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Construction Planning & Management

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Started by : Anjali Bhatia, Construction-Heavy, Sobha Developers   03 26 2010 10:32:37 +0000
Industry : ConstructionFunctional Area : India(Markets)
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Modernization and industrialization has paved a good way to the construction industry. Small towns and cities become more urbanized and , the construction sector too has got a boost. Irrespective of occasional slumps in the economy or in construction works, the sector is going through a faster growth. Apart from old / traditional urban/ industrial centres, new industrial/urban centres have appeared on the map where construction works are going on large scale.

Expanding and fast growing construction sector and, in general, lack of greater employment opportunity elsewhere has drawn large number of workers in this sector. There are more than 20 million of construction workers in India at present. Cities, like Delhi alone has around more than 600 thousand of them.

So, what are the problems faced by the construction workers in India??

Please share your views.....

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1 Lack of Safety Measures at Construction Site
2 lack of awareness and poor management
3 living condition is very much unhygienic
4 Dangerous Work Environment.
5 Treat construction workers as Emplyees.
6 Lack of oppurtunity of skill enhancement
7 No secured job
8 Chidren are other vulnerable cadre at construction site with a poor health
9 Unorganized
11 Enforce HSSE Plan
12 Mis-management
13 Lack of Stipulated Working Hours

Lack of Safety Measures at Construction Site

idea posted by Devinder Pal Singh Project Manager, AKS Group

many construction sites not follow the safety measures which is very dangerous for labour

by MOHAMED RIYAS, Mechanical Engineer-HVAC, 24 ASSURED MEP CONTRACTING  | 03 30 2010 06:46:02 +0000

lack of safety is the main promblem in our construction area

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lack of awareness and poor management

idea posted by palaninathan sundar Safety Officer/Manager, Greensafe Consultants

The ministry should come out with a plan for implementation and enforcement by the industry level then to the country level.

by Kunal Das, Sub Assistant Engineer, Public Works Directorate, Govt. of West Bengal  | 04 03 2010 18:49:09 +0000

in India we don't think about our labors at all... so i think this is the most basic  thing to think about

by Shivkamal Agrawal, Construction-Construction Management Sahara Prime city Ltd.  | 04 03 2010 05:31:11 +0000

Lack of awarness is always a reason for this problem which leads to other problems, if workers in construction field are aware then this problem can be avoided to great extent.  

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living condition is very much unhygienic

idea posted by Bansari Chawada MBBS student, SMIMER
living condition is very poor for them.they are not provided with basic safe requirements. no safe drinking water and self made 'kutcha' house made up with plastic and wooden. majority of time contractor dont provide facilities for bathroom and washing.workers used to go field for bathing and defecation wherever they get water.
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Dangerous Work Environment.

idea posted by Anjali Bhatia Construction-Heavy, Sobha Developers

The  working time and hours are not well regulated. They do not get overtime rates for excess work. They work under very hazardous conditions. The working conditions and the facilities provided at the sites are far from satisfactory. Safety conditions and measurers are hardly met.

In case of accident, there is, in general, no provision for financial and medical aid. It is up to the workers themselves to arrange for the treatment. There is no scheme like ESI coverage for them. In the extreme cases like death, no body owns the responsibility.

by Raghunath C B, Logistics Executive, AYOKI FABRICON PVT LTD  | 03 30 2010 07:57:01 +0000

Most of the time in urgencies there are compromises on the safety  provided to the Workers , as the focus gets shifted  to Project Completion within the deadline.Hence a labourer puts in his Extra to get that extra penny without any view on one's safety & if any Mishap occurs he would be not in a position to claim it . There is also a lack of proper awareness on safety measures from workers side.

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Treat construction workers as Emplyees.

idea posted by Mohammad Bakhsh Consultant(Civil), Rail Vikas Nigam Limited

A long ques of workers can now be seen every where.The recession or no recession,workers are to be employed.The condition of these workers in construction industries is very alarming.A single worker works more than a statutory requirement but he is never accorded a status of regular employee.if i am not wrong more than 60% of workers are composed of Uriah and Gujarati Mama Workers.They improvise their dwellings where they work.The sagacity and sincerity of these workers help in continuing construction activities.i am therefore of the opinion that Government of India must take initiative to create a common funds for their health,education,permanent dwellings.It is high time construction industries take the call and help the government to move creating the centralized fund..   

by Mohammad Bakhsh, Consultant(Civil), Rail Vikas Nigam Limited  | 04 04 2010 04:28:40 +0000

The data base of construction workers should be prepared.The centralized funds should be created and part of their earning with contribution from the contrators should be deposited.The funds should be utilized for health,education , provident funds and loan facilities.It is high time that theses workers should be empowered.Lest the the system treat them as fodders and create a class of untouchables.I therefore strongly support that they should treated as regular workers and should be given PF,DCRG, and pension benefits.

