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Topic : Smart construction engineering
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By : Mohd Asghar Naqvi, Recruitment Manager, Brook Software System Pvt. Ltd.
Industry : Telecom/ISP Functional Area : India
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improve economy

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Hi all,


How can we improve our indian Market?

3 comments on "How can we improve Indian Economy?"
  Commented by  Ankit Gandhi, MBA student, Omegan School of Business    | 09 14 2013 13:23:19 +0000
On the government front they should take quantitative and qualitative steps to improve indian economy like should focus on exports, also control imports, to control currency, need to amend taxation which is too old to attract FDIs, FIIS etc. Need to focus on to complete infrastructure projects which is pending since a long time, need to focus on tourism industry to attract foreign travellers etc. On individual front i would say we should only purchase indian items only, we should maintain our tax in a proper manner if one is NRI than it is very much advisable to transfer his/her maximum money in to indian currency which ultimately increase liquidity in market and also improve indian currency, NRI should invest in real estate of india. 

There are still lots of things we and govt can do as a whole to save indian economy but the thing is when and how it shall begin?
  Commented by  VIMALAN, DIRECTOR, VIRGIN ENGINEERS    | 07 14 2013 16:57:38 +0000
1.Saving your money through proper banking
2.Proper taxation
3.maintaining proper accounts
4.Avoiding investment in share markets
5.Relying on higher interest in private banks
6.Avoiding investment on assets like immovable properties
  Commented by  Business Management Consultant, : I can provide you with Management Consulting & Counseling Services    | 05 21 2013 09:06:15 +0000
There many things that can be said and done about this. Sometimes it might take an act of God for improvements. But on a smaller scale, sometimes, if possible the citizens could protest or there needs to be a lot of changes made in the government. 
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