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By : Dheeraj Kapoor, Head/VP/GM-Operations, Fujitsu Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.
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1.       Mission Statement2.       Goals and Objectives2.1.    Goals2.2.    Objectives2.3.    Critical success factors2.4.    Priorities3.       Business Operations3.1.    Hours of Operation3.2.    Holidays3.3.    Emergency Operating Procedures3.3.1. Disaster Recovery3.3.2. Business Recovery3.4.    Center Organization3.4.1. Organization Chart3.4.2. Functional Roles & Responsibilities3.4.3. Job Descriptions3.5.    Operations Management3.5.1. Quality Monitoring3.5.2. Reporting System3.5.3. Resource Forecasting & Deployment3.5.4. Coaching3.5.5. Counseling3.6.    Communications3.6.1. Feedback3.6.2. New Products, Policies, Procedures4.       Recruiting and Hiring4.1.    Recruiting4.1.1. Outside agencies4.1.2. Internal4.1.3. Skills Assessment4.1.4. Language4.2.    Hiring4.2.1. Hiring Profiles4.2.1.1.  Skill Requirements4.2.2. Interviews4.2.2.1.  Telephone Screening4.2.2.2.  On-Site Interviews5.       Training5.1.    New Employee Training5.1.1. Strategies & Philosophy5.1.2. Vision & Mission5.1.3. Business Conduct Policies5.1.4. Company Organization5.1.5. Partnership Organization5.1.6. Product Offerings5.1.7. Performance Standards5.1.8. Telephone Excellence5.1.9. Applications, Databases and Tools5.1.10.    Request Processes5.1.11.    Initial Certification5.2.    Ongoing Training5.2.1. Individual Development5.2.1.1.  Continuous Certification5.2.1.2.  Coaching and Counseling5.2.1.3.  Developmental Plans for Skills Improvement5.2.2. Team Meetings5.2.2.1.  Individual Recognition5.2.2.2.  Processes Improvement5.2.2.3.  New Product Announcements5.2.2.4.  Team Building5.2.3. Site Meetings5.2.3.1.  Communicate Future Events5.2.3.2.  Individual Recognition5.2.3.3.  Satisfaction Feedback on Issues5.2.3.4.  Performance of the Center5.2.4. New Products5.3.    Management Training5.3.1. Transition to First-line Management5.3.2. Delegation5.3.3. Communication5.3.4. Team Building5.3.5. Time Management5.3.6. Goal Setting5.3.7. Planning & Organization5.3.8. Motivation5.3.9. Coaching and Counseling5.3.10.    Performance Metrics5.3.11.    Reporting5.4.    Self Education6.       Processes6.1.    Process Responsibility6.1.1. Ownership6.2.    Request Process Design6.2.1. Mission6.2.2. Customers6.2.3. Measurements6.2.4. Documentation6.2.5. Call Scripting6.2.5.1.  Greeting6.2.5.2.  Information Gathering6.2.5.3.  Probing for Additional Needs or Transaction Opportunities6.2.5.4.  Identifying Resolutions6.2.5.5.  Communicate Resolution6.2.5.6.  Validate Customer Satisfaction6.2.5.7.  Database Documentation6.3.    Process Quality Feedback6.3.1. Customer Feedback6.3.2. Employee Feedback6.3.3. Process Performance Measurements6.3.4. Transaction Reviews6.3.5. Root Cause Analysis6.4.    Continuous Process Improvement6.4.1. Design Improvement6.4.2. Validation6.4.3. Communication6.4.4. Education6.4.5. Measurement7.       Request Maps (Hypothetical)7.1.    General Inquiry7.1.1. Company Information7.1.2. Employee Information7.1.3. Directions7.1.4. Job Openings7.2.    General Product/Service Information7.3.    Sales & Leasing7.4.    Base Technical Support7.5.    Service Support7.6.    Hardware Repair7.7.    Maintenance Agreement7.8.    Maintenance Parts/Replacement Parts7.9.    Supplies / Options / Accessories Sales & Support7.10.Business Partner7.11.Educational Sales & Technical Support7.12.Publications7.13.Seminar Scheduling8.       Organizational Linkages8.1.    Relationship Linkage Agreements8.1.1. Design8.1.2. Measurements8.1.3. Responsibilities8.1.4. Feedback and Review8.1.5. Cost Recovery8.2.    Service Level Agreements with Suppliers8.3.    Organizations (expand list)8.3.1. Business Partners Management8.3.2. Client Reps8.3.3. Direct Marketing9.       