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Topic : Performance Management
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By : Nitin M Aras, Head/VP/GM-Tech. Support, Wintech Taparia Limited
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Pareshaan thi Champu ki wife
Non-happening thi jo uski life

Champu ko na milta tha aaram

Office main karta kaam hi kaam

Champu ke boss bhi the bade cool

Promotion ko har baar jate the bhul
Par bhulte nahi the wo deadline
Kaam to karwate the roz till nine

Champu bhi banna chata tha best
Isliye to wo nahi karta tha rest

Din raat karta wo boss ki gulami
Onsite ke ummid main deta salami

Din guzre aur guzre fir saal
Bura hota gaya Champu ka haal
Champu ko ab kuch yaad na rehta tha

Galti se Biwi ko Behenji kehta tha

Aakhir ek din Champu ko samjh aaya
Aur chod di usne Onsite ki moh maya
Boss se bola, "Tum kyon satate ho ?"

"Onsite ke laddu se buddu banate ho"

"Promotion do warna chala jaunga"
"Onsite dene par bhi wapis na aunga"
Boss haans ke bola "Nahi koi baat"

"Abhi aur bhi Champu's hai mere paas"

"Yeh duniya Champuon se bhari hai"
"Sabko bas aage badhne ki padi hai"
"Tum na karoge to kisi aur se karvaunga"
"Tumhari tarah Ek aur Champu banaunga"


 Top Comment : Paresh.Khanchandani    | 09 03 2009 07:17:41 +0000
LOL very hilarious !! If you think your boss is stupid, remember: you wouldn't have a job if he was any smarter.
24 comments on "CHAMPU KI KAHANI Old version of Management Pot-Pourri..... still in existance.. will be forever"
  Commented by  Kashif Billal, Design Manager, Fashion Designer    | 03 12 2010 07:03:00 +0000
  Commented by  Makrand Bhave, Marketing & MICE, WIZCRAFT International    | 03 12 2010 06:29:56 +0000
par Ziz saheb.... Pappu cant dance saala :))
  Commented by  Ajay Ziz, Deputy Registrar, University of Jammu    | 03 12 2010 04:20:52 +0000
phir ek din ...
champu ban gaya kishti ka chappu ..
buy kiya usne prepaid lappu..
Aur sabko bana diya usne pappu ..

arre pappu paas ho gaya ..
  Commented by  Parin Mehta, Plannig Manager, Reliance Industries Limited, Jamnagar    | 03 12 2010 03:08:21 +0000
This is a realistic story. Everybody views are " do not become champu ". But how often u reject ur boss order. May be some of these group, himself is a boss. We r talking @ competetive world. Then we shud think out of the box and not to do donkey work. Its our ability how to perform work assigned work by boss. Just sharing my views. May be i m wrong. 
  Commented by  Shehla, Analyst, Hewitt Associates    | 03 09 2010 15:42:33 +0000
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Good one....for all those who are sleeping, plz wake-up and start working SMART!!!
  Commented by  Karuna, Analyst, Hewitt Associates    | 03 08 2010 16:53:26 +0000
What I can learn from this hilarious but thoghtful poem is that we should stop becoming CHAMPU and try to become CHAMPION, I think we should start working SMART rather than HARD without expecting anything, success will follow automatically.....Thanks for sharing.
  Commented by  Nitin M Aras, Head/VP/GM-Tech. Support, Wintech Taparia Limited    | 03 05 2010 17:02:45 +0000
Sujit nice continuity ...... liked it ... thanks for making this post live again
  Commented by  Sujeet Viswakarma, Marketing Executive/ Project Co-Ordinator, Pristine Water    | 03 05 2010 11:49:16 +0000
Rating : +4 
I'd like to write a retrospect...'

Champu ban gaya Champak bhumiya,
Maan li boss ki baat.
Boss ne khoja dusra champu,
Maari Champu ko laat.

Champu ne resume banaya,
Naya navela, with detail.
Bhar kar likha aisa experience,
Uska Boss bhi fail.

