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By : Geoffrey Kubuli Makhanu, Engineering Technologists, TEC Institute of Management
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              It is my absolute pleasure to write this statement of purpose to explain about my interests and to share my inspirations, career goals and professional qualifications. First of all, a few words about my personality and character. Being an ardent adventurous, I dare to claim that throughout my life curiosity has been the main feature of my personal character. I always sought new challenges, new questions and new answers and I do believe that it has been this lust for novelty which has led me toward educational success. Out of my multiple fields of interest, I had been extremely fascinated with the novelty and complexity of the "Robotics" science since I was a teenager.

               My first encounter with engineering was at the age of thirteen when I was a student in Friends School Kamusinga, on the Design of an Ergonomic Flexible Machine for Cleaning the Blackboard. At this time, my childish imagination was so spurred by it that I read my first book in engineering mechanics with the help of my physics teacher. Since then I have been constantly improving my knowledge in engineering with the main interest being in mechanical engineering.

             Having planned to follow my studies in this area of interest, I chose to do all the sciences: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology in my high school studies. It took me four years of study after which I did the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exams of which I managed to secure excellent grades in all these subjects. This is a very competitive exam and only a small portion of the participants pass this exam. Fortunately, not only, I passed this exam, but I was ranked among the top 5% of the 250,000 candidates countrywide. This rank allowed me to register in my dream College, "Egerton University", the most competitive and prestigious institution in Kenya. I selected Manufacturing Engineering as my field of study.

             My confidence always grew as the calendar shrank. As an engineer I enlighten myself as an effective thinker. I consider it extremely important because every new invention actually happens at the mind level. Giving life to it needs perfect blend of subject knowledge, practical knowledge and more importantly diacritic thinking. My fixation was perfected to the synergetic blend of mechanical systems and electronic circuits governing them. While selecting my Bachelor Degree subject I opted for multi disciplinary degree comprising Engineering Design, modeling of physical systems, analysis of behavior, design of controllers, Machining processes, and Computing. In short, I wanted to study a subject which should be centered on Mechanics, Machining and Instrumentation and Control Engineering and Software Engineering. And that's why I chose Manufacturing Engineering and Technology. I managed to secure myself a position in Manufacturing Engineering in the country's top ranked university – Egerton University which is the only institution that offers Bachelor degree in Manufacturing Engineering this, was my first accomplishment towards my professional life. I spent a lot of time in learning the fundamentals during the first four years like Engineering Graphics (including AutoCAD), Basic Programming, Computer Numerical Control, manufacturing Technology, Materials and Metallurgy, Engineering Mechanics, Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics, Engineering Thermodynamics, Instrumentation and Control, Computer Aided Engineering, Jigs and Fixtures Design and Metrology and Quality Control Just to mention a few. I have developed graphic skills for communicating concepts, ideas and designs of engineering products and to select materials for various engineering applications.


                 The first time I started thinking about the 'role of robots in an industry, and also about how the raw materials can be transformed into finished goods and what I can do as an engineer in the Industry was during my undergraduate studies. I raised this question to Dr W. O . Ogola and he explained to me the interrelated systems that allow robots to work and I noticed the phrase," Robotics is a branch of engineering that incorporates the ideas of mechanical and electronic engineering into a whole, and, in particular, covers those areas of engineering concerned with the increasing integration of mechanical, electronic, and software engineering into a production process." This is what sparked my urge to pursue Mechatronics Engineering. This is where I can put my Knowledge of Mathematics, Physics and Programming together with the principles and methods of engineering analysis and design.


             During the next years of my undergraduate program and based on my previous interests in Cybernetics and Robotics, I was interested in a new field of research as to how can we benefit from simulation of the nature and its complicated mechanisms in making new mechanical systems, especially robots. I was really fascinated by the fact that one of the most outstanding breakthroughs in the field of system control which is neural networks has been achieved by studying and analyzing the nervous system of living creatures and applying the same mechanisms. I do have faith in this idea that the human race can benefit greatly from simulating the controlling systems of the living organisms in modifying and improving its technological endeavors and industrial development. My interest in Dynamic Systems and Dynamic Modeling, that initially originated during my high school years, once again flourished in my undergraduate program when I took the course "Dynamics" under the supervision of Dr. Charles M. M. Ondieki,  Secretary General, MSE Federation and Director of the machinery  Dynamics & Vibrations Lab. During the course I always tried to approach Dynamical analysis of mechanical Systems and Bio-Organisms. Putting a lot of effort in this course, I managed to gain 18.7 out of 20, one of the highest achieved scores in the class.

