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By : Virag Shah, Office coordinator, Prince pharma pvt. ltd.
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Brief;-Recently GlaxoSmithKline Asia has launched 'Crocin Advance'. The firm claims to disintegrates faster than the standard Paracetamol tablets and also works faster. Crocin's new innovation comes with ‘OptiZorb' disintegration technology with the aim to speed up the procedure relief.

Company:-GlaxoSmithKline  (GSK)

Brand:- "Crocin Advance". (brand extend of crocin). The origin name is "Panadol" is sold more than 85 countries , in India Panadol is known as Crocin While in Colombia known as "Dolex"

USP:- use of‘ "OptiZorb"disintegration technology which five times faster and thus gets to work much more quickly. Easily disperse in stomach and work faster, relief faster. “Due to this advanced technology, the same trusted ingredient, Paracetamol, reaches blood levels much faster and gets to work faster, without compromising on safety parameters and suitability characteristics.”

Ingredients: contains paracetamol 500mg along with super-disintegrants ("OptiZorb") such as alginic acid and calcium carbonate that make it act within five minutes of your having it. Alginic acid is a hydrophilic that draws acidic gastrointestinal fluid into the tablet while calcium carbonate reacts with gastric acid to liberate carbon dioxide to help it disintegrate to provide faster relief.

Benefit:- It can used to lower fever and relieve general pain, such as headache, body ache, toothache, etc. "Pharmacokinetic studies show that the amount of paracetamol absorbed by the body is the same for both Crocin Advance and regular Crocin. The difference is in the time consumed for dispersion and absorption. The new combination disperses five times faster and is absorbed 37% faster than standard tablets.   

Strategy:-  The campaigning is already started with showing this technology. To stay in competition, consumers are now mostly buy medicine direct from medical stores, O.T.C. market is growing much faster, various health & nutraceutical products are available in market. So, GSK has made innovation and execute the new Crocin advance in market. Today's majority people are keep general medicine with them and they want fast relief from pain because in this fast life, nobody have time. Crocin is well known brand in market and Regular crocin is available by Gsk.

The question is, Will Old crocin remove from market after sometime? Will people buy new crocin brand ? What exactly strategy will use by GSK? The Competitors like D'cold total, dispren, Anacin, Saridon, etc. will break market or Will Crocin Advance success in market? There may be chance of competitors that, they will also come with such innovation.

Share your views.......

 Top Comment : Virag Shah   | 07 28 2011 11:20:32 +0000
Unfortunately due to the lack of space in insight , i could not share over here some pictures of this brand.
23 comments on "Great Innovation in Medicine Now!!! = "CROCIN ADVANCE""
  Commented by  Virag Shah, Confidential    | 07 23 2013 16:41:50 +0000
Dear Mr. Harshal .. it will be better to consult a doctor once. It cant say perfect. It may possible some time side effect or reaction of medicine. But better to take advice from doctor.
  Commented by  Harshal Shah, Software Developer, Undisclosed    | 07 23 2013 12:31:32 +0000
i got a skin rash after consuming crocin advance..dont know if its specific to myself or its to all. I never used to get and after reaction on old crocin...can we investigate this..the skin rash is severe and looks like blood is saturated at those places...
  Commented by  Virag Shah, Confidential    | 10 14 2011 11:41:44 +0000
Yes, sir.. thanks to you sir also. Murli sir, murthy sir , you and also Makrand sir of you are inspiring me and supporting me ..i really happy today.. Makrand sir also given lots of inspiration me. 

