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Topic : ERP in open source
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By : Ekta Sehgal, Training Manager, Corporate Trainings
Industry : IT Services Functional Area : Executive Education
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ERP calls for constant modifications and up gradations. ERP developers are facing tremendous pressure both from vendors and companies. In this context it becomes important to analyze the erp's trends and modalities.
Some of the relevant issues are as follows:
Need based applications
Organizations had to implement ERP throught their systems irrespective of the fact whether they help in all the functions or in one particular function. This was proving to be a big hurdle to the firms. In addition this remained as the main disadvantage or setback of ERP. They had to purchase the whole applications even if it meant that most of them would be idle except for the core function.

The latest ERP software programs have overcome this menace. They offer need based applications. The firms need not be worried even if these Software Programs were not available. They were given the liberty to purchase and install Software Programs pertaining to that particular function. This advantage has helped to increase the scope of ERP not only among large firms but also small and medium business as well.
ERP was a very costly affair. Thanks to the intrusion of internet and open source applications. This has helped S.M.E.'S to enter the market of prospective buyers.This has not only widened the horizon of S.M.E.'s but also increased the usage among large firms.

These large firms were not able to invest huge money in spite of adequate funds. Now that the spending on ERP gets reduced there are no hesitations to show the green signal for fear of heavy monetary outlay. It is encouraging to notice the improving IT ERP trends.
Reduction in implementation time
ERP was discouraged by companies because they took such a long time to get installed and set the whole process into action. Since this resource was spent excessively there were chances for reduction in potential business and losing man-hours.

The current day ERP applications are less complex to install and train. This has reduced the amount of time spent on ERP.Companies are thereby assured of spending lesser time for ERP.
Open Source, Web enabled and wireless technologies
These are three important elements that have rejuvenated the functioning of ERP.Open Source ERP has done away with the hassles of paying license fees not only during installation but also whenever a modification is made. The company is relieved from depending even for mince matters.

Web enabled ERP helps in making the enterprise operations go online. Any stakeholder or third party can access the required information very easily and that too by sitting anywhere in the world. This proves to be of great help especially during emergencies when the details are to be sourced with immediate effect.

Wireless ERP has helped organizations to make use of the communication channels effectively and efficiently. It has made it possible for many elements to operate in ERP which were otherwise not possible. Wireless ERP is nothing but sharing enterprise information through devices like internet and other devices making it possible for outsiders to access the same.


ERP trends reflect positive signals for the ERP vendors and companies availing their service. It is important to remember the fact that both the vendor and the company will be able to make use of any advantage (including the modern facilities) only through proper coordination, teamwork and nurturing a cordial atmosphere. Mere IT ERP trends will not help in this aspect.
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2 comments on "What are the latest trends in ERP?"
  Commented by  Kaifee Anwer, ERP Sales Consultant, Iris Unipro    | 05 21 2010 12:04:37 +0000
Ekta has mentioned very relavent topics in current ERP trend. Lower Price, Vertical specific and business specific ERP, Mudule based subscription,Minimized implementation cost etc are the current trends for SMB. 
But the big agencies and govt organization requires an statndard ERP. The cheap ERP dont have the functionility which are required.SaaS based ERP has various limitations. It is gradullay improveing. 

Next generation ERP is going to be Web based, on demand, Subscription based and open source.
  Commented by  sap user, Business Analyst, Eminentlabs Software Pvt Ltd    | 03 09 2010 09:48:25 +0000
With increasing pressure to reduce costs, companies are implementing new technologies to reduce SG&A costs and improve their asset utilization performance. In the course of this study, benchmark partners highlighted a number of emerging trends that will alter performance improvement management in the future. Increased Use of ERP Systems: ERP systems were first created to manage and track inventory. Most companies that have implemented ERP systems have generally seen improvements in their asset utilization metrics. While ERP implementation requires great amounts of time, money and effort, many companies have decided that the benefits of implementation decidedly outweigh the costs. Since ERP systems have expanded into back office systems (such as accounts payable, human resources, and order entry).
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ERP calls for constant modifications and up gradations. ERP developers are facing tremendous pressure both from vendors and companies. In this context it becomes important to analyze the erp's trends and modalities. Some of the relevant issues...