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Topic : politics of india
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By : Rajeev Sharma, Strategic Analyst, Columnist, Publishing
Industry : Publishing Functional Area : Politics
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indian politics

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This is a tongue-in-cheek political column I write for this magazine. Though it is known as a gossip column, there is nothing gossipy about it. Hope you will enjoy it.

I am experiencing problems in uploading the article. So those who have their political antenna high up there, pl check the URL and read it in the original. That way it is much better.


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1 comments on "POLITICAL GOSSIP "
  Commented by  manish kumar, SEO | Web-cms Developer | FreeTips-- shoot me an email | Mobile SEO, SEO | Web-cms Developer | Do more than Just !    | 08 05 2011 18:26:46 +0000
nice one :) thank u sir
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