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By : Abraham Paul, Senior Telecom Consultant, FCOMNET- Future Groups
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Extend help to care Mentally Challenged.
I request those who are dedicated to Philanthropy or follow it as part of their life style or as a hobby, to please open the link below and sign the petition.
The sponsor of the petition is a founding member of St. Peter's Charitable society, a non-profit NGO established in Trivandrum, Kerala, India in 1992.
Thanks. Abraham Paul

1 comments on "Extend help to care Mentally Challenged."
  Commented by  Abraham Paul, Senior Telecom Consultant, FCOMNET- Future Groups    | 11 01 2011 16:22:02 +0000
I am appalled by the apathy of people. Every Tom Dick and Harry exhort day in day out about common man's perils, about the destitute and mentally and physically challenged.

I have referred this petition to 1741 people, few weeks back, with a target of 1000 signatories. Not a single person appear to have cared to comment on this leave alone signing the petition which takes less than 2 minutes to do.  Is not the hypocrisy of what many of us project ours and what we really are and the apathy towards the lesser ones amongst us is too dismaying?
Sorry no offense meant.     
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Leading recruitment firm
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