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Topic : How to Prepare For GD-PI Topics
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Started by : Swapna Das, Assistant Professor, Govt. college   01 28 2009 11:35:20 +0000
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The MBA Personal Interview is actually tougher than the normal job interviews. In job interviews they actually need manpower so they don’t ask tough questions. But here you are being Shortlisted against the equally capable competitors so they are trying to find means Not To Select you. So there should be no mistakes in the Interview, but then making mistakes is a human habit and even with many precautions one will commit them, so what are the major mistakes that MBA aspirants will make in the PIs? Share them as this will help them to avoid such things..

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1 Stating Hobbies just for the sake of it!!!!!
2 Blaming others
3 Giving blunders like ill health

Stating Hobbies just for the sake of it!!!!!

idea posted by Arun Sarin Business Analyst, Oracle

People are so bad at this they just state hobbies in the resume just for the sake of it, they are not knowing like how they are falling in the pit with an interviewer with this.....OK so you enjoy cricket. Do you know the technical details of the game? How many members are there in the BCCI governing council? The IIM professors do not appreciate mere couch potatoes. Hobbies are not merely for adding spice to your CV. State only 2 hobbies and try to learn everything there is to that hobby. If not be damn sure this will not create a quite a good impression and your selection may get hampered

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Blaming others

idea posted by Swapna Das Assistant Professor, Govt. college

Blaming others in the sense blaming the college or the professors at the college for your low scores, According to me  one thing is for sure that you are the one who is always responsible for your grades. If you have low scores then don’t ever state that your teacher did not clarify the subject or rushed the topic. Do you think studies at IIM’s or any MBA institutes are designed to be studied in an easy relaxed spoon fed manner. Wrong the MBA curriculum is a real test of your abilities to stay awake and perform at your best. If you blame your teachers then you are out for sure ppl....

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Giving blunders like ill health

idea posted by Ramdas Pawar Sales/BD Manager, Flex

According to me in normal interviews i have seen ppl giving blunders like i was not well on that day, if exam days gives one a bad health, then how will one be able to achieve corporate profit targets? Unless if the person is actually physically handicapped one cannot be expected to fall ill under mysterious circumstances whenever pressure builds around them. Even if he/she is truly sick, atleast try to come out with some other reason for your lack of extra curricular activities or low scores.

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