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By : Amit Madhav, Senior Consultant, McKinsey & Company
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Learning to be a good public speaker is something that will be useful throughout  lifetime. Good public speakers are made, not born. The necessary skills associated with being a good public speaker have always been an important part of your experience and people are encouraged to foster a positive, learning-oriented environment for youth regarding this subject.

The degree of good public speaking skills is directly related to his or her leadership and social ability. Members who feel comfortable speaking in front of others have a greater sense of self-confidence, a feeling of respect for themselves and others, and generally have a solid feeling of accomplishment. Good public speakers are more apt to do well in a job interview or a presentation to colleagues at work.

Good speakers become great speakers with the proper training. Investing in professional speaker training can greatly improve your bottom line.

There is no downside to improving your speaking skills.

The key to effective speaking boils down to one thing: The ability to be able to tell a compelling story. This article says when we speak, we are actually selling. We are trying to communicate or get someone to adopt truths, facts, inspire action, etc.

"It's not what you say; it's how you say it"?

One should know few basic things when going for public speaking. That can be knowing

    * What topics am I interested in?
    * Is it interesting or useful to others?
    * Does it have one main idea?
    * Can I find enough information?
    * Can I cover the topic in the length of time that will be available for my presentation?

Again Choosing your audience is almost as important as choosing your topic when you are doing public speaking. In order to "choose" your audience, here are some of the questions you should ask:

    * Who do you want to talk to?
    * Where would you like to give your presentation? (Outdoors, in someone's house, at a banquet hall?)
    * Who would find your topic interesting?
    * What do you want to accomplish with the audience?

Most of us have heard this. We have all worked with very accomplished, well-educated people who are absolutely brilliant in their field, but when they spoke, they almost put us to sleep

To get on the road to more effective speaking, you must master what you say AND how you say.
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3 comments on "Good Speakers Are Made, Not Born"
  Commented by  Mallikarjuna Gupta Bhogavalli, Sr. Product Manager, Oracle India Pvt Ltd    | 08 19 2008 19:41:00 +0000
gud one
  Commented by  Sourav Chatterjee, IT Engineer- CMC Limited-ATata Enterprise    | 07 23 2008 00:19:45 +0000
nice one 
  Commented by  shailendra sood, Manager, ICICI BANK LTD    | 03 06 2008 22:31:51 +0000
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interesting article
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