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Topic : Future prospects of Online sales
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Started by : Namrata Pathak, Accounts Manager, American Express   10 27 2009 10:12:38 +0000
Industry : InternetFunctional Area : Digital marketing(Sales & Marketing)
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There is a boom in online sales and it is sure that it would move forward at a faster rate in future. Why do you think consumers will  prefer online sales in future?

Let us analyze. Pls share your views................

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1 Internet penetration
2 Busy life
3 Easy to work with

Internet penetration

idea posted by Namrata Pathak Accounts Manager, American Express

Internet has reached every where and people can get any thing sitting in front of computer. And there are also lots of online sales websites where people can get what ever they want. Customers can connect to  online shoppers from any where.This brings a good future for online sales.

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Busy life

idea posted by Renu Iyer Trading Manager, BPL

Majority of the people are now getting into some sort of job and are busy with their office and personal life. Most of the times they don't have time to go for shopping and they find it easy to purchase it online where they can get any time at any time.

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Easy to work with

idea posted by Sonam Kapoor Software Developer, IBM

Customers can get to know each and every details about the product right from his home. He need not keep on running up and down to the showroom, He can select from a variety of items and the product will be sent to his home whenever he gives the time. Because of all these reason, buying things online has become a very easy task which will become online sales very important in the future...

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