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Topic : Leading and Managing People
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By : Ashok Wilfred George, CEO/MD/Director, Hero Mindmine
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We all “Talk the Talk”. We understand that we must introduce accountability into the organization if we have any hope of achieving our objectives. Yet, many companies struggle, some unknowingly, with this concept for many different reasons. Long term employees can become complacent, competencies can be limited, a free pass is sometimes given for a variety of reasons and the “Peter Principle” is still alive and in existence today; promoting people beyond their ability to perform.I believe that many employees, often the majority, understand the concept and want to be held accountable. But, what about those that don’t?
Here are some simple concepts that may help you “Walk the Walk”.
Make sure you have clearly defined job descriptions and put performance expectations in writing with measureable goals.
Demand that every supervisor invest a minimum of thirty minute a month discussing job performance with every one of their direct reports. Record this informal discussion on a 4 X 6 card and put it in a file. When it comes time for the annual performance review, you now have eleven documents--- informal performance discussions--- to guide you in completing the formal annual review. If you don’t do this, burn your annual reviews. They are worthless.
Do not accept incompetence, don’t give free passes. It can become cancerous and effect the entire organization. It is rare that you ever terminate an employee and other employees don't wonder what took you so long.
Practice and train supervisors on coaching and mentoring. Document all performance discussions. When an employee is struggling, do everything in your power to help them including additional or remedial training. Don’t neglect using probationary status as a tool to make sure the employee knows you are serious and provides an opportunity for them to turn things around but with a timeline of patience defined.
Make sure you have a good new employee orientation program. Consider having a new employee sponsor for each new employee for a 60 to 90 day period. Compensate this champion.

As a leader, you must demonstrate, by example, a low tolerance for mediocrity

6 comments on "Accountability --- The Secret Ingredient to Execution"
  Commented by  Kamal Prasoon, Admin/HR/Facilities Manager, Lectrotek Systems    | 08 21 2009 09:17:32 +0000
Good one
  Commented by  Nagpal Singh, Sales and Business Development, Babel Group of companies    | 08 18 2009 16:28:31 +0000
  Commented by  Devi Kaladeen, Audit Manager, Health Sector Development Unit    | 08 17 2009 03:33:20 +0000
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Nice article. Thanks for the referral Taranath.
  Commented by  varsha, technical manager(QMS)    | 08 16 2009 19:04:28 +0000
  Commented by  SB DIKSHIT, STATE QUALITY MONITOR, U.P.R.R.D.A    | 08 15 2009 11:48:18 +0000
  Commented by  taranath joshi, DGM Operations, EOL,    | 08 15 2009 10:50:31 +0000
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