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Topic : Business Strategy
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Marketing & Branding

Started by : sls , retail management, Fast Retailing   02 11 2011 03:26:48 +0000
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1 cater 60% of the area with F&B...

cater 60% of the area with F&B...

idea posted by sls retail management, Fast Retailing

Any idea / recommendation of new tenant mix in a revamp business commercial centre???

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Leading Recruitment Firm
Leading Recruitment Firm
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focusing here referring to the initial concept and how well a management team stick to the concept and run the whole show.
connecting to the mall and easy for shopper to reach also playing very important role here. suburban mall is growing more and more and ppl tend to travel short now and most mall develop keen to look land to develop submall rather than focusing on big...
agreed too but anyhow it take slowly to develop the trend...