Measurements and Results9.1.    Quality Assurance9.1.1. Methods9.1.1.1.  Monitoring9.1.1.2.  Responsiveness9.1.1.3.  Reporting9.2.    Standard Measurements9.2.1. Calls Offered9.2.2. Calls Handled9.2.3. Service Level9.2.4. Rate of Abandonment9.2.5. Average Call Receipt9.2.6. Average Call Handling9.2.7. % Resolution at 1st Level9.2.8. Quality Certification9.2.9. Customer Satisfaction9.2.10.    Employee Satisfaction9.2.11.    Mystery Calls9.2.12.    Staff Utilization9.2.13.    Employee Turnover9.2.14.    Absenteeism and Tardiness9.2.15.    Schedule Adherence9.2.16.    Cost Per Request9.2.17.    Cycle Time Per Request9.3.    Measurement Sources9.3.1. ACD Switch Reports9.3.2. Computer System Middleware9.3.3. Database of Survey Feedback9.3.4. Manual Reports9.3.4.1.  Telephony Requests9.3.4.2.  Non-Telephony Requests10.   Systems Support10.1.Relationship Agreement10.1.1.    Areas of Responsibility10.1.2.    Response Time10.1.3.    Business Recovery10.1.4.    Security11.   Telephone System11.1.Telephone Switch11.1.1.    Capacity11.1.2.    ACD Design11.1.3.    Trunks11.1.4.    Reports11.1.4.1.           Utilization11.1.4.2.           Capacity11.1.4.3.           Blockage11.1.4.4.           Overflow11.2.Maintenance Procedures11.2.1.    Relationship Agreement11.2.2.    Key Contacts11.3.Emergency Procedures11.3.1.    Disaster Recovery11.3.2.    Business Recovery11.4.Security12.   Facilities12.1.Space Planning12.1.1.    Work Area Specification12.1.2.    Training Room Specifications12.1.3.    Meeting Room Specifications12.2.Equipment12.2.1.    Computer Specifications12.2.2.    Network Specifications12.2.3.    Monitor Specifications12.2.4.    Telephone Specifications12.2.5.    Headsets Specifications12.2.6.    General Desk Supplies12.3.Security12.3.1.    Building12.3.2.    Computer Room12.3.3.    Telephone Switch13.   Operations Certification13.1.Mission Statement13.2.Scope of Work13.3.Business Operations13.4.Recruiting and Hiring13.5.Training13.6.Process Management13.7.Call Maps and Processes13.8.Organizational Linkages13.9.Measurements and Results13.10.      System Support13.11.      Telephony Systems13.12.      Facilities
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ih kuya thorn kmusta na po
  Commented by  mark ramirez, BCA student, St. Joseph ’S College, Bangalore    | 10 23 2011 01:07:24 +0000
mark alday ramirez from naga city
  Commented by  mark ramirez, BCA student, St. Joseph ’S College, Bangalore    | 10 22 2011 02:04:52 +0000
mark alday ramirez
  Commented by  mark ramirez, BCA student, St. Joseph ’S College, Bangalore    | 10 22 2011 01:59:59 +0000
hi mark alday ramirez from nagacity
  Commented by  Thorn Ramirez, Freelancer, Technology Consulting    | 07 15 2011 12:13:30 +0000
Thank you Very much for uploading this Sir Dheeraj. This was indeed very helpful. If you may sir, can you post a more detailed one together with the description of every section?

Here is my email sir.

Im putting up a small center in this is very helpful. Thank you.

Eduardo Thorn Ramirez
  Commented by  Shankar, CEO/MD/Director, Infosearch bpo Services    | 03 11 2011 09:46:14 +0000
Hi Mr.Dheeraj good work.. 

Thanks for sharing 
  Commented by  varsha mishra, technical Manager(QMS), rfrac    | 10 09 2008 05:09:42 +0000
thanks for sharing
  Commented by  Dheeraj Kapoor, Director, Fujitsu Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.    | 10 08 2008 12:37:49 +0000
Formatting & Editing was fine when I created this, but while uploading it got disturbed
  Commented by  Deepa Nair, Managing Director / CEO    | 10 08 2008 11:14:22 +0000
bad formatting. i'm unable to read.
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Formatting & Editing was fine when I created this, but while uploading it got disturbed
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