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Topic : politics of india
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Media Mughals

By : Rajeev Sharma, Strategic Analyst, Columnist, Publishing
Industry : Publishing Functional Area : Politics
Activity:  4 comments  222 views  last activity : 08 17 2011 07:04:03 +0000
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Everyone knows 
Mr. Arvind Kejriwal,


Social Activist and the brain behind Anna Hazare !!


Some unknown astonishing facts :–


A.   He runs several NGO’s  and

" PCRF" or Parivartan is one of them

Parivartan - Run on Donations received

But NO income tax has been paid after 2007-08


B.  Funds for Anna Hazare’s dharna collected

in the name of Parivartan

And yet,  No details of funds or tax-return in

Current year by PCRF aka Parivartan…

WHY ???


C.   Declared rent paid by his NGO in 2006-2009  for

their office in posh area of Sarvodya Vihar (opp. IIT-Delhi)

in Delhi :-



Rs. 867 per month


Rs. 1467 per month


Rs. 6000 per month



Is it possible to have an office at such a low rent in Delhi ???


See for yourself at pcrf website


  1. Total declared salaries paid by NGOs  for 

10 professionals working for them:


Rs. 13,000


Rs. 3,26,600


Rs. 2,51,912


This works out to Rs. 2500 per month per person !!

Lower  than even the minimum wage!!


Is it really possible to hire professionals

at this salary ?  


What is the truth ?


Is he drawing some special favors or is he paying in CASH !!

PS-Any payment made in cash is BLACK MONEY, ACCORDING TO ANNA!






4 comments on "HOLDING THE MIRROR -- PART 1"
  Commented by  higirls, mjhik, mjhui    | 08 17 2011 01:50:46 +0000
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Facts are facts.. Good One Rajeevji !!
  Commented by  Rohit Thakur, Sr. MEP QA/QC Engineer, QA/QC INCHARGE, CONSTRUCTION SPECIALIST-MEP    | 08 16 2011 04:08:20 +0000
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good answer sharma ji!!
  Commented by  Ardhendu Pal, Upgrading Knowledge Base, Researching in Computer Software/Hardware    | 08 15 2011 18:03:52 +0000
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A very nice investigation Mr. Rajeev Ji.
I was unaware of the magnitude of flimsiness of the so called public representatives.
Arvind Kejriwal is a no good howling flatterer of Anna and he knows it that some day or the other with this flattery qualification he will make it to the lead position.
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