Thanks sir once again.
  Commented by  Srinivas suravajhala, Asst. Manager.    | 10 14 2011 11:23:41 +0000
Virag, once again you proved.  You are going to be a good brand analyser. I love the way Mr. Muralidharan dealt the subject.  I appreciate Mr.Murali's  concern towards Virag...... "Let Virag focus on other ad review"...... Mr. Virag is fortunate enough to have Mr. Murali with him.  Gr8.
  Commented by  ujjval jain, Retail, Retail    | 10 14 2011 10:12:50 +0000
... paracetamol is such a reliable drug...thanks for sharing....:)
  Commented by  Virag Shah, Confidential    | 10 14 2011 07:43:49 +0000
Thanks sir, for your inspiration and and comments. thanks a lot.
  Commented by  Makrand Bhave, Marketing & MICE, WIZCRAFT International    | 10 14 2011 07:40:36 +0000
Once again!! Applaud your efforts Virag. Fantastic analysis :)
  Commented by  Suresh Prasad Gupta, Freelancer, Pharmaceuticals    | 08 09 2011 15:22:12 +0000
Paracetamol is a hepatotoxic drug and its adverse effect has been fatal in several cases. Whether it disintegrates faster or it disintegrates as per the pharmacopoeal standards, its toxicity remains the same or some times because the  above tablet disintegrates faster, it may exert its toxicity faster. Thus, it is hardly beneficial.
  Commented by  Virag Shah, Confidential    | 08 09 2011 12:03:17 +0000
True Mr.Nitin, it gives side effect in long time also. But now a days, life is going very fast, traveling, work load in job / business therefore people are taking such general medicine directly from medical or keep with them.They are not consulting doctor. The other such products like Nutricharge, Revital, Speractiv (Piramal healthcare) are available in market and especially target for business or professional person.Such medicines are  also side effect. Thanks Mr.Nitin and Mr.Manikanta ji for your views.
  Commented by  Nitin Mehra, Software Developer, ROBOMAN MICROSYSTEMS    | 08 09 2011 11:40:35 +0000
There are some issue that should be consider before taking any type of pain killer. Every Pain killer has bad effect on kidneys so in general cases pain killer should be avoid use pain killer only when you think this is the only way to decrease pain and fever. also the tablet that are dissolved fast are make more bad effect on kidney and liver. so use the pain killer only as advice by the doctor. although paracetamol is safest drug for fever and pain and could be used with diabetic, blood pressure and some other patients but before taking pain killers person should consider all the factors. 
the top website for drug information is it is a us govt. website and you can find all the information regarding the salts and precaution, side effect etc. of almost all drugs.
  Commented by  manikanta raj, Deputy Manager Finance, project financing, leading Financing company    | 08 09 2011 09:16:18 +0000
thanks for giving the information. i think definitely it will become leading brand as it has many advantages besides keepings its old values.  Hence many people opt for the same. when people opt for new things old one becomes obsolete and it has to be removed from the market by compulsion, there is no choice.
  Commented by  Jaygopal Raghavan, Marketing Manager, Landmark Group    | 07 29 2011 11:47:30 +0000
Good info. Thanks for the referal Meena.
  Commented by  Rathin Deb, Freelance Retail Consultant    | 07 29 2011 09:59:12 +0000
Crocin was and is brand leader and I hope will continue to remain there.
  Commented by  Sanjay Bhardwaj, Partner/Principal/VP, BPL Ltd, Health Management Solution    | 07 29 2011 08:00:45 +0000
Guess reinventing the Brand Crocin
  Commented by  Akhilesh S Joshi, India Coordinator    | 07 29 2011 07:28:52 +0000
Try this before going for Crocin Advance- When you need to take dose of paracetamol, take a CROCIN Regular, chew it. The relief would be at least 10 times faster. It is as good as dissolving and consuming for faster relief. Also, may be I'm confused but if you have external pain due to swelling etc. make paste (ointment like) of one/ two Crocin regular and apply on the effected spot, you feel relieved within few minutes. I always avoid medicine but take only paracetamol, in case I need to and always consume in above manner. For Tooth ache, I make a paste and rub it on gums, I feel relieved. 
You may Try!
  Commented by  SHRIKANT MANOHAR DANKE, Project Manager, Phadnis Infrastructur Ltd    | 07 29 2011 06:54:56 +0000
Thanks for this useful sharing, Virag. 
& thanks for important addition, Muralidharan Sir & thanks for referrral, Meena.
  Commented by  Meena Deshmukh, Product/Brand Manager, Videocon Inds    | 07 29 2011 06:07:17 +0000
Rating : +1 
Mr Virag I must say you analyze products very nicely. Though when it comes to medicine there are many other things to be taken in account specially docs prescription.
  Commented by  S. Muralidharan, Head, Project Planning/Strategy, Knowledge Foundation    | 07 28 2011 15:22:26 +0000
Rating : +1 
Mr. Tekale, to know which are the schedule H drugs, please visit:
To know more about OTC drugs, please visit:
I hope this clarifies your question. Let Virag focus on other ad review.
  Commented by  Virag Shah, Office coordinator, Prince pharma pvt. ltd.    | 07 28 2011 15:15:25 +0000
Thanks for sharing your view.

Respected Mr.Rajesh sir, this is basically O.T.C. product and advertisement also come in television. I will give also insight as per give suggestion by you. Give me one or two day, i will share it.

Regards , Virag 
  Commented by  Rajesh Tekale, Counsel, Advocate on record, High Court, Mumbai    | 07 28 2011 13:43:42 +0000
Virag, thanks for the insight is it OTC or it requires prescription from the doctor.Which are the schedule H drugs and OTc drugs please give insight on this knowledge also.
  Commented by  Virag Shah, Office coordinator, Prince pharma pvt. ltd.    | 07 28 2011 13:01:17 +0000
Thanks sir, for share your views.
  Commented by  S. Muralidharan, Head, Project Planning/Strategy, Knowledge Foundation    | 07 28 2011 12:50:05 +0000
Rating : +2 
Virag, Thanks for your insight. Crocin is an analgesic and an anti-pyretic drug that goes under several brand names depending on the country that it is being marketed. In Brazil, Canada and South Korea and in the United States, Crocin is called Tylenol and Panadol. In the United Kingdom and in India it is called Crocin. Corcin contains paracetamol, which is also called acetaminophen in North America. Crocin is produced mainly in India and leads the market in its production. Crocin is a common over-the-counter (OTC) drug, a mild to moderate pain reliever and a fever reducer. Crocin relieves headaches, menstrual pain and tooth ache, as well as backache and muscular aches and pain. It is also used to treat arthritis and the symptoms of a cold.
“Due to this advanced technology, the same trusted ingredient, Paracetamol, reaches blood levels much faster and gets to work faster, without compromising on safety parameters and suitability characteristics,” says Dr Usha Rani, Additional Professor of Pharmacology, Nizam Institute Hyderabad.
CAVEAT: Crocin when used at the normal dosage and frequency is a safe drug. Crocin as an OTC drug is easily available. If it is not used at the correct dosage and frequency, it may cause liver damage leading to liver failure. Caution must be taken to avoid over dosage of this medication.If you think you took too much Crocin, seek immediate emergency medical care and attention. The initial symptoms of a Crocin overdose may include nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite, or sweating with stomach pain, confusion and weakness. Other symptoms that may develop are pain in the stomach and signs of jaundice, such as yellowish discoloration of the skin and white of the eyes or clay colored stool and dark colored urine. Seek immediate medical care if you experience any of these symptoms.
  Commented by  Virag Shah, Office coordinator, Prince pharma pvt. ltd.    | 07 28 2011 11:20:32 +0000
Rating : +1 
Unfortunately due to the lack of space in insight , i could not share over here some pictures of this brand. 
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