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Topic : Trends in the FMCG Supply Chain
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Started by : himanshu gadkari, RETAIL STORE MANAGER(PUMA RETAIL LTD)   08 20 2009 08:19:33 +0000
Industry : Advertising/PR/MR/EventsFunctional Area : Communication(Sales & Marketing)
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We all know that the ways we are marketing have changed in the recent times than it was in the past.

We have seen sea change in the communication mix of the companies. The new emerging trends are like the m commerce, e commerce..

Please give your ideas on what are the recent trends in marketing..

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1 Internet
2 Electronic Media...
3 Mobile Marketing
4 'wrap advertising'
5 Buy 1 Get 4 Free
6 Social Media Marketing
7 Tryvertising
8 Products and Companies exhibiting Socio-moral affiliations.


idea posted by himanshu gadkari RETAIL STORE MANAGER(PUMA RETAIL LTD)

I believe that the marketing through internet, has incereased in the recent times. All the companies as well as the government has used the source of communication.

Even the filmstars and politicians have been using this source. I believ that with the inceresing use of internet this will gain popularity and will emerge as an important source of marketing.

by Murtuz Trivedi, MBA/PGDM student, Sir J High School Limbdi  | 04 10 2012 17:30:28 +0000

I strongly believe that , in recent trends of globalization we can't do anything without an internet. if we are using mobile commerce and all other transmission media Internet is required firstly. And in international market there is a one system RTGS for online payment, it helps to international dealers . RTGS stands for Real Time Gross Settlement.

by Ashis Kumar, senior engineer, 3i infotechconsultancy  | 07 17 2011 03:08:56 +0000

It is been found that the cost of internet advertisement is more reliable, cost effective and can communicate far better. The popularity of Facebook, Twitter and of course the new Google+ is doing its task for it.

by SHRIKANT MANOHAR DANKE, Zonal Manager / Sr. Project Manager ( Civil Engineering), Kumar Properties  | 12 18 2010 13:37:05 +0000

It is the latest talk for marketing.

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Electronic Media...

idea posted by Japan Shah Founder & Managing Director, JMS ADVISORY SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED

I believe that the Electronic media is playing a significant role in commnication in the recent times.

With the incerease in the viewership and reach of the channels to the villages with the help of DTH , the budget of the companies for the media have incereased.

Now we can see a product been advertised in a show, the channels are giving special shows to promote the products , also the recall value is more.

Moreover, we all know that iNDIA is a cricket crazy country and we have seen the ad revenues of the channels broadcasting the live matches goes up..

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Mobile Marketing

idea posted by Jayant Vishnu Art Director/Sr Art Director, Creative

Nowadays, Mobile Marketing is getting lot of attraction. Marketing on a mobile phone has become increasingly popular ever since the rise of SMS in the early 2000s in Europe and some parts of Asia when businesses started to collect mobile phone numbers and send off wanted (or unwanted) content.

Over the past few years SMS has become a legitimate advertising channel in some parts of the world. This is because unlike email over the public internet, the carriers who police their own networks have set guidelines and best practices for the mobile media industry (including mobile advertising). The IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and the Mobile Marketing Association, as well, have established guidelines and are evangelizing the use of the mobile channel for marketers. While this has been fruitful in developed regions such as North America, Western Europe and some other countries, mobile SPAM messages (SMS sent to mobile subscribers without a legitimate and explicit opt-in by the subscriber) remain an issue in many other parts or the world, partly due to the carriers selling their member databases to third parties.

by Jayendra Singh Chouhan, Marketing Manager, Dana Group  | 09 29 2009 22:02:38 +0000

No doubt about it !! Mobile adverts are goin to be the future trend in marketing. Specially with the onset of high end smart cell phones which support internet- which will by itself support networking sites. Cell phones will be the new handheld PCs of the on the move generation- which would be the largest target for all marketers - check out the high growth rate of the high end smart cell phone market.

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'wrap advertising'

idea posted by himanshu gadkari RETAIL STORE MANAGER(PUMA RETAIL LTD)

wrap advertisng is a new concept in recent trends of marketing... though wrap advertising is not that popular in india but in short time it is goin to be...(the advertising on the vehicles is called wrap advertising)

by Ankit Gandhi, Executive, Nrups Consultants LLP  | 08 21 2009 05:00:46 +0000

Yes, I agree with you that wrap advertising is now groeing  but i want  add one thing that with the wrap advertising combining it with digital advertising. Digital Advertising is somthing present video visuel and audio visuel. So, with the wrap advertising this concept is compatible.   

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Buy 1 Get 4 Free

idea posted by Vishal Goel BDM, Anand Gems and Jewellers

Now the TREND has taken a all together a new dimension saying buy 1 and get 4 free...

by himanshu gadkari, RETAIL STORE MANAGER(PUMA RETAIL LTD)  | 08 27 2009 07:01:32 +0000

what exactly you want to communicate...

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Social Media Marketing

idea posted by Anna George Web Analyst, NichePro Consulting LLC
Today, there is no other technology that is as viral as social media marketing. It is the most happening marketing trend of dis date. Social Media Marketing + SEO + PPC are really enough to brand your company to a large extend which no other marketing method can do with such a low expense. Regards, Anna George. Web Analyst, Nichepro Technologies, Banshankari, Bangalore.
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idea posted by Mohammadarif.A.Shaikh Consultant, My Learning Centre (CALORX)

Tryvertising is the concept used by the company to make there product more advertisement affective and profitable.

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Products and Companies exhibiting Socio-moral affiliations.

idea posted by T S Jyothiram CFO, Pacetel Communications

The trend of identifying the target audience/group, positioning the product etc would become in the future, secondary to how the company has stood for upholding the Social and Moral values.    A company merely wooing the customers in the name of brand, lifestyle etc would be beaten badly in about a couple of years from now.     Only those companies would play longer innings in business, which would identify itself with the concerns of the people at large, and position itself as being in business genuinely for the benefit of the society.    They will have to actively demonstrate their claim.  Only their product would sell - no matter what and whatever be their medium of advertising 

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idea posted by Makrand Bhave AGM - Corporate Business, E18, part of Network 18 Group

On any surface that reaches a consumer!! Vehicular advertising and advertising on bills, statements etc. You see brnads everywhere. But that really adds a good recall and actually serves to steer the person away form the figures that he dreads to see on his bills and / or statements!! ;))

Ankit you are quite right!! :))

Apart from this, mobile marketing is gathering shape but I find it quite ineffective, although innovative!! Social media... Twitter blogs, facebook groups... these trends are building up. And these will build strength in brands!! Good debate ..

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