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By : Sneha Mehta, system engineer, Infosys Technologies
Industry : Radio, TV & Films
Activity:  11 comments  424 views  last activity : 04 28 2011 16:30:13 +0000
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Condition in India is far better than MEXICO!!

I am a fan of Manchester United .. I was going through the site of the club and came through this post. It is really so emotional and made me feel that life in India is far better than what it is there in Mexico. Here we keep on crying about security and there it is.. Just go through it and you will understand why the passion for the game called football is deeper than what we know about "Passion"..
The comment goes this way..

hello everyone,

my name's joseluis....i live in the boderline between usa and mexico and im very happy for manchester united making it to quarter finals of the champions....but most happy for chicharito hernandez because i was able to see him playing with less pressure on trying to make a good impression towards his team mates and mostly towards mr. fergurson. with this pressure out the way he's able to show what hes realy made of and what he wants to achive in not just a team but in a country where is hard for a mexican person to belive that the player scoring in manchester united is actually a mexican born see here in mexico people have lots of things to worry about because of the problems that are day to day priority in most states here in have to worry about not being at the wrong place at the wrong time daily because of people getting shot and killed have to worry about how to be able to get enough money to feed your family every day because the price of everything goes up and up exept for work wages.......and lots of thing that are wrong in mexico....but whenever manchester is going to play there's 2 hours of our day where we want to see chicharito play and score a goal to make us get away from all these problems and feel worry free for at least 2 was a day where #14 of manchester united made me feel happy and proud to be mexican when thats hard to do at this point in life....usually manchester's games are at noon here and the rest of the day is happiness when chicharito plays and scores......i wish manchester could play everyday if you guys get what i really mean =).....hopefully manchester wins champions and epl and chicharito scores more goals because lots of people said "he won't even get playing time in manchester" when he left from mexico and now he's one of the few things a mexican person can be proud of luck to all.

Share your views about this.. if you really felt it heart touching.

 Top Comment : manish    | 03 17 2011 12:29:08 +0000
salute to chicharito hernandez. really amazing heart touchy one post. thanks for share with us.
11 comments on "Condition in India is far better than MEXICO!! "
  Commented by  Jaygopal Raghavan, Marketing Manager, Landmark Group    | 04 28 2011 16:30:13 +0000
Dont worry we are heading there. The day is not far off when we will say mexico is better of than india what with corrupt politicians and businessmen looting the country.
  Commented by  Anand Sharma, Monitoring the research funded by DIT, Department of Information Technology    | 04 20 2011 12:15:41 +0000
Thanks for taking India ahead...
  Commented by  Rathin Deb, Advisor/Outside Consultant, Freelance Retail Consultant    | 03 21 2011 04:07:38 +0000
The conditionin India is far better than many countries of the world.
  Commented by  V. Srinivas, Freelancer, Information Technology    | 03 18 2011 04:17:18 +0000
Condition in India is far better than MEXICO!!  SO WHAT. What about Singapore and Malaysia? Conditions are better there. Why even in most of the BRIC or BASIC nations conditions are better. If you want to compare use a definitive yardstick like BPL, GNP, No. of people starving to death, reach of medicines, etc. etc. Do not pick up a one-off stat where we are better than Mexico and trumpet it
  Commented by  Nitin Mehra, Software Developer, ROBOMAN MICROSYSTEMS    | 03 17 2011 19:53:43 +0000
Ya that is right. India is far better than Mexico. Only India talks about the self realization in modern days. When you realize who you are. You are frequently free from ego and anger. This thing is in the air of India. Here Everyone knows in his inner how to know himself. 
  Commented by  Swati Sevlani, M.A student, davv indore    | 03 17 2011 19:20:21 +0000
Rating : +1 
See people of India are the biggest hypocrates and lives in infidelity...whatever you say that it is my country, I shouldnt speak like this, but very truly..i believe that people are not that much restless and progressive here.
  Commented by  R.Hari Subramaniam, Head/VP/GM-PR/Corp. Communication, Triton communication    | 03 17 2011 16:43:01 +0000
In fact to my understanding goes, India is far better than many of the countries, Its only the nations economy is left to be desired,  It has always been looking ahead than many other nations,  fundamentally, india is amongst the largest democratic nation following its rules and regulation very meticulously.  sincerely speaking I would not compare our country with nation like mexico, for various other reasons.  Amongst the latin nation it has proved its worth in trade and other related activities.  But,  being a past professional footballer, I do agree with jose luis as game is so much important there.
  Commented by  Kris Dev, CEO/MD/Director Life Line to Business    | 03 17 2011 14:49:36 +0000
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I'm not sure if Sneha or Himanshu or Shrikant have lived in Mexico! Nor can I be sure of this Jose Luis .... I've lived in Mexico for almost 6 years and found it to be a land of plenty!! Their population is around 110 million and with a vast fertile land, they have no real day to day wants, except for the people in the border areas who compare heir economic status to the people across the border. Life is so cool, it's the envy of the richer USA under NAFTA. People are at peace with themselves and hence spare time for playing and watching football. You must see them putting a goal and the shouts of joy GOOOOOOAAAALLL....The article mixes up to divergent aspects. It looks to be a doctored article trying to blame the country for its failures. Corruption is high and greed of politicians and business houses are high. Hardly 10 families control the majority of wealth. They attained independence in 1821 from Espana and still live in colonial times. They have not been allowed to grow by the developed north. There are severe restrictions on their exports of avacado, strawberry, etc. to USA under NAFTA; but they are not able to enforce similar restrictions on Levis jeans, etc. .. They have aligned with south as they speak Espanol and their land has been fought and taken over and many killed. They carry a lot of animosity towards gringos (the term for English speaking foreigners, particularly Americans)!! If only the nation can come out of the shell and become more professional in their dealings, introduce total transparency and accountability in all actions of all individuals and organizations, they will be a developed nation in a short time.  
  Commented by  SHRIKANT MANOHAR DANKE, Consultant, Project Management Consultancy Firm    | 03 17 2011 13:24:28 +0000
Rating : +1 
Thanks for referral, Himanshu.
& it's true that conditions of Mexico are really worst & we are in better condition than them.
Thanks Ms. Sneha for posting it on TOOSTEP. Your all insights are good. Keep it up,pl. 
  Commented by  manish kumar, freelancer    | 03 17 2011 12:29:08 +0000
Rating : +1 
salute to chicharito hernandez. really amazing heart touchy one post. thanks for share with us. 
  Commented by  Himanshu Pathak, Sr/Principal Coresspondent, Coresspondent    | 03 17 2011 12:26:02 +0000
Really pathetic condition and the way people are taking things so nicely. Game is of so much importance there. Perhaps we don't see this type of dedication towards the game in our country.
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