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Started by : Isha Verma, Sales/BD Manager, Larsen & Toubro   02 01 2010 08:14:21 +0000
Industry : Industrial Products/Heavy MachineryFunctional Area : Business Policy(Strategy & Execution)
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To understand what waste management is all about, first we need to understand what waste is. Consumption which is  linked to per capita income, has a strong relationship with waste generation. As per capita income rises, more savings are spent on goods and services, especially when the transition is from a low income to a middle-income level. Urbanisation not only concentrates waste, but also raises generation rates since rural consumers consume less than urban ones.

And in a developing country like India, where consumptions is increasing with more purchasing power, even creation of waste is increasing like anything, not only from public, but also the initiative from the government side will become all the more important, but I don't think India is handling its waste in a good way apart from dumping it.

So, What should be the Government initiative in terms of waste management? Please share your views.

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1 The government should provide infrastructure.
2 Proper Infrastructure,Warehousing has to be provided by government
3 Assigning Contracted waste haulers
4 Pass a reward Law

The government should provide infrastructure.

idea posted by sujeet bhogle Freelancer, Freelancer

Managing the waste or in other words garbage & effulents & soild waste material generated in any manufacturing industry needs to be salvaged properly sothat it does not affect the environment. To do this we need lots of equipemtns, machines which may not be possible for enterprises to procure due to cost constraints. Moreover the additional capital cost of the unit due to waste management equipments, rises considerably & it adversely affect the profitability of the project. So i feel the government should bear the infrastructural cost of waste management equipments. The industry should only use it effectively. Means running cost to be paid by the industry.

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Proper Infrastructure,Warehousing has to be provided by government

idea posted by Shanmugasundaram CEO/MD/Director, Safnnite Solutions India Pvt.Ltd

Proper Infrastructure and Warehousing,Storing Facility has to be provided by the government.

Example...More than 50% Vegitables in India going to carbage as waste due to Improper storing and insufficient Storing places..In villages,villagers are Throwing vegitables ,,in cities always expensive. More over The Inflation in Food products are always high...

Some of the Industrial wastages can be recycled..But due to insufficient storing system,we are wasting.

To destray hazardous wastes also we dont hv proper system,,No control over the industries by government.

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Assigning Contracted waste haulers

idea posted by Isha Verma Sales/BD Manager, Larsen & Toubro

Government agencies can establish programs and regulations, which will help recycling companies in the reduction of their business costs. In particular, collection programs that make things easier for both the consumer and the recycling companies have greatly helped the waste management process. The trash will be collected by a contracted waste hauler at regularly scheduled times and reduce the major nuisance for waste management,ie. posing issues that impact safety, efficiency, available floor space, and even employee morale, as excess trash accumulates.

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Pass a reward Law

idea posted by Anjali Bhatia Construction-Heavy, Sobha Developers

In my opinion, Government should pass laws that will reward those who help the computer recycling and waste management processes, and punish those that are not cooperating in this process. There also can be some incentives for those consumers and companies that will participate in recycling programs, perhaps in the form of tax deductions.

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