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By : Vinayarajan KV, Head/VP/GM-Sales Tech
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Capability Building

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                                           Capability Building

The fundamental resource for any organisation is its knowledge pool. The long-term survival of an organisation depends on the manager’s skill in quickly shaping raw talents into competent employees. Today’s managers in most organisations can do tracking, reviews, bit of customer handling, negotiating and renegotiating commitments, but very few can plan, organise and train people building competencies for the future of the organisation. Therefore, companies which place its future in the hands of less competent managers, can hope to gain very little as well. All that the management of various organisations do is to rely on few key people who are technically sound, to do anything and everything, and soon burn them out.

Organisations today are struggling to get their management staff in place. Many are realising that technical competency alone is not enough, but people management skills play a very important role in business success. One can build capability, expecting the quality through process improvement, but getting there without improving the capability of the people, is a distant dream.

However, creating a performing team requires more than the process definitions. Success of any Dept. or Organisations are critically dependent on the skill of team members. The question therefore is how do we create winning combinations all the time. Architecting people capability is also a key requirement. Some managers appear to be born with the skill to get along with people. While many are lacking in those skills.

Managing talent: If the leaders are ill equipped to deal with people, no amount of HR systems and people friendly policies can deliver. Therefore to build a winning team, managers must be capable of developing people. They must see to it that the skill of developers is constantly under upgrade.

The key focus areas

Communication: Professionals are proficient in every language, but the language of effective communication. Despite various channels in an organisation, one hears constant complaint of lack of information and communication. There are enough meetings but very little comfort after them. What managers need is the skill to listen and empathise.

Training: Competency building is part of long-term strategy while plugging skill gap is a short-term training need. Managers must periodically devote time and use appraisal data to figure out the training needs. Classroom training creates visibility and hence must be liberally done. Adequate training plan and budget must be allocated. Self-administered training under the guidance of a mentor is found to work well.

When an organisation focuses on these areas for competency building, they would have taken the crucial step in ensuring sustained growth. These are essential in moving an organisation from adequacy to excellence.

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  Commented by  Abhishek Tiwari, Network Admin/System Admin, STPL INC.    | 11 12 2008 13:25:50 +0000
Very Nice
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