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Started by : Pratik Hazra, Project Lead, Motorola   02 24 2011 11:57:09 +0000
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Back in school days. When I used to buy a book it read "You just saved a tree!!" The book was made of sugarcane pulp. I felt so happy.. Today I log in to my Facebook account and see "You have an invitation for a cause" if i click to it it says "Save trees" followed by a long procedure of sending it to all other friends.. I am still figuring out that how does this save trees.. Does any one know the answer?? :) if yes then tell me ,, if no then please give your inputs on "Why you think such things like CAUSES exist"?? :)

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1 It sounds COOL
2 Fan club for causes
3 Just a way to raise your social quotient...

It sounds COOL

idea posted by Pratik Hazra Project Lead, Motorola

SAVE TREE .. doesn't that sound a cool thing to do?? It does.. So we all blindly just do it.. or say used to do it.. after all it has become an old trend!! I don't see any other reason for its existance....

by sudhakar , BUSINESS CONSULTANT  | 02 28 2011 16:30:56 +0000

Good. U KNOW THAT n.h.a.i is planting LILLY PLANTS on both sides to absorb carbon mono-oxide in the national highways. A good cause to b encouraged

by Rathin Deb, Advisor and retail consultant, currently as Branch Manager, Tower Infotech Ltd  | 02 25 2011 09:35:07 +0000

There is a lot of ambiguity in the statement. Actually no body knows what is going to happen when so many trees are falling every hour.

by SHRIKANT MANOHAR DANKE, Zonal Manager / Sr. Project Manager ( Civil Engineering), Kumar Properties  | 02 25 2011 05:57:33 +0000

It's a noble cause to join such community & a step further, if we contribute some of our time from our busy schedule to save the trees & will be the best gift for generations to come.

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Fan club for causes

idea posted by KALIYAMOORTHY PHSEM, CTCI Corporation

Social network can easily establish a "cause clubs" world over . For example, Girl child education, Poverty eradication, Abuses of women, Woman deserted by husbands, helpless children support etc. These groups can interact and work possibly with social organization available locally to achieve the aims of the group. It can be a monetary help or a physical help or even a moral support, in case an NGO mobilize its program

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Just a way to raise your social quotient...

idea posted by Jaygopal Raghavan Marketing Manager, Landmark Group
Nothing more to it. You are correct, it doesnt save anything other than move you up the social chain.
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