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By : Jagdeep Kaur (, Vice President, HR Globe Consulting
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When companies talk about acceptable standards of attrition in IT or any other sector, do these leaders really reflect on what is acceptable?Do they take into account that from what segment is attrition really happening?Are'nt they losing when maximum attrition happens from among those who have spent just 1.5 years to 3 years with the company.All training expense they made on such employees goes down the drain.But no they just talk about total attrition which is as per industry standards, having a closed eye towards the consistent outflow of employees from one same category, where they are heavily investing.I believe they should focus on retention rather than accepting something as granted and acceptable as per industry standards.

4 comments on "What are the acceptable standards of attrition?"
  Commented by  SHRIKANT MANOHAR DANKE, Consultant, Project Management Consultancy Firm    | 05 28 2011 12:56:23 +0000
Yes, most of the time ego is the problem with the managers, as said by Murthy Sir.
Thanks for referral, Manish.
  Commented by  Rathin Deb, Freelance Retail Consultant    | 05 28 2011 10:48:07 +0000
if every body keeps ego in check in any organisation in that case the rate of attrition will go down considerably.
  Commented by  suhaschandra deshpande, Marketing Associate    | 05 27 2011 10:56:53 +0000
5% of the total number of employees per annum is the acceptable norm.
  Commented by  Suryanarayan Murthy, Asst Vice President (Corporate Finance), A Hydro Power Project    | 05 26 2011 08:51:10 +0000
Any Manager/Supervisor can easily identify a unhappy or dissatisfied employee. If he can not he is unfit to be a Manager. He should have a friendly and informal talk in the early stages and must try to sort out the issue. Few experienced managers do it. Majority do not. Only reason is Ego, particularly in the middle management. If I start writing "I may have to write a book bulkier than Bible" Thanks.
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