TooStep is shutting down all it's services on 27th March 2015.
TooStep is shutting down all it's services on 27th March 2015.
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IT Offshoring strategies

By : Sanjay Verma, Sales/BD Manager, iGate Global
Functional Area : Outsourcing
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Agreements and contracts are done in accordance within certain governing rules and regulations, for a particular period of time, for varied set of reasons. At the end of agreement, you aren't too much worried, as you are aware of achieving results or loosing the contract.

But dillems is there for clients organizations in case of business ousourcing contracts, what to do, which strategy to follow, is it advisable to take service back in house or find a new service provider?

It is not easy to find any easy path to follow, as there mayn't be compatibilities and relevances. Here in this article we will try to look at the best suitable methods to adapt and how to proceed and make things work out. Have a look:

Renewal and Salvage of existing relationship: It reduces the transition costs, in terms of both money, disruption in services, and internal time and resources.

Be Friendly and Co-ordinated: Thta is the key of mantaining long term mutually beneficial relationship.

Proper Management: Avoid duplication of effort, uncoordinated silos of activity and unsupervised vendor staff.

Adequate definition: Be specific of your core business objective, don't give assumptions and false expectations.

Being specific, there is a need of collective aproach to manage proper cliet relationship in outsourcing. If you wil follow these key steps, you will have the option of renewing the contract with the incumbent, that is the best possible option avaliable at the end, provided you are completelly satisfied with your service provider.

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1 comments on "Sourcing Inside Out: Who's at Fault? Be Honest"
  Commented by  Parth Pandya, Senior Technical Recruiter, Akraya Inc    | 01 21 2011 22:59:48 +0000
I believe that if you are Outsourcing the process then you should make sure that it is going in the best hands of Best Service Provider in the Industry and will get 100% ROI. Getting the service back in House could be a time consuming process but if you are hiring the talented professionals then it should not be a problem.
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