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Lack of oppurtunity of skill enhancement

idea posted by Biranchi Narayan Acharya AGM, Simplex Infrastructures Ltd

In India there is no institutionalised infrastructure to enhance the skills of construction workers. The abnormal growth in this sector coupled with skill enhancing institutions led to a poor quality workforce in India. Poogenerally skill generally affect the construction worker's destiny from all angle.

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No secured job

idea posted by N.E.Shivha sankhara Project Manager, Indian Green Grid Group Ltd

Despite the workers work in hazerdous condition, day and night, in all extreeme temperatures but without proper compensation, mean time no secured job, since the sector is unorganized

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Chidren are other vulnerable cadre at construction site with a poor health

idea posted by Bansari Chawada MBBS student, SMIMER
children of the workers used to migrate with them to diffrent sites of work in different cities and state. no one to take care of child while parents are working. child playing here and there and mostly taken care by elder sibling. most of the workers dont get leave with pay for any medical treatment. thats why children of workers are highly volnerable with incomplete immunisation and other unhygienic exposures.due to migration children dont get opportunity for schooling and their education also suffer.
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idea posted by Azhar Kazmi Professor, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals

The seeds of discontent may be in the nature of construction work itself. By its very nature, construction work is temporary, project-based and requires the workers to move around. This creates a situation where they cannot get organized as in the case of factory workers. With temporary nature of work, is the temporary nature of their living and other working conditions. The solution may lie in providing appropriate legal structures to protect the rights and interests of construction workers.

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idea posted by rakeshbhatnagar GM Projects., wig brothers india

We don't provide appropriate residing facilities to workers , no facilities are provided to their kids . No one cares about their living conditions or their problems.Even there is no facilities provided to female workers anywhere. Except this neither they are paid proper wages by their contractors and nor in time.

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Enforce HSSE Plan

idea posted by Chandramouli Sr. Manager - QS & Contracts

If at construction sites HSSE (Health, Safety, Security & Environmental) Plan implemented stictily, then there is a very significant change will come in the construction industry. It helps not only construction workers, it leads to professionalism in construction industry. 

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idea posted by S KUMAR Assistant Manager, Pvt. Construction Co.

1. Overtime work without payments for overtime;
2. Future work assurance (Work visibilty);
3. Safety equipments (PPEs, work practices)
4. Lack of incentives to improve (Lack of training opportunities)
5. Hygiene factors (provision of proper food/drinking water provisions during summer seasons)
6. Transportation to and back to work place
7. Non-regulated environment

* Labour forced to wear gum/safety boots at site. However, not wearing socks leads to cuts/bruises subsequently exposing them to water borne diseases.
* Labour forced to work atop a beam at +30.00m without restrictions from the Engineer in charge.

The problems associated with labour productivity / loyalty may not reach its peak if the above 7  points are rectified. Rather, there has to be a management of these 7 factors.

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Lack of Stipulated Working Hours

idea posted by Amit Vakharia VP-Projects, Ashar Realty Pvt Ltd

I belive that productivity and efficiency is a direct result of number of hors worked. Having said this, unlike the west, India belives in at least a 10 hour day to the minimum.  Workers face problems of working much more than 10 hours, in a disastrous working conditions with no safety checks.  This si the problem that a general construction worker faces.

India was never the corporate style which looks toprovide health care/insurace etc to const. workers or any labor for that matter. So no point dealing with that. Mindsets are framed to work hard and Long !!! If developers and contractors react to this fact of stipulting work hours, Indian Const worker would be far a different breed vs the rest of the world.


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idea posted by MOHAMED RIYAS Mechanical Engineer-HVAC, 24 ASSURED MEP CONTRACTING


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