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Rural Marketing

Started by : Amit Madhav, Senior Consultant, GKC   10 10 2008 14:27:06 +0000
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what kind of business can be successively establish in rural area than farming ?

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1 Diversified Business
2 Distribution Business
3 list of business ideas for rural India
4 sugar factories,livestock, milk, coldstorage

Diversified Business

idea posted by Amit Madhav Senior Consultant, GKC
The policy-makers would do well to remember that employment guarantee and poverty alleviation schemes cannot be regarded as long-term solutions for livelihood security and human development. These are, at best, temporary relief measures till such time as the real employment growth in the economy picks up. Along with increased expenditure on education and public health, a developing economy like India needs to pursue labour-intensive, or job-oriented, growth. In rural area business must beĀ  diversified into horticulture, dairying, fisheries and Argo-processing, this will result growth in rural employment would have sufficient to absorb the bulk of the growing labour force.
by ................... (Dr.) , ..  | 10 24 2008 17:48:46 +0000

Sir,I would also like to add that as the world is looking towards alternative sources of energy,we can encourage the rural areas for producing bio gas which can be produced commercially at the later stages.The rural areas can also be encouraged for carbon credit exchange with the government.We also need to empower the women of these areas so that they can take educated decisions related to health and education and provide vocational training to these women which will help them add to the family income.

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Distribution Business

idea posted by amit chaudhry Senior Consultant, IML
Well. Its a good question but u know now a days rural area is also well developed and well educated people are living there.Any business whether u want to start as a retailer or manufacturer you have to consider level of target customer.Another most important thing is in which state u want to start your business because for e.g.if u want to start in rural area of Maharashtra ,think twice.Its a very difficult in comparison to Gujarat.Rural area of Gujarat is well developed and income of people is high.So location u select is another factor.You can also choose distribution type of business like distribution of mobile or prepaid cards, etc.
by jayendra gandhi, Freelancer, Consumer Durables  | 08 14 2012 14:06:02 +0000

hi, I want to start in rural karnataka (north).

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list of business ideas for rural India

idea posted by manish ray Internet marketing trainer, Small business trainer and mentor-Bangalore
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sugar factories,livestock, milk, coldstorage

idea posted by pappu. vanamali Manager (Finance &Accounts), Nayaasugarcomplex ltd

ABOve buiseness can eagilyestablished and not only create rural emolyment but also check polution and profits are must .I prefer this should be established by co-operative sector then the results are better

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