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Started by : AKRAM ASLAM, Banquet Sales Executive/ Manager, A.B. Group of Hotels & Resorts   08 10 2009 23:37:19 +0000
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In this current scenario where both the tourism is booming what would you recommend as the factual reasons behind people travelling..??? What is that X factor whic motivates people to travel alot.. there maybe different perspectives to this issue like Quality, cheap prices, attractive offer, seking culture, adventure, medicnal, historical or any other..??

Do contribute your ideas and knowledge...... 

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1 Increase in disposable income and leisure time at hand.
2 Change / Relax yourself
4 Attractive Offers with Cheap prices
6 Visit Unexplored Places in India

Increase in disposable income and leisure time at hand.

idea posted by Vinoy Scaria James CEO/MD/Director, Guida Joy Hospitality & Management Solutions.

The tourism and travel industry is increasing in countries like India and the South East. It is largely due to the increase in the disposable income that an individual possesses as compared to the earlier days.

The recession ensured that the industry did suffer a bit in the western countries like the USA. This is an indicator that the growth in tourism is a direct indicator of the disposable income at hand.

The couples and families also got more time to spend relaxing as more families are turning into nuclear units than before. The responsibilities of the joint families are increasingly a thing of the past.

by Rathin Deb, Advisor and retail consultant, currently as Branch Manager, Tower Infotech Ltd  | 09 16 2011 03:48:26 +0000

Vinoy I agree with your viwes on the subject.

by Nihit Jain, HR - Generalist, Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation  | 01 03 2011 18:56:17 +0000

I agree to the statement of "C Nijagunaradhya" that I believe Nobody hates travelling. Its the best way to relax ourselves apart from our daily hectic routine work/shedule. Adding to this what Vinoy said is perfectly right. As one has to have money to travel and when you have that extra income, you are in a position to spend it for some amount of travel to fulfill your dream of seeing beautiful thing. In India thus if you see people will say "I want to see snow, i want to see clear water beach". Once in life time i want to travel abroad.

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Change / Relax yourself

idea posted by C Nijagunaradhya Civil Engg, B'lore

I believe Nobody hates travelling. Because everyone of us have some space in our mind for ADVENTURE. Its the best way to relax ourselves apart from our daily hectic routine work/shedule.

Also its always a great pleasure to increase our knowledge by knowing the culture, lifestyle ,.etc of others. 

by SHRIKANT MANOHAR DANKE, Zonal Manager / Sr. Project Manager ( Civil Engineering), Kumar Properties  | 12 16 2010 14:39:02 +0000

For a change from daily routine & some enjoyment.

by Nirmal Karan, Product/Brand Manager, KingfisherAirlines  | 08 11 2009 10:09:28 +0000

People like to travel. They want to see new places. They want to spend their time out of busy city life in the beauty of nature also are attracted to beautiful monuments, spots and places. Thats the reason they travel

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idea posted by Bhavesh Kumar contract management, Govt Sector

We the human being by nature are very curious. We always try to learn more and more and this nature has been one of the reasons for our evolution into this stage of civilisation.Now a days with the accessibility, and that too economically, to newer places we are enjoying the leisure period with tour to new places with the advantage of knowing them. There are so many informative sources about the potential destinations , a person can easily plan his tour as per his choice and interest with all the arrangements planned in advance. Who will not like to travel. Boom boom travel and tourism industry .


I think, many of you have given useful insights & perspective to the topic,but, my understanding is even if there is curiosity ( which was there since ancient times ! even before Marco Polo made the ' Silk Route ' !!! ), the number of people taking the initiative were less. Nowadays with the explosion of information availability added with the accessibility of destinations within a persons budget has tended to ' tip the scales ' to make the decision to travel. The very reason to travel, which could be for many reasons like leisure,or just a change of place/locale/or the environment,has been brought about due a need to get out of the stress,rat race ...etc !! So, in my conclusion it could be for a simple reason to have a peace of mind with an addition of contentment/adventure or plain relaxation of a harried mind !

by Shameena W., Admin Manager, Wizcraft Inc.  | 09 15 2011 09:08:05 +0000

I think Mr. Bhavesh comes closest to the feeling to travel. Curiosity about new places. The novelty one finds in places which we cannot find in his/her own attracts the person. However other points are equally important like disposable income, attractive offers and also note smart marketing.

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Attractive Offers with Cheap prices

idea posted by AKRAM ASLAM Banquet Sales Executive/ Manager, A.B. Group of Hotels & Resorts

Well i personally think that people are travelling because they get CHEAP DEALS with which they could visit new destinations and experience different things... and moreover they certainly have an advantage over other tourists as they pay much cheaper prices for the same destination though with low level of quality and services...


by Akhil Bahuguna, F&B Assistant, Oberoi Hotels & Resorts  | 08 11 2009 06:51:55 +0000

yes i completelly agree with sir but would like too add on one more point and its increasing work load on an indivisual which tends him/her from taking few dayz off from his/her regular routine because nowdayz apart from leisure traveller ,religious or educational traveller many coorporate travellers are also on a big move

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idea posted by Suman Kumari MBA/PGDM student, Banasthali University
I agree with Shameena maam, that other factors are also very important with 'awareness and curiosity about new place. Because, if one have no disposable income or leisure time with them the curiosity will never be platformed.. And one more thing, I would like to include in it, MOVIES also play a very vital role in increasing the tourism industry.
by Vinoy Scaria James, CEO/MD/Director, Guida Joy Hospitality & Management Solutions.  | 09 16 2011 04:33:15 +0000

Movies! Now that is great insight. Movies also play a great role. Like in earlier days, going to the big city of Mumbai was a dream because of the films, today the dream is of flying abroad.

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Visit Unexplored Places in India

idea posted by Ambica Reddy Test Enginner, Koham Technologies
I agree with u for 50% AKRAM ASLAM, Bcoz so many poeple will travel for the mind relaxation, To change environment, so many people will love travelling. But Many people are not thinking about the Unexplored Places in India
by Gopavaram Sri, SEO, STellarIP Solutions  | 04 16 2013 12:06:58 +0000

I support with u Ambica Reddy. So many tourist people are not knowing about Rural Tourism in India . There are many awesome attractions in the rural places in India.

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