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Started by : Deepti Kulkarni, HR Manager, Con-Air Equipments Pvt Ltd   02 18 2010 10:48:15 +0000
Industry : Human Resources (HR) ConsultingFunctional Area : India(Markets)
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I think that many of us have an opinion that retirement age is or shd be  58 or 50 & above, but now a days trend is changing ...many seasoned professionals [ VPS. MDS, people @ mgmt / Leadership ] want to retire from their profession at early stage/age [ may be in in their mid forties] & want to enjoy their life by giving quality time to their family, society or for themselves [ to pursue any hobby or to travel world etc] so in this case i think one needs to consider his/her financial planning, budget + major expenses/ predictable damages after retirement seriously & start saving & investing more in real estate, gold, ULIPS, equity which can yield grater in future  in order to maintain their lifestyle which they are comfortably leading or become habitual of..

so frenz what do u think when or @ what age one should opt for a retirement.......

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1 One's Own Decision
2 retirement form profession & not from life
3 Depends on Individual Capacity but to be restricted to Age - 60 Years
4 Till one can work well
5 well as per many company norm it is 58 or 60

One's Own Decision

idea posted by Kriti Das HR Manager, ANZ Information Technology

I believe, many among us have an idea of ideal retirement age. Figuring out the right time to retire is not an easy decision. We could make detailed retirement plans and work those plans hard for 20 years only to fall victim to health problems that might cut our retirement years short. We all want to live a full and rewarding life in retirement. So by considering few factors, like how much we have saved and how much we plan to spend, one can determine his/her retirement age.

by Prassan Kumar Sharma, Proprietor, and, Content/Technical Writer, Pine Tree Soft Solutions  | 02 21 2010 21:46:14 +0000

I absolutely believe that no retirement age is necessary in a way that eliminates use of the gathered experience and knowledge and would also agree to the Kirti Das that 20 years later for most of us health might become a challenge. But at the same time can we ignore the fact that till the next gen is not ready to take charge of their own responsibilities post their education, we would be their source for funding as every one might not have that kind of corpus to support them in their retirement years. So till than I believe one would have to continue with a active career. Post that one can engage him / herself with social enlightenment cause with the acquired skills and knowledge which would keep the schedule comfortably busy too though I believe knowledge and experience downloading is a ongoing process.

by RAMESH KANDADAI, Principal Consultant, ARM Consultants  | 02 19 2010 07:01:55 +0000

I believe that no retirement age is necessary. The way retirement is configured now eliminates any use of all the gathered experience and knowledge. At some point in one's career, say after one has about 25 years of experience, a person should be allowed the option to move in to an advisory and guiding role. This taps the gathered knowledge for use by the organization and also allows forward movement for the younger set who can actually do the job.

I recognize that it is an ideal situation that i am proposing but, worth while things usually come from good ideals!

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retirement form profession & not from life

idea posted by Deepti Kulkarni HR Manager, Con-Air Equipments Pvt Ltd


I think it is depending upon the person's economic background i.e. which income-strata he /she belongs to...still if proper financial planning is done, one can retire as per his/her own will.

As I want to devote 5 years from life to society/my India or to a social cause...I want to retire early ...however I need to earn a corpus to support my personal [ family] as well as social commitments so I think ideal age of retirement for me wd be 45....what say guys....

by G P Malviya, HM, K V Sangathan  | 05 07 2010 07:02:27 +0000

Retirement age of a person from service may be the binding of the rules and regulations of a department but it doesnot force an individual to retire from LIFE full of experiences, knowledge and problem solving ability in all the situations.

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Depends on Individual Capacity but to be restricted to Age - 60 Years

idea posted by Patodia Vinod Hariprasad Controller - VG Automotive, Eaton Industrial Systems P.Ltd
With the adoption of Western Culture and Change in the family size. It is always advisable to have retirement age of 60 years. As after continuous working, when a person become idle at early stage has to face many challenges.
by Azhar Kazmi, Professor, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals  | 03 08 2010 21:16:06 +0000

60 should be ok in India as it will provide a chance for younger people to enter the workforce. Besides 60 is a nice age to stop working monetarily and start working for enjoyment and satisfaction alone. No harm in working till one can work but not necessarily in a formal position.

by Nasrullah K. Japanwala, General Manager, Gargash  | 03 08 2010 21:05:25 +0000

60 should be the retirement age as this will benefit the individual have time with his family after that and be in a position to pursue his or her passions apart from work.  It will also give the younger people to come up faster with new and fresh ideas for the growth of the company

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Till one can work well

idea posted by KUMAR SAURABH JHA HR Manager

One may work mentally or ophisically or both.

Youngsters work physically and older people work mentally i.e, post retirement.

I think people should be allowed to work as long as they can.Moreover you have your superiors to monitor the performances.

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well as per many company norm it is 58 or 60

idea posted by HEMANT VERMA Marketing and Branding, NAVNEET PUBLICATION INDIA LTD.
good question !!!!! well one need to ask same question to our politician.
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