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By : Kishor V.R., Thought Space
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1) Join some classes. So are you interested in music, dance? Consider joining guitar classes, learn drums, piano. Or absolutely anything that interests you.


2) Learn to cook. Cooking can be fun and I mean it. I always love to get in the kitchen once in a while. Start with basic stuff like I did. Start with coffee, tea, omelets, maggi, dosa, chapathi, rice, dal, etc. Just in case you may have to live alone or you may have to make something delicious for that significant other/others.


I love to be self sufficient. I loved the time when my parents used to leave me alone at home and travel out of station. That is the time; I used to experiment in the kitchen and with things around the house.


3) If interested in sports or in taking up any hobby. Take cricket, tennis or football coaching, hip-hop, salsa or bharathanatyam. Take up new hobbies like pottery, craft making or try learning new languages. A new hobby added to my list and which you should include too. Practice graphotherapy.


4) Eat a lot of mangoes during summer. I used to live in a house in Mangalore where we had a mango tree. We used to have at least 500 – 800 mangoes plucked from that tree. I along with my brother and my cousin used to eat at least 20 – 30 mangoes per day.


5) Learn how to drive a two wheeler or a car. Start with a bicycle, a bike and then a car. I took my car driving lessons at the age of 14. It’s always good to learn anything early. However, it is never too late to learn also.


6) Watch movies. Well the movie you watch depends on your mood right? Go to a movie rental place. There are some movies I recommend and you will not regret watching it.


7) Go on a shopping spree. Buy yourself some pair of shoes, clothes, watches and lot of ice cream. Just get out of the house. Go to the malls or markets. Shop till you drop.


8) Read books. Reading books not only passes time but also gives you knowledge and improves vocabulary. Well, I can say that books are one of my favorite companions. Inculcate a habit of reading. The first novel I read was ‘Delhi is Too Far’ by Ruskin Bond.


9) Learn to use a computer and the internet. Well it will help you get in touch with those friends who have not been touch with you or been away from them for a long time. I started with playing PC games. I used to play a lot of games on my computer. Explore the information super highway and discover things you may not have known that existed.


10) Travel. I used to travel a lot during vacations. I used to travel from Mangalore to Bangalore, Mysore, Chennai, etc. Go out with your friends. I just loved to be on the move.

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HR Function Outsourcing and Management Company
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