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Topic : Corporate Layoffs
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By : Gaurav Taneja, Sales/BD Manager, Interra Information Technologies
Industry : IT Services Functional Area : India
Activity:  12 comments  15960 views  last activity : 07 06 2010 20:18:04 +0000

Have listed layoffs till Jan. The employers covered are across different industry verticals. Add what you hear to the list.

Company City # Layoffs When
Sapient Gurgaon 8% Feb-09
Mastek Bangalore, Hyderabad 429 Feb-09
Motorola Bangalore, Hyderabad 500 Jan-09
Polaris Chennai 480 Jan-09
Unitech Delhi 20 Jan-09
Sun Microsystems Bangalore 200 Jan-09
Apollo DKV Insurance Delhi NA Jan-09
eminlabs hyderabad 4 Jan-09
PROCALL - AGRANI Bangalore 15-20 Jan-09
Lionbridge Technologies Mumbai 100 Jan-09
Motorola, Hyderabad Hyderabad 40 Jan-09
Motorola Bangalore 4000 + 1500 globally Jan-09
Oracle India Bangalore 40 Jan-09
Oracle Bangalore No layoffs - Salary cuts Jan-09
Goldman Sachs Bangalore 200 Dec-08
Tata Consultancy Services hyderabad 1500 Dec-08
Texas Instruments 128 Dec-08
Tanla Solution Limited Hyderabad 450 Dec-08
Textron India Private Limited Bangalore 5 out of 16 in one department Dec-08
Cholamandalam DBS Finance Ltd 60 Dec-08
Tanla Software Solutions Hyderabad 280 Dec-08
Bharat Business Channel Ltd Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Patna, Bhubaneshwar, Kolkata 200+ Dec-08
Envision Financail Systems India Pvt Ltd Bangalore 10 Dec-08
reliance capital Pan India 300+ Dec-08
satellier india pvt limited noida 75 Dec-08
Boston Analytics Mumbai over 50 Dec-08
SAP LABS INDIA Bangalore 100 Dec-08
PricewaterhouseCoopers Kolkata 85 Dec-08
Aricent Banglore 40 Dec-08
Tanla Software Solutions Hyderabad 270 till now Dec-08
Reliance BigAdda jaipur 300 trainees and 40% others Dec-08
Tanla Solutions Hyderabad 23 Dec-08
Suvi Info Systems Indore 40 Dec-08
Tanla Software Solutions Hyderabad 270 Dec-08
Multiplier - Mudra Group All India 500 Dec-08
ING Investmest delhi,bangalore,jaipur,jalandhar,chandigarh,all india 100 Dec-08
Citi Financial Delhi 600 Dec-08
TIBCO Software Pune 30+ Dec-08
tanla solutiona hyderabad 270 Dec-08
Mastek Ltd Mumbai 200 Dec-08
STMI nOIDA 14 Dec-08
Wipro Technologies Bangalore 1400 Dec-08
HP-STSD Bangalore 350 Dec-08
NIIT Ltd Mumbai 35 Dec-08
EMC Corporation Bangalore 100+ Dec-08
RISL Mumbai 650 Dec-08
Tanla Solutions Limited Hyderabad 600 Nov-08
Tanla Software Solutions Hyderabad 600 Nov-08
Movius Bangalore 40 Nov-08
Hewlett-Packard (STSD) Bangalore 70 Nov-08
Server Engines Hyderabad 2 Nov-08
satellier india limited noida 65 Nov-08
Cadence Design Systems noida 900 Nov-08
Capgemini Mumbai 850 Nov-08
Monster NOIDA FEW Nov-08
Reliance Retail Limited @ 600 Nov-08
JBA Infotech Pvt Ltd bangaloe 75 Nov-08
Gupta Equities Pvt Ltd Bangalore 50 Nov-08
CoreObjects Bangalore, Pune, Noida 60+ Nov-08
Gridstone Research Mumbai Approx. 100 Nov-08
GlobalLogic Noida 150 Nov-08
Edelweiss Capital Pan India 300 Nov-08
Motilal Oswal Securities ltd mumbai reduced from 300+ to just 80 around Nov-08
Goldman Sachs Bangalore NA Nov-08
Aquest Systmes Bangalore 27 Nov-08
Adventity Global Services thane 45 Nov-08
Tata Motors Pune 3000 Nov-08
integra micro systems 80 Nov-08
Jet Airways 35 Nov-08
Globallogic Noida 300 Nov-08
Navi Mumbai SEZ Navi Mumbai 160 Nov-08
Puravankara Projects Bangalore 100+ Nov-08
Caritor Bangalore 1000 + Nov-08
Larsen & Toubro Infotech 100-500 Nov-08
Motorola Bangalore 3000 Nov-08
Nvidia India Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore Around 70 Nov-08
NeoMagic Semiconductor India Noida 30 Nov-08
