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By : Virag Shah, Confidential
Industry : IT Services Functional Area : Innovation
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Glad to hear that Google has come up with new look again. Today, it found the new look on Google home page. It seems look nice , awesome symbol & graphics that gives additional impact in user's mind. 

In old look, there were tool bar like G+, image, Maps, Orkut, Webs, Gmail in single raw top of the home page. 

While in new look, you will see on left side "Google " will be written with down arrow key, and then you will see tool bar as well as you can go more also for more tool bar. 

New look of Google Home page

It has made really nice change, and before it has been made change in Gmail, Gmail looks has been totally changed and it feels like 3 D graphics. 

Same way, Google gives really highly impact. Everyone slowly have been doing change or adding services.

(1) Yahoo has made change its home page and came with new look now. It has been added free movie services, change the location of advertisement

(2) Gmail came with new look

(3) Facebbok has made lots of change in services , it has added various tools.

(4) Twitter has added few services or new activities

Many corporate companies are changing their brand logo or corporate logo. We can definitely say that  " Today's Consumers/ Customers want something new, additional, innovative etc. "

Enjoy new look of GOOGLE... Nobody can enable to beat Google services, its really very strong. Google word is coming daily on the tongue of World's all people once in a day. 

That's the Google

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