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By : Satinder Singh Rawat, SBU/Profit Center Head Landmark Group GCC
Industry : Retail Chain/Logistics Functional Area : Business Processes
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Importance of Window Displays  

Experience of Retail Stores actually begins from Main windows and it plays a crucial role in overall brand perception. There are many ways by which a consumer would know about a Retailer. We could list few of them in below sequence:-


*      Print Media

*      Radio Channels

*      Internet

*      Road Hoardings

*      Word of mouth

*      Charity or Social Service

*      Local Sponsorships and


Imagine a family drove all the way to a shopping destination. Needless to say that Traffic hazard and parking issues must have distracted them to some extent. And when they finally arrive, they see a Boring and No Impact on main window.


Today the competition offers wide choices to consumers and a small edge of one Retailer may deny the consumers to competition.

 Main windows have their important role in Retail Business and many times consumers can make out by the window that what type of Store it might be inside. This is as good as identifying an item the way it has been packed and gift wrapped. 

So Main windows have definitely a role in attracting a consumer and enticing him/her to enter and finally shop. Each Retail Store based on their Product Category would design and present the range through main windows. Let’s see what method or designs could be approached by an Apparel Retailer which is catering to Middle Class Segment of Society.


*      Ceiling Height and Space

1.      The main window should have minimum 3 meter to 3.5 meter height

2.      The main entrance should divide the main window into half, both sides

3.      Main window should have 1 meter width, to display mannequins or keep the props

4.      Store in the mall could also go for :- No window and full fledge open at the entrance with Sensormatic wrapped with some branding

5.      This should not be used for high Street stores:- Ground floor temperature would be severely impacted and also may create issue in maintaining the cleaning and other standards on the floor

6.      With above in mind, Retail store can create their Key Looks at the middle of the store which could be seen from the main entrance.

7.      That should be at least 5 meter inside the store


*      Lightings on Main Window

1.      Must have desired and adequate power in terms of lux count for creating impact

2.      Should use White Light

3.      Separate focus lights to Focus on Mannequin’s

4.      Separate spot lights:- Powerful lights to Lit the main window

5.      Spot lights should be cross angled


*      Background picture or theme

1.      Background should carry Seasonal mood

2.      That could be based on certain themes in line with the Overall buying patterns in terms of colours and moods

3.      Should avoid dark colours on background pictures

4.      Background pictures must change atleast 3 times in a year

5.      Except for Ceiling, all the areas must be covered by visual

6.      The above will create strong impact  


*      Mannequin’s

1.      Use beige and light brown  colour mannequin’s

2.      Mannequin’s must be of latest design and trendy

3.      Some Retailer’s worldwide use mannequin’s which have even hair and look very natural

4.      Mannequin’s must be with head

5.      Some mannequin’s must have sitting and active body posture

6.      Mannequin’s must be dressed with trendy merchandise

7.      They should also have accessories to create more look and impact


*      Props on Main Window

1.      Selection of Props should be in line with the Overall seasonal buying in terms of colours and patterns

2.      Props should be able to enhance the overall look and appeal of the brand and store

3.      It should be able to sit well with the overall moods of the mannequin’s dresses and background picture or visual

4.      Props should be done very selectively and must avoid overdoing it

5.      The Props should be contempory

6.      The Props should add value to the whole window display


*      Price Points on Main Window

1.      The display of Price Points should be done very subtly

2.      Each mannequin should not carry Price Point

3.      Bunch of each three mannequin could carry one price point for only one specific mannequin

4.      Price Point Signage should not carry more than four item description and RSP

5.      The size of the Price Point stands should sit well with overall window


Prepared by:-


Satinder Singh Rawat

 Top Comment : brijesh mehta   | 06 06 2008 23:15:28 +0000
Good information on the window display. Along with outside windows even store's fascade place a vital role for attraction.
4 comments on "Importance of Main Windows in Retail Stores"
  Commented by  Shailena Varma, Logistics Manager, Target    | 05 05 2009 08:16:27 +0000
Excellent analysis Satinder, It seems you have done a lot of observation and research on display windows..
Looking forward for more contributions from your side..
It was great going through this insight. 
  Commented by  Ajit Khan, Sales/BD Manager, Future Group    | 03 26 2009 11:11:04 +0000
The importance of window display has been recognized by many retailers. It increases the chances to create the most critical first impression on the customer.

The window display should be designed in a creative way to attract customers than looking like a piece of art.

And thanks SIR for a detail information about window display.
  Commented by  brijesh mehta, Head/VP/GM-Marketing options-mega store    | 06 06 2008 23:15:28 +0000
Rating : +1 
Good information on the window display. Along with outside windows even store's fascade place a vital role for attraction.
  Commented by  Vijay Sharma, Logistics Manager, Reliance retail    | 06 05 2008 22:42:14 +0000
Exclusive list ...thanks
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