Chun li dhang ki competitor,
Maar k dekha chance.
Jhat se Payroll me aa gaya,
Champu ne kiya dance.

Ab Champu Job badal k khushi manata hai,
Kyonki ab wo boss se zyada package paata hai.

Jai ho "SWITCH the LADDER" growth policy ki....

  Commented by  James Masih, Product/Brand Manager, FedEx    | 09 10 2009 08:38:23 +0000
hahaha....nice funny story-poem Mr.Aras, thanks for sharing...
  Commented by  rashmi koul, Assistant Project Controller, MWH    | 09 10 2009 03:54:37 +0000
Hey ,i think now a days you should be more smarter than your boss.Then in that case He will be champu.
  Commented by  Awadhesh Tiwari, Zonal Manager -sales, Flexoplast Abrasives (I) Ltd.    | 09 05 2009 10:21:46 +0000
hi: nice to listen hard to belive but true of th life.

good one
  Commented by  Mandeep K. Bajwa, Planning and Development Executive, RMC (India) Infrastructure Ltd.    | 09 05 2009 09:41:21 +0000
He he...LOL...good one......
  Commented by  Rohini Kaushal, HR Executive, Etech, Inc pvt ltd    | 09 05 2009 08:34:54 +0000

Nice and hilarious story.
Nice way of representing the reality of professional life, the pain of employee and smartness of employer by converting it into a piece of humor.

Thanks for sharing.
  Commented by  Bala, Project Manager, IIPL    | 09 05 2009 08:04:07 +0000
Superb , very correctly reflected the fate of many of US
  Commented by  AMOD KUMAR YADAV, Manager - Projects Sales & Marketing, RDK INTERNATIONAL LIGHTING LLC    | 09 05 2009 06:28:10 +0000
good one...
  Commented by  varsha, technical manager(QMS)    | 09 04 2009 18:59:38 +0000
its nice way to present the realities .. thanks for sharing .
  Commented by  Veejay Bhatia, Accounts, Finance & Administration Manager, French Firm dealing in Oil & Gas, Dubai UAE    | 09 04 2009 17:11:05 +0000
Gud 1; Gr8 insight
  Commented by  BEENA AGARWAL, Head/VP/GM-Corporate Planning/Strategy, ANADI HI TECH AGRO PVT LTD    | 09 03 2009 12:09:32 +0000
Rating : +2 
coooool !A nice story with a hidden fact(having hidden pain)but presentation is really hillarious and full of joke.Thanks.Nice 
  Commented by  !manpreet $ingh, Junoon!!!! ...., Sixth Sense    | 09 03 2009 09:48:15 +0000
Rating : +1 
:) Gr8!!! Nitin Sir!!!!
  Commented by  SB DIKSHIT, STATE QUALITY MONITOR, U.P.R.R.D.A    | 09 03 2009 09:30:24 +0000
Rating : 0 
  Commented by  Makrand Bhave, XYZ    | 09 03 2009 08:39:04 +0000
Rating : +2 
I remember another tale where all the body parts decided to go on strike to prove "WHO IS THE BOSS?" When it came down to the a**holes turn and he shut himself down, the entire body collapsed. All the sensitive organs began a downfall in their specialized activity.
The boss might be an a**hole, but do not underestimate his might!! Welcome back with a huge bang Mr. Aras!! :D
  Commented by  Alka Thakur, Technical Support Manager, Vendio Services and a freelance German Translator    | 09 03 2009 08:29:39 +0000
Rating : +2 
Tooooooooo good...... Boss kuch jyada hi smart hai aur champu kuch der se hi jaga hai!!
  Commented by  Aarti Gupta, Legal Consultant    | 09 03 2009 07:48:09 +0000
Rating : +1 
hahaha....nice story Nitinji, very funny...thanks for sharing...
  Commented by  Paresh.Khanchandani, Process Manager, E-Procurement Technologies Limited    | 09 03 2009 07:17:41 +0000
Rating : +2 
LOL very hilarious !!
If you think your boss is stupid, remember: you wouldn't have a job if he was any smarter.
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