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Topic : Future models for Energy Creation
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Started by : Vineet Prakash, Sales/BD Manager, Tata Power   05 02 2009 05:23:50 +0000
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The burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas is now widely accepted to have a negative effect on the environment through the release of harmful carbon dioxide emissions.Gases such as carbondioxide,methane,nitrous oxide,hydrofluorocarbons are commonly referred to as 'greenhouse gases' as they are thought to contribute to global warning by collecting in the atmosphere and producing a 'blanket' which will not allow heat to escape. In order to halt and reverse this effect, many people agree that it is essential to minimise, or stop altogether, the use of fossil fuels to produce energy.So what do you think what are the alternatives to fossil fuels which will benefit the environment as a whole.

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1 Biofuels
2 Wind turbines
3 Hydrogen as a fuel
4 Hydrogen will be the fuel of the future
5 Reducing energy consumption


idea posted by BEENA AGARWAL Head/VP/GM-Corporate Planning/Strategy, ANADI HI TECH AGRO PVT LTD

Biofuels produced form seeds of various trees,used vegetable oils, palm oils,as well as from algae has got tremendous potential to replace fossil fuels....IF PRODUCED PROPERLY WITH FULL CONCRETE PLANNING.

by Ravindra Sharma, Managing Consultant, CHEF-India  | 04 06 2010 07:39:50 +0000

This as well provides man friendly manure and saves from harms created through urea factories.

by BEENA AGARWAL, Head/VP/GM-Corporate Planning/Strategy, ANADI HI TECH AGRO PVT LTD  | 05 05 2009 12:17:55 +0000

Biofuel production depends on plantation of crop(Biofuel producing crop) in huge area which are wastelends or boundaries of fields ,farmhouses ,mills factories etc, so concrete planning here means to take a strong planning so that many companies come ahead with the production along with government houses like NOVOD etc. , so that constant production of biofuel can be achieved with full success till the end.

by Prakash Saitwal, Technical Support Manager, Aditya Birla Management Corporation P. Ltd.  | 05 05 2009 09:52:09 +0000

Request to give more details of "Full Concrete Planning".

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Wind turbines

idea posted by Vineet Prakash Sales/BD Manager, Tata Power

I think one alternative to fossil fuels can be Wind Turbines which are a viable source of energy, although they often meet with opposition due to the noise they emit. Plans for sizeable offshore wind farms should get underway and will contribute significant amounts of energy to the national grid.This will defintely help the environment as it will not emit harmful gases to the environment unlike fossl fuels such as coal & gas.

by abhishek paul, Designer Trainee, pennar industries ltd., patancheru, medak dist., hyderabad  | 04 10 2010 04:21:58 +0000

yes i totally agree with u because bio-diesel can replace diesel but to produce enregy from bio-diesel we need combustion which doesnot solve global warming and will keep on polluting the atmosphere, also hydrogen extraction is easy but to produce enregy from hydrogen is costly. we can extract energy from hydrogen either by nuclear fusion which takes place in sun or by bacon cell used in appolo-11. so the most economical source of energy is wind power

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Hydrogen as a fuel

idea posted by Prakash Saitwal Technical Support Manager, Aditya Birla Management Corporation P. Ltd.

In this technology, water is cracked to get Hydrogen, which is used as a fuel. This cracking process also produced distilled water, which may be used as potable water.

This technology is available and was used in Apollo-13 spacecraft on moon expedition. The constraint of this process is a very high process cost. I understand that, scientists are doing research to bring down the process cost.

If the cost of this process comes in viable limits, this will be a formidable alternative to Fossil fuels. It will bring about technology revolution

by anup bagla, M.Phil student @ AHRD and Consultant / Specialist - Process & Environment, Energy Conservation & Sustainability, Stanley Consultants I P Ltd. (On Assignment basis)  | 05 05 2009 17:41:49 +0000

My vote is for Hydrogen which is projected as the fuel of the future ... and yes like renewable energy resources such as Solar etc, the cost needs to be brought down and the processing cost made economically viable and as my friend Prakash said the research is already on and the references are given for your perusal, please write to me if you have any Qs ... !

References :
EERE: Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Infrastructure Technologies Program ...Mar 17, 2009 ... Includes educational resources on the role of hydrogen in meeting future energy needs. From US Department of
Ultra-dense deuterium may be the nuclear fuel of the future“One important justification for our research is that ultra-dense deuterium may be a very efficient fuel in laser driven nuclear fusion. ...
Hydrogen ( 7-Dec-2008)Hydrogen can be used as a motor fuel, whereas neither nuclear nor solar energy ... A hydrogen fuel tank will have three times the size of a gasoline tank.
Princeton to receive $20 million to establish Energy Frontier ...They will focus on developing more efficient fuel cells for generating electricity and machines known as "electrolyzers" that generate hydrogen from water ...
Research and Markets: Modeling and Control of Fuel Cells ...Next, it provides coverage of power deregulation and distributed generation (DG), DG types, fuel cell dgs, and the hydrogen economy.
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Hydrogen will be the fuel of the future

idea posted by S.Chandrasekhar DGM

I believe that Hydrogen will be the fuel of the future. Solar Energy can be effectively used to produce hydrogen.

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Reducing energy consumption

idea posted by Rahul Shrivastava Environment specialist, ENMAX Corporation

There is no alternative to fossil fuels that can solve the social problems in economical manner and in our life time. Yes, these fuels have environmental issues but so do the alternatives.

Biofuels only solve one problem of ghgs but then they creat several other environmental problems. They emit harmful air emissions in higher quantity as we need to burn huge amount of biofuel to get the same amount of energy. They also require huge amount of fresh water which is a big issue particularly in India where the fresh water resources are fast depleting.

Wind energy though has immidiate environmental benefits but it long term it can change the downstream landscape. Wind slows down due to large number of turbines and the down wind area gets less wind and less heat exchange/evaporation. Since this is fairly new fields no conclusive study has been performed yet on this issue.

Solar is expensive and it also has very low output per unit of cost.

The best solution is to improve the energy efficiencies in our existing systems. By one estimate, if we improve the envergy efficiency to 90% from avg. 30-40 %, we will have surplus of energy and don't have to add any new plants and transmission lines. Which means saving social cost that comes out of our tax money.


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