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Topic : Hospital administration in india
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Started by : Sovan Maiti, Product Development Manager, Care Biomedicals   11 09 2009 10:23:48 +0000
Industry : HospitalsFunctional Area : Talent Management(People Management)
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Hospital administration is gaining importance after the entry of corporate hospitals into the healthcare industry. This is opening a new career path for many students who are interested in hospital administration. Lets discuss here the various skills required to become a hospital administrator. Share your ideas...

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1 People skills
2 Financial management skills
3 Process knowledge + Safety Awareness+ Management Skills
4 Practical business skills
5 2.process knowledge+safety awareness+management skills

People skills

idea posted by Sovan Maiti Product Development Manager, Care Biomedicals

In my opinion people skills is the most important quality required to be in the hospital administration. People-skills is a phrase used to describe someone who interacts positively with others at all levels. Administrators use people-skills along with an effective communication style to deal with issues in human resources, negotiation, and conflict resolution. Ability to interact positively with the Board of Directors/Trustees, the varied specialty physician groups, allied health care providers, paid staff in general, and the public is very essential.

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Financial management skills

idea posted by Sanjay Saha Product/Brand Manager, Dr Reddy Labs
As per my knowledge financial management skills are critical in hospital administration. The use of financial systems, computer applications, consolidation of services, and network development are needed to achieve positive outcomes and insure quality of care and optimal performance of all employees.
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Process knowledge + Safety Awareness+ Management Skills

idea posted by Ravindra Sharma Managing Consultant, CHEF-India

Knowledge of processes involved along with an eye and ear to hazard identification and safety management should be basic prerequisites. 

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Practical business skills

idea posted by Kaushik Dutta Product Development Manager, Biocon

Practical business skills are a strong asset for the hospital administrator. Being able to deal with concepts such as overhead, costs, charges, fund asset replacement, capital availability, joint ventures, and how group purchasing arrangements benefit the organization are often a requirement for effective administrators.

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2.process knowledge+safety awareness+management skills

idea posted by Dr.kulveer vikram singh MHA(hospital admin.) university of lucknow
an administrator must awared about safety of the patients through his managerial skills of planning , processing & coordination amongst all.he deals with the the whole entire hospital,so,he must be self awared about the new techs. & needs.
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