                Considering the fact that today software programs play a vital role in robotics and Numerical machining, I decided to widen my expertise knowledge in this field. As currently MSC Software (MacNeal-Schwendler Corporation) for working models and 3D simulations this is a very efficient instrument for simulation and exploring CAD integration and associativity. I planned to become accustomed with this useful piece of software and I used it to simulate various problems I encountered during courses such as Machinery Dynamics, Vibrations and Strength of Materials II. For example in the course Machinery Dynamics simulating four-bar mechanisms helped me to understand the basic ideas efficiently.  Furthermore, to strengthen my expertise in programming, I took the course "Computer Programming with FORTRAN, Assembly Language, CNC, C++ and Pascal" and succeeded to achieve good grades in each of them. I also have intermediate skills in Fussy Logic and nuerofussy applications, PLC programming using Ladder Logics and Java Scripts.

          When I took the course in “Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing-CADCAM" with the fascinating idea of self-adjusting systems (cybernetics) in mind, sketching diagrams for systems and reaching the related equation proved to be very interesting and inspiring for me. In fact applying a systematic and algorithmic method for solving the problems has been one of my main educational goals throughout my undergraduate program and all the related researches and projects Such as those found in Machinery Dynamics, Robotics and Machine Design. Also in order to develop my logical modeling skills and problem solving abilities, I took the course "Instrumentation and Control” from Instrumentation and Control Engineering Department. In this appealing course, I learned “Logic Design” and how to approach organize and solve problems logically and in the most efficient and scientific way and now I'm prepared to utilize and apply this method in my future researches and projects.
        In the last year of my bachelor's degree, I was involved in the project on a Material Handling Equipment. The project named "Battery Operated Electromagnetic Crane" & the machine could be employed in various industries for lifting magnetic materials and scrape in a large scale using Battery energy as an input. When working on this project I used my problem solving skills and leadership skills effectively. Having completed my degree in engineering and after working on a number of engineering projects, I have seen that most of the state of the art industries in the world have changed from pure mechanical, manufacturing or process controlled to the ones where the processes are more of electromechanical, fully automated and mostly controlled by computers. To achieve the quality products even the most simple production lines and production processes in the industries have a blend of computers in them. It has become the requirement for people working on such processes and production lines to have knowledge of all the related systems. This is one of the reasons why I have decided to study Mechatronics Engineering; for this is the field that offers a multidisciplinary approach to product and manufacturing system design, it relates to the design of systems, devices and products aimed at achieving an optimal balance between basic mechanical structure and its overall control. Mechatronics represents state-of-the-art machinery, robots and smart mechanisms for manufacturing systems or operational environments. However, I also know that Mechatronics Engineering, a complexity that appeals to me requires me to have more tools in my toolbox. These I can acquire only by continuing my education. To be competent and competitive I will need a Master's degree, after which, I plan to continue my career in Industrial Robotics.

             My resolute intention for future is to become a research professional at an academic or commercial, research-oriented organization. In fact I think it is the art of a successful and apt researcher to apply theoretical materials properly in designing and implementing practical systems. Obviously, becoming skillful in both of these areas simultaneously is far from being called an easy job and in addition to a huge amount of effort and devotion, requires the supervision of experienced advisors and also considerable facilities. I do believe that these are exactly the factors that make me interested in this University to be an ideal place for my graduate program, with its rich and honorable history, well-known and experienced tutors, and well-funded research facilities.


                     Needless to say, the main purpose of me seeking education in this university is to acquire the skills necessary to launch myself into a career in Mechatronics Engineering. I hope I have been able to demonstrate that this is a field I can excel in. This University is famed for the most prominent and creative people in the field. I am certain that contact with the brilliant people in your faculty will be the most valuable part of my education. In all earnestness, I regard myself being admitted to the university not only as a great honor, but also as a privilege with due responsibilities. I will work hard to uphold and further the reputation of such fine a university. As to whether I shall have this honor is your decision, but if I do, I will spare no pains to justify it.

             All in all, I would like to add that I feel graduate studies in your program, will be the most logical extension of my academic pursuits and a major step towards achieving my objectives. For my final words, I would like to emphasis that I am fully aware that a career in research and academics requires a high level of intelligence, unwavering dedication and a lot of devotion and I am confident that I would meet all the above challenges, and hence I appeal to the Graduate Admissions Committee to consider me for admission.
Geoffrey Kubuli Makhanu


1 comments on "My Statement of Purpose to Study MSc. in Mechatronics Engineering"
  Commented by  Geoffrey Kubuli Makhanu, Engineering Technologists, TEC Institute of Management    | 09 11 2010 14:25:54 +0000
I have a vision to pursue masters degree in Mechatronics, in fact I applied at De Montfort University Leicester UK and I was given an unconditional offer to go and study my dream course.Unfortunately I cannot afford to pay for the plane, fee ,tuition fee and accommodation.I hereby appeal to you to help me get the finances to go and study this course so that I become of more value to others. 
tuition fee:£9500
please if you, or you know anybody or organization that can help me, including giving me a loan, please help me to get access to it. I will be of great appreciation to you.
thank you.

My Contacts are:
Mobile +254 0724 920519
Address: P.O Box 42, 50211, Naitiri Kitale 
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