial recordkeeping activities.

So, what are the goals MIS must acieve in an organization??

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2 Enhance communication among employees.
3 Give Clear Picture on the operations of the Organisations!
4 Manage and Provide Information as Management Require
5 Should be able to provide a clear future path for the growth of the organization.
6 MIS is more of DSS


idea posted by Nitin M Aras Head/VP/GM-Tech. Support, ODTIN Food Solutions Pvt Ltd

MIS should be generated based on management level

01 At operational level for supervisors, operators and technicians for monitoring and controlling the actual action.

02 Middle management level for improvements

03 Top level menagement - that is Decision Support System - data should be extracted in such a way like graphical presentation of data so that top level can take proper decision.

In my opinion DSS is the most important part of the MIS, which is being ignored or legging in most of the organization

Appreciated Leena for generating such a good subject.

by NATTERAJA R. ARIKRISHNAN, GM-Projects, Bentec Electricals & Electronics Pvt. Ltd  | 06 15 2010 17:26:52 +0000

Thanks for the referral Mr.Nitin Ji.

I completely accept with your contributions.

by Anand Sekhar Popuri, Business Development Executive, Softpath System  | 05 29 2010 18:44:30 +0000

The ideal MIS software must have the features suggested by Nitin. This is because different individuals working at different positions in an organization will use the same databases for different purposes. As Nitin rightly says, the decision support function is being ignored or given too little importance in most organizations today.

by Abraham Paul, Senior Telecom Consultant, FCOMNET- Future Groups  | 05 26 2010 09:05:10 +0000

MIS as the term implies is mostly a manager's 'Decision Support System' as rightly explained by Mr. Nitin.

Usually there are many statistics generated in the organisation. Most of which are useful at operation  and  finance manager levels.  Only few precisesly imporatant parameters in simple graphical form are looked into by the top management on a day to day or consolidated in a weekly and/or monthly basis from which the unususal variations if any, positive or negative,  could be identfied and reasons looked into,  to arrive at management decisions.

To that extent we may say that one of the most important utitility of  MIS is its "Decision Support" both for Top Management as well as for the sectional managers.

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Enhance communication among employees.

idea posted by Leena Pawar Tech Architect, IT Infotech

The prime objective of an MIS in any organization should be to improve & facilitate a better & speedy communication process. Better communication will automatically enhance the efficiency of the employees & the organization will become productive.

Thus, the MIS should provide better medium for communication within the oprganization.

by Akash , International Marketing Shabro  | 02 19 2011 07:09:23 +0000

I agree with Leena. Communication is the main objective of MIS. Communication at all levels of the organisation.

by Renee: CEO Life Coach & Life Strategist, Owner, Company: CEO Life Coach  | 10 19 2010 15:22:18 +0000

It could be used as an aid in strategic decision making & enhancing communication among co-workers. Information systems exist to help people in business to achieve goals and objectives of that business. An MIS should be effective across all aspects of a business. An important point about MIS is to choose the correct system for the work to be handled. If a company does this, then an MIS system can play an invaluable role within a company.

~Clerical Business Solutions: The Clerical Business Solutions Company provides business consulting and business management support services. Specializing in strategic planning and strategic management.

by Madhuparna Das, Software Developer, KUSP  | 05 28 2010 17:09:27 +0000

well said

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Give Clear Picture on the operations of the Organisations!

idea posted by M. Prabhakar Rao Green Consultant: Green Buildings, LEED Certifications, GreenGuard, Energy Star, GreenCo Certifications, Energy Audits

MIS should give Clear Picture on the operations of the Organisations & Financials to enable the Decision Makers to take appropriate steps for improved performance.

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Manage and Provide Information as Management Require

idea posted by Amit Singh Negi MIS Executive , Sahara Prime City Limited


A information management through

–Communicating •1.  Planning –Goal setting –Environmental scanning –Forecasting –Data collection 

–1. Transaction processing:  Operational data
    processing •Examples:  Manufacturing systems, order processing, accounts receivable, payroll

–2. Management Reporting Systems: Produce
    reports for specific time periods; designed
    for managers responsible for specific
    functions in a firm. •Examples:  Departmental expense reports, performance reports 

–3. Decision Support Systems (DSS): Designed to support individual and collective decision making.

–4. Executive Information Systems (EIS): Support the work of senior executives (via themselves or an analysts) with access to company data and general information on the industry and economy. 

–5. Office Information Systems (OIS): Support and coordinate knowledge work in an office environment by handling documents and messages in a variety of forms- text, image, voice, multimedia, video, fax, etc 

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Should be able to provide a clear future path for the growth of the organization.


As MIS is created to cater to the needs of the company's growth, it should contain the updated and detailed analysis of the market data to provide a vision to the future. 

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MIS is more of DSS

idea posted by Srinivas suravajhala Asst. Manager.
MIS utility is basically as a Decision Support System. For a manager to take a prudent decision, the supporting programmes will have to be build. In this process different support systems for different hierarchies will have to be built. MIS built on sound track will be a boon for the organisation particularly for the management to take appropriate and timely decision.
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