AMD Bangalore 500 Nov-08
IBS Software Services Tiruvanantapuram 30 Nov-08
Conexant Systems Bangalore 30 Nov-08
Satyam Computer Services Hyderabad 200 Nov-08
AnandRathi 1500 Oct-08
Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd Delhi 50 Oct-08
Aditya Birla Retail ALL INDIA 20 Oct-08
Adventity Global Services Thane 100-150 Oct-08
Tanla Solutions Hyderabad 200+ Oct-08
Tanla Software Solutions Hyderabad 200 Oct-08
Zapak mumbai 45 Oct-08
Edelweiss Securities Ltd Approx 50 Oct-08
Larsen & Toubro Infotech Mumbai 1000 Oct-08
IT-People India Ltd. Hyderabad 50 Oct-08
studyplaces gurgaon 30 Oct-08
Future Money All over India 600 Oct-08
Magma Design Automation Inc. Around 15 Oct-08
WiQuest Bangalore Around 120 Oct-08
satyam Bangalore 1500 Sep-08
Keane International Inc Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad 600+ (Aug 08-Dec 08) Sep-08
Accenture Hyderabad 600 Sep-08
TravelPort ( ebookers) New Delhi 100 Sep-08 42 Sep-08
Pitney Bowes Mapinfo Pvt Ltd Noida 25 Aug-08
Indiabulls Mumbai 100 Aug-08
Graziano Transmissioni Noida 200 Aug-08
CGI Information Systems and Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore 300 Jul-08
JP Morgan Mumbai 20 Jul-08
Sapient Gurgaon 160 Jul-08
Ramco Systems Ltd Chennai 800 Jun-08
Keane 400 Jun-08
ZEiSys Technologies Chennai 8 May-08
Yahoo! Bangalore 45 Feb-08
IBM hyderabad 45 Jan-08
Kotak Securities Mumbai 15 2009
Lionbridge Technologies Mumbai 100 2009
Kenexa Inc Vizag and Hyderabad 12 2008
Reliance consumer finance all 400 2008
Integral Bangalore 100 2008
Thompson Bangalore 20+
Tanla the great Hyderabad 270
Ness Technologies Bangalore many
vishwak Solutions Chennai 7
Yahoo India 40
RBS 500
 Top Comment : !manpreet $ingh   | 01 29 2009 17:09:21 +0000
no words i have to praise u...gud work
12 comments on "Layoffs soar as India plunges deeper into recession"
  Commented by  Sanjeev Hans, Head/VP/GM-Business Alliances, Orion Logistics    | 10 14 2009 15:13:48 +0000
..what is the current situation???
  Commented by  Ravi Prakash, Features Writer/Resident Writer, Freelance - Writer - former employee in semiconductor industry sector    | 02 06 2009 11:11:28 +0000
Rating : +1 
Hi Gaurav there is one more little drop in the sea of layoff, conexant has not laid off just 30, may be you got this info from recently joined person or a manager from conexant itself (who will not disclose the correct info.), the actual count is more than 1200 (600 straight from noida office (nothing left in noida office), around 200 from pune office, 500 fresh IIT/REC/JEE grads hired in campus & fired in single shot in an evening on a call from US HQ, rest around 200 experienced peoples (in the form of forced resignation) hired from big companies in b'lore & hyd offices took from intel/ti/magma...) & in US/other locations fired 1000 peoples, the total strength was around 2500...HQ shifted from big glass palace to a hut. It refreshes the peoples quarterwise...every quarter this kind of game is played...When i joined and my manager said the condition of department is not good, but, don't worry we will be safe...but, it was an indication to be prepared for it...after 1& half months of daily panic from morning to night...t happened with me too:) i have left every thing & trying to do some thing own in non-tech stuff that would remain permanent...& trying to learn software languages to make some thing out of it as freelancer projects...some thing in web development...etc. It's like starting a new life with out any background of it...but, it feels better than things i have some fundamental on...

