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Started by : Veena Gupta, Analyst, Blackstone Group   08 31 2010 06:16:21 +0000
Industry : Hedge Funds/VCs/Private EquityFunctional Area : Getting Started(Entrepreneurship)
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There is no dearth of ideas in India, and we have potential entrepreneurs in the form of experienced middle management, serial entrepreneurs and first-generation ‘jugaadu’entrepreneurs. Globally, home-grown family-owned conglomerates and companies like Infosys have kept the Indian flag flying high.

But, how many Infosys’ has India been able to create in the last decade? How many Microsofts, Apples and Googles will India create in the next decade? Who makes the real capital gains from the growth of such companies? Barring a handful of Infosys, most examples of global-scale first-generation businesses are from an era long gone. Also, I have yet to come across a mass of middle-class Indians who have participated in the entire upside of these superstar stocks, from inception.

So, why are we not seeing the next entrepreneurial wave happening in India?

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1 Risk taking appetite is not there
2 We Must Believe in our Capabilities
3 Time is yet to come
4 Purple color and its effect.
6 B-Schools are producing Slaves
7 habit of comfortable life!!!!
8 india is still immature...but things will happen soon....

Risk taking appetite is not there

idea posted by Veena Gupta Analyst, Blackstone Group

To kick-start the next wave of entrepreneurship, we need to put our own capital to work,  money should be a means to improving our lives and not be an end in itself. Most Indians have believed in capital preservation and hence, have had to forsake a multiplier in the form of capital growth. Among high net worth Indians, wealth is passed down generationally. This creates a disparity between the rich and the poor, which only gets wider, while simultaneously curbing our overall risk-taking appetite. So, people should learn to take more risks.

by Santosh Kumar Mohanty, Civil Engineer-Municipal, Sambalpur University  | 09 06 2010 13:56:21 +0000

Easy going is hereditary in our life. The family and society will not allow you to take risk until you are very headstrong. The banks can play a major role in creating entrepreneurs and the managers should be credited who is able to create more entrepreneurs through his personal effort.

by Rathin Deb, Advisor and retail consultant, currently as Branch Manager, Tower Infotech Ltd  | 08 31 2010 09:19:58 +0000

A good idea Veena. The risk taking appettie is absent. What I feel under the circumstances a group of like minded Managers should float an organisation since I feel all most all the Managers's contribution to their present work profile is that of an enterprenure and in this case they will have to do it for themselves and will probably become an eyeopener for many such enterprises that will over a period of time will close the gap between rich and poor.

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We Must Believe in our Capabilities

idea posted by Dilip Kumar Pandey RF Engineer, Ericsson India Pvt. Ltd.

Dear Venna,Its true that no new entreprise has become a success story like Infosys Wipro but its not true that there is any lack of the last decade only around 40 new indian origin telecom companies have been launched and 80% of them are doing very well,in softawre segment also this the story....we have to understand that due to recession and market saturation in few segments these companies could not find the suitable atmosphere as Infosys,Wipro had.....we must believe in our capability i can say it because you can take the example of GTL, Airtel which have become  Telecom major globally in recession period itself...every plant needs a suitable atmosphere to more factor i would like to mention here is Indian govt policies which are quite supportive for software Industry but obstacles for many other Industries to grow eg Telecom.Agriculture,horticulture,fertiliser,mining

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Time is yet to come

idea posted by Tanmay Gaur Freelance Software Developer

In the era that we are Today, for any person with Entrepreneurial aptitude in India, find it more convenient to earn by serving the multinationals. That person is slowing reaching the point where he now knows what is required to turn the market. The new generation of this person will reap its benefits. Next Entrepreneurial wave is just around. I know a couple a people who are on a threshold of Entrepreneurial venture. I am sure, you know someone as well. Its just that threshold energy which is building up.

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Purple color and its effect.

idea posted by Mohammad Bakhsh Consultant(Civil), Rail Vikas Nigam Limited

Thanks Veena for referral.i find no idea other than the above one.The full energy in India is being utilized for promoting retails which are controlled and regulated by MNCs.The purple color significantly controls the psychic of a person to stay energetic within shell,once out, the person develops entrepreneurship .India is  awaiting the moment.

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idea posted by s.baalu Consultant, XYZ LTD

Veena,So many companies from various parts of the world are coming to India,because they have identified the various benefits like,opportunities to grow higher and faster,vast untapped potential,availability of various resources.WhenRolling out to other countries can be taken up later after encashing local potential. This being the situation what is  the necessity to go to other countries and allow other countries to grow in your own country?

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B-Schools are producing Slaves

idea posted by Raunak Jain MBA/PGDM student, Isb&m

I came across with thousand of students even we hav a batch of 360 here but only 2-3 of them want to start their own business else luking for a job in multinationals,all B-schools are not teaching Business they are placement agencies for MNC's they train them to how to do a job,Second lot is the engineering lot those people only focus on job so two big chunk of think tanks are diverted for slavery.

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habit of comfortable life!!!!

idea posted by Sahil Nitin Samant HR Associate , Cipla Ltd
Usually, todays days tendency of people is changed. There is limitation for a hard work in the minds people and since employers are getting higher salaries and nice facilities they are getting used to of this comfortable life.
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india is still immature...but things will happen soon....

idea posted by Zeeshan Akhtar B.Tech/B.E. student, United College of Engineering and Research

<p>...india is still developing...and i am sure people in colleges are serious about new technologies and research and confident in taking forward to their enterprise..It is just we were more following the west rather than thinking on our own. But things will happen soon ....and who knows may be me and my friends would create history soe day  :P..................</p>

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