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BattleGround for Sales Professionals

Started by : Mrigena Ray, Sales/BD Manager, IBM   11 09 2009 11:15:19 +0000
Industry : IT ProductsFunctional Area : B2B Sales(Sales & Marketing)
Keywords : skills sales manager
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As you all know, sales manager is the pillar for an organization and they are the person who have to lead a sales team. And because of that they have to play many important roles in an organization. So What are the skills needed for a Sales Manager?

Pls share your views..........

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1 Ability to plan for different market conditions.
2 All of Above
4 Develop and garner the skills of the sales team
5 Create new customer and retain old
6 Enthusiastic,Leader and Professional
7 Ability to manage & motivate the team
8 Fire in the belly
9 Sales Managers role
11 A Sales Manager should have both the theoritcal & Practical knowledge of Selling

Ability to plan for different market conditions.

idea posted by Mrigena Ray Sales/BD Manager, IBM

In my opinion a sales manager should be able to develop a comprehensive understanding of the factors affecting their company's products and should know how to ensure the right strategic approach is being applied at territory and regional level by all the team. He should have the ability to plan for different market conditions. 

by Angel , Freelancer, Freelancer  | 11 13 2009 08:20:01 +0000

selling anyhow definately will lead to wasting time on ALL; doing a strategic planning according to the market condition is the smart way of selling and easy to close too. The sales manager should draw a plan where market will reciprocate.

by K Mohan vinay, Sales/BD Manager-Derivatives, India Infoline  | 11 12 2009 04:30:12 +0000

Sales will not be same in all situations, in varies to different conditions. Agree...!!! Its very true. 

A successfull Sales manager must consider all different factors like market conditions, consumer behaviour( taste) and customer needs. Getting such sort of information sales can be made much simpler and can jobs get much easier. Following such sorts of strategic selling for different markets condition keeping in mind the prevailing affecting factors and applying some sort of dynamism, thus we can make a sales deal very successful.

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All of Above

idea posted by JOGINDER SINGH CHANDNANI MMS Student (IES MCRC, Bandra)

Sales Manager are generally responsible for:-

1) Training sales staff

2) Motivating staff

3) Setting & Achieving Targets

In 21st century where everybody wants to enjoy a piece of cake & to get an edge- it has extended to look after the Competitors product, Accountability, Employee Development.

Depending on the culture of the company and level of seniority within it, sales managers may also be involved with product development, identification of new business opportunities and the development of marketing strategies.

But according to me the true Sales Manager is a person who can get the heart share of consumer (market share in Corporate Lang) with their marketing skills & knowledge.

by Sheethal K, Business Development Manager  | 01 29 2011 09:32:17 +0000

@JOGINDER SINGH: Sales Manager have another responsibility to build their confident level to her or his kids like the team I meant to say... Keep them warm so that they need reach their target and boost them in a right way so that they get a proper and achievement in their targets untill unless he or she wont be encouraged their kids they wont grow in a right manner .. What say!!!!

by vikas goswami, Marketing Manager, mentors educational services  | 11 19 2009 08:56:16 +0000

good things follow by sales manager

by suhaschandra deshpande, Marketing Associate  | 11 18 2009 07:30:46 +0000

Great innovative thoughts

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idea posted by SUMEET DIKSHIT Real Estate Transactions & Advisory, Real Estate

Sell to those who want it & create need factor for 90% of those who don't want to buy initially.

by ranjansandeep , Business Development executive , Magnasoft  | 11 11 2009 04:53:22 +0000

well, we need to mirror ourself selling anyhow. we need to create a need for the client anyhow..thats the formula..

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Develop and garner the skills of the sales team

idea posted by Savita Dalvi Sales/BD Manager, IBM-Daksh

I think sales manager should be able to develop and garner the skills of the sales team. As sales manager heads a team that works in the field and interacts with the customers, it is important that he should be able to identify and develop the skills of sales team members.

by Ramesh Parakkat, Adisor/Projects, Freelancer  | 02 19 2010 15:15:24 +0000

A Sales Manager should be a team leader who is well versed with the Five stages of the selling format. 

The leader should be knowledgeable & through with all the aspects of selling technique like persuation selling , reference selling ,comparitive selling , selling on the USP and bulldoze selling in which case all the members of the team will recoganise , follow & train under him, which in turn will keep the teams motivational level and positive attitutes high.


by suhaschandra deshpande, Marketing Associate  | 11 18 2009 07:30:06 +0000

Good thoughts

by SHARATH CHANDAR REDDY, Business Development Manager - Insurance, I T C Ltd  | 11 12 2009 05:06:20 +0000

A Sales Manager needs to have (i) Leading, guiding, monitoring, coaching and empathising qualities (ii) Thorough knowledge of the Marketplace and Customers.

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Create new customer and retain old

idea posted by Mukul Bhartiya Head-Sales & Marketing(Organic Food Business), Arvind Ltd.

I think creating new customer base and retaining older ones summerises all what is expected from a Sales Manager.

by Sharad Kiyal, Financial Planning Advisor, Aviva Life Insurance  | 04 20 2011 11:36:44 +0000

I agree with you Mukul, can you suggest some ways to create new customer?

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Enthusiastic,Leader and Professional

idea posted by Virag Shah Confidential
Above mention 3 things covered all the acctivities like Team management, Team goal,Team motivation, Company - Team growth, Update Competitor Activities, Good Trainer, Planing and Execution strategy etc,
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Ability to manage & motivate the team

there are two different things in this , first is man management.....i mean the team which reports to you and second is how to get maximum out of need to motivate the team in all situation & how good you communicate with them will make difference.every individual is different so talk them differently , to become a great sales leader / manager one must learn to set example by leading / showing the ways to his team in reverse situation , once your team start believing you and they start working like team , you will ahve great time.
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Fire in the belly

idea posted by Sudipta Ghosh Area Executive
Along with te above mentioned skills a Sales Manager has to have the Fire in their Belly. The Sales manager has to be aggressive, Enthusiastic, Problem Solver for the team.
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Sales Managers role

idea posted by Roushan Lal Singh Business Development Manager, Oilcom Tanzania Limited
Sales Managers role: Propper Forecasting, Planing & Organizing all its available resources; Prooper Team Management; Should always act as a role model for its team; Obtain timely sales report from its subordinate and should always send its MIS report on time to its superior; above all he should be positive thinker and should have winning attitude. In total he should be good planner, organiser, director,team leader, co ordinator, Ruler, Bisector.
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idea posted by suhaschandra deshpande Marketing Associate


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A Sales Manager should have both the theoritcal & Practical knowledge of Selling

idea posted by Ramesh Parakkat Adisor/Projects, Freelancer

It is important that a Sales Manager develops a practical & also a theoritcal knowledge of selling so that he will be confident and positive during the 5 stages of selling of not only the product & services but also all the finer aspect of the selling proposition /ideas to his team as a leader.

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