Well you did a good job, i think there are many more companies with hidden facts of confidential terminations & layoffs not on performance but, due to incapabilities in their system & inexperienced mgmt but they are made asa performance based because of which people has not only lost their jobs, but, self confidence too, just for a few bucks & to be a favuraite chick of boss, lady HRs of experienced certianity flys beyond extent with having seen or even knowing the name or full form of popular terms of VLSI making decisions on others life & career,'Experience Certainity' has became a serious uncertainity in itself, People getting in & out while 'Applying Thoughts' SBI bank has also indicated their irresponsibility in doing business & fakeness in procedures & records...(So, 'Applying Thoughts' is applying thoughts on their own future now...), It won't be a wonder if Satyam changes it's name to 'Mithyam or 'Jhootham'... Their is a sister concern of 'Applying Thoughts', people may be aware of it's name having tree of minds who were applying thoughts but kicked out from their long back, so they made a tree of  all applied thoughts & started playing corporate games, i hope media will focus on insights of this hollow branches of this tree, till this time they are already awaken & alert after mithyam's case, though tree is grown on fake stuffs & illegal operations only, well covered with ISO/CMM/PCMM.....bla bla bla fancy covers of corporate standards, after all the till things were not disclosed Mithyam was Satyam. Auditors went for inspection of Raju's personal spa & royal bedroom but, forgot they came for auditing operations...Auditor said i have all stickers with me, choose whatever u like Raju saab...Negotiation was going on...panch mein sab rakh lo saab!, Raju: Arey nahin itna menganahin lunga, accha to do mein sab rakh lo...!! arey ek ka 1 rupiya to de de, atlast Raju Accepted & Maithyam Became ISO/CMM/PCMM whatever Certified, Especially in it's initial phase in 90's when indian groups found a new way of earnong money in bulk i.e, by taking advantage of people's innocence & mind for free like infosys (one of the biggest 'Pea'Master), satyam, wipro, tcs (2nd 'Pea'Master) were the only giants existing in candidate's minds...even after having clear all the things peoples are not seeing on what c!@p Raju did, but, in a report on a news channel, a campus recruited college grad was worried about his offer letter that satyam is not giving him from sept of 2007 he don't have to do any thing about what is happening inside, what will be the future of himself & company, what kind of impression Mithaym has made on whole indian market...But, he is still waiting for his offer letter from 'Mithyam'...It's the condition of indians, i.e,s not having resistance for encouraging the fraudulence, we ourself encourage frauds & they sits on our head doing what ever they want to do, if not able to pay,m than who said to hire? Playing with employment laws & people's career & lives are Child's Play or What?
  Commented by  Mohd Asghar Naqvi, Recruitment Manager, Brook Software System Pvt. Ltd.    | 02 06 2009 05:40:28 +0000
Ya Gaurav, I am taking about layoffs......
  Commented by  varsha ., Technical manger(QMS)    | 02 05 2009 14:33:02 +0000
Rating : +1 
really eye openar ...thanks for datas...
  Commented by  Rajena Kumar Kumar, Sales/BD Manager, Infosys    | 02 05 2009 13:58:11 +0000
Rating : +1 
Dude Thanks for the data, Let me put some light on the Layoffs which happened around the World from Aug 27 2008 to 4th Feb 2009
> Total Layoffs: 411 
> Total Employees: 302,520 
  Commented by  Gaurav Taneja, Sales/BD Manager, Interra Information Technologies    | 01 31 2009 07:22:14 +0000
Hi Naqvi,

Are you talking about adding more layoffs to this list...???
  Commented by  Mohd Asghar Naqvi, Recruitment Manager, Brook Software System Pvt. Ltd.    | 01 30 2009 16:09:20 +0000
Rating : +1 
Nice yaar..... Give me an answer... How can we improve this?
  Commented by  Harpreet Singh Hora, Marketing Manager, Kotak Mahindra    | 01 30 2009 12:56:41 +0000
Rating : +1 
Dude dats awesum work...its actually an eye opener ...are we heading towards the U.S. policy of hire and fire as it is ruining the dreams of all the fresh Grads..
  Commented by  Gaurav Taneja, Sales/BD Manager, Interra Information Technologies    | 01 30 2009 06:29:44 +0000
Rating : +2 
Darpan, valid question but very difficult to quote myy sources. Basically, I have collated it from insider sources, websites, recruitment agencies. It is not a paid research:) but i believe that this is 75% reliable.
  Commented by  imanpreetsingh, Student, Kathuria Group of Information Tech.    | 01 29 2009 17:09:21 +0000
Rating : +1 
no words i have to praise u...gud work
  Commented by  Pramod Dixit, Sales/BD Manager, Computer Associate    | 01 29 2009 11:53:12 +0000
nice data man..
  Commented by  Darpan Sinha, Solution Architect, Fujitsu Consulting India Pvt Ltd    | 01 29 2009 09:40:07 +0000
nice however from where u got this data!!!
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