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Topic : Environmental Pollution in India
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Started by : Sarika Singh, Assistant Professor, BIT   01 14 2010 05:27:55 +0000
Industry : Oil & GasFunctional Area : India(Markets)
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I am sure you have been to different cities of India. I don't want to blame any city but its a bitter truth that most of our country is polluted. Almost all the cities except Shillong are polluted. Our Country ranks among the top 10 polluted countries

So I want to know according to you people, which city in India is worst polluted and why?

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2 Isn't pollution level varying?
3 Venkataraman Rao,Consultant
4 Kolkata
5 Bangalore
idea posted by Sarika Singh Assistant Professor, BIT

Mumbai is suffering with poverty and pollution. It is centre of commercial, financial and entertainment centres of India and also famous for its movie centres. Because of all these, people from all over India came and settled in This city and population density grew to such an extent that Mumbai became the one of the top 10 polluted cities in the world.

by SARVESH KUMAR SINGH,,, final yr  | 01 15 2010 07:17:13 +0000

since frm childhood...i hav been along many cities...(such as delhi,chandigarh,patna,mussoorie n many)...i hav not gone to MUMBAI n presently i m in KOLKATA...but kolkata being metro city so its population obviously high...n seeing its population n comparing it wit the pollution it is far better ..n has upper hand frm mumbai wht i know frm statics of the mumbai has more reason to b populated and so the pollution as it attracts people frm small town due to its FILMNAGRI..n GLAMOUR..

taking all above into consideration mumbai is more polluted......

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Isn't pollution level varying?

idea posted by Azhar Kazmi Professor, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals

Since we get to see the pollution levels in major cities in India on TV networks I believe the pollution levels are varying every day. A long-term trend however could be there showing the more polluted cities. As per old information I can recall, Kanpur and Agra were considered the dirtiest cities in India owing to leather and foundry industries being located there. Air pollution is one aspect of pollution; water pollution is another aspect. For instance, Delhi seems to be shade better now with the CNG vehicles.

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Venkataraman Rao,Consultant

idea posted by Venkataraman Rao Sr.Manager, IAFL
Very difficult to control pollution with a rising population.We can try with good infrastructure in mass transport, levy on usage of cars in cities,clean energy such as wind,solar etc
by MAJETY CHANDRA SHEKHAR, Construction-Residential, SINDHU INFRATECH  | 01 20 2010 03:24:48 +0000

Yes, the idea of controlling pollution with raising population can be controlled in many ways.

1. car pooling

2. rapid mass transport system

3.good infrastructure.

4. use of solar energy

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idea posted by Kashif Billal Training & Induction Manager, H&M Hennes & Mauritz

Another Important and Polluted city of Modern India is Kolkata.

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idea posted by Ramita Gambhir Research Scientist, DRDO

Too much traffic!!!

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