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Started by : Rashmi Chawla, Cust. Service Manager, Leading Bank   05 28 2010 09:40:50 +0000
Industry : Asset ManagementFunctional Area : Money Deprivation(Others)
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Money is one of the most common topics in western culture. Almost any newspaper, book, movie or other form of collective information media is talking about it, in one form or another. Without any doubt, money has become an obsession of the western culture, one of the most materialistic culture in whole history.

Money seems to be the subtle engine that rules the modern world. It’s hard to find these days a single area in the western culture where money hasn’t been yet involved.

So, what leads to Money Deprivation??

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1 Improper goal setting
2 Absense of budgeting and unplanned reckless spending.
4 It is the "halusination" of the Westerns ... not Indians
5 Money does not last long
6 Wrong concepts about money
7 Separating Spirituality and Money

Improper goal setting

idea posted by Rashmi Chawla Cust. Service Manager, Leading Bank

If one doesn't have proper goal then it might lead to the feeling of money deprivation. It can become your illness, or your mental trouble, or it will just go from you in one big turn, and head towards other destination, when it will easily manifest into some specific form, that somebody else imagined. And it will do that because you didn’t found a use to it.

Most of the time, when money is accumulated without a specific goal, it will tend to manifest in spiral. Without a proper destination, that flow of energy will just want more of itself. This is why some people who have lots of money are still feeling deprived and want more.

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Absense of budgeting and unplanned reckless spending.

idea posted by PS Dhingra CEO & Vigilance & Transformation Management Consultant, Dhingra Group of Management & Educational Consultants

Proper upkeep of revenue and expenditure account, control of expenditure, proper budgeting and planned expenditure are quite necessary for any organization. In the absence of all or any one of these elements can lead to reckless expenditure leading to money deprivation.

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idea posted by Aditya Sharma Insurance Advisor/Analyst, LIC OF INDIA, ICICI LOMBARD

Yes it is as simple as that. Your income is less and your expenses are more this leads to money deprivation. So the solution is either decrease expenses or increase your income. There is a limit to decreasing your expenses. But there is no limit to increasing or trying to increase your income. So man concentrate on it. Don't get entangled into bombastic big words.

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It is the "halusination" of the Westerns ... not Indians

idea posted by ASOKE KUSARI Domestic Private Banking-Executive/Manager, A large leading PSU Bank - India

Money ... money.

Money is sweeter than honey. In the dyeing bed ... money, in the cremation ground .. money. What an 'Idea' of the Westerns ... Madamji.

But, these may not suit the Indians - we do not live for "money alone". Western culture is trying to be injected into the minds of Indians. But ... we are an old and great civilization.

We may not have 'money deprivation' situation. In warranted, we shall cut short of our budget. BUT ... wont live with credits ( this has led to the great Sub-prime crisis ...    in which country ? )

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Money does not last long

idea posted by G A Narayan VP - Marketing, KE Housing P. Ltd.

If one embarks on a study, it can be found out (that even in the case of very wealthy families) in most cases money doesn’t stay in the family for more than 3 generations. Some of the reason -


1. Improper education in Money Management and Money Values

                - Don’t worry, Making money runs in our blood

                - We are good at money management

                - We don’t have to learn business, it runs in our veins

                - You don’t have to make any more money, just take care (safely) of what we have earned

                - Don’t worry; we have enough money to last 7 generations; so just sit and eat

                  (He doesn’t know the power of 2. He has 2 kids who would get 2 kids who would get 2 and so

  on ….. i.e. 2-4-8-16-32-64-128 and so on. The 7th generation would have 128 descendents

  sharing the assets. Of course, he forgot the inflation factor, the in-fighting factor, etc.)

                - Why bother to learn, we can hire people to manage our money / assets

                - No need to start another business just manage the assets

                - No need for additional assets. Just manage the current assets

                  (Forgetting that there is a time to consolidate and a time for growth. But both must be there)

                -  Emotional upbringing – especially be self earned parents

                    a. I dint have this, so let my kids enjoy this (nurturing easy come easy go attitude)

                    b.  It is my money, so why should not my kids enjoy it (don’t know how to handle money)

                    c. O, they would learn about “how to handle money” when they grow up (irresponsibility)

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Wrong concepts about money

idea posted by G A Narayan VP - Marketing, KE Housing P. Ltd.

In many families (Especially in middle class south Indian families), more money is considered a taboo. They bring up kids with some of these typical statements


-          Money is the root cause of all evils

-          That is bad money (as though there is good money and bad money)

One should understand that Money is Money and there is no good money or bad money just as a knife is neither good nor bad. It is only in the hands of the person that makes a knife do good or bad things. A murderer would use it to kill and a surgeon would use it to save.

-          More money means more trouble

-          You cannot be happy if you are very rich

-          You would lose your sleep and peace if you are rich. You cannot sleep peacefully if you are rich

-          If you are rich, you would always have to worry about how to safeguard your wealth

-          There is no love and affection in the homes of very rich people

-          Poor families are filled with lots of love and affection and happiness (Spin off from movies)

-          First learn to handle more money and only then more money would come to you (now how is it possible to learn to handle more money when you don’t have more money)

-          We are middle class (or poor class or farmers or Brahmins or this or that). We cannot do business.

-          Doing business is very difficult. You need lots of investment.

-          Don’t burn your fingers trying business. (the advice must actually be – It is ok if you burn your fingers, because you would not repeat the same mistake. Failures are the stepping stones of success, etc.)

-          You need to do a lot of lying, cheating and other negative things to succeed in business.


All these and many more negative statements make a person very negative about wealth. Hence, as per the law of attraction, he / she would find it very difficult to attract wealth into their lives. 

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Separating Spirituality and Money

idea posted by G A Narayan VP - Marketing, KE Housing P. Ltd.

People consider spirituality and money to be poles apart. This has been one of the foundations of our culture. Consider statements like – “Where there is Swaraswathi  (Knowledge and wisdom), there would not be any money”. Now other statements are also fed into young minds – “Only Knowledge and wisdom gives happiness”, etc. Putting one and one together, the mind comprehends that knowledge and wisdom is required for happiness and money is an enemy of happiness since it does not come to people with knowledge and wisdom. Automatically it starts associating money with all things that are labeled as bad and evil.

With all the cheating and fraud “Swamijis” being portrayed in the media, it is no wonder that our subconscious mind associates richness with sin and fake spirituality. It would fail to conjoin wealth and spirituality.

Also, a person starts thinking “He goes in a car (He must have got the money to buy the car by some evil deed)” (Starts feeling jealous). Since his self labeled opinion about himself is “I am a very good guy. I am next to a saint. I have a straight ticket to heaven, etc., etc.”, his subconscious rejects the idea that he must own a car.  Hence he would never get the money to buy that car even though he desires for having one.

That’s why, they say that never have jealous feelings or any other negative feelings like resentment, etc. That’s why never have any feeling of guilt and always forgive and forget. It is said that forgiving is the greatest gift you give to